Spiky Hairstyles for Men

Getting a spiky hairstyle is really cool.

Usually, you would see them on rock stars and celebrities.

However, there are some styles that are perfect for everyday occasions and regular guys like you and me.

You may think that you can look like a rock star and copy their spiky haircuts.

Nevertheless, the results are not always promising and tend to vary from style to style.

It is quite disappointing if you can’t nail down the look you want.

With our help, you will definitely be able to do that.

We know the hardships that come with creating spiky hair for men.

We also have the exact solution you need.

We laid it all out in an easy-to-read, simple styling guide.

Also, we included some of the hottest and most popular spiky men’s hairstyles to make your choice easier.

13 Most Popular Types


Short hair can be iconic for spiky hair since you can try out many styles. If your sides, in particular, are short, you can spike up the top quickly.


Good for short or medium-length hair, messy spiky hair can create a playful look. Use hair products and your fingers to spike your hair up in multiple directions.


A fade on the sides and spiky hair on the top section of your hair can be a good way for you to emphasize your spikes. This can help if you have thin hair, although multiple styles can work here.


Cut your sides and back extremely short and from a high point and keep it even throughout while the top is left long. You can then spike the top up or as you desire.


Long spiky hair can work well with fades since it can perfectly emphasize the spikes. You can then use a product to style your hair to the back, front, top or sides or even in all directions.

Hair Spiked in Front

Spiking your hair in front adds volume to the top by focusing your hair on the front. Styles like a comb-over, spiky versions of a pompadour or a quiff can be something you can attempt.


Thick Spiky Hair

Thick hair can require many styling products to maintain the spikes, although it can add a great look if you pair it with a fade.


Textured spiky hair involves adding texture by spiking your hair up in different directions using products like wax, pomade, cream or clay.


Looking great with a fade, a spiky fringe consists of a fringe that stands out in one direction and has spikes on it and around it.


Adding blonde highlights or going completely blonde can add some additional charm along with your spikes. You can try out all kinds of spiky styles depending on the kind of hair you have.


When it comes to taper vs fade, tapered hair usually has a gradual gradient while a fade fades into or blends in with your skin. Adding spikes to the top while leaving your sides tapered can add depth.


This involves spiking the top to one side and adding a soft or hard part to the other. This can work well for all kinds of hair lengths.


You can use your naturally wavy hair to create a subtle spiky look, although the spikes here will not be as sharp.

What Is It

A spiky hairstyle is essentially one in which several spikes or sharp strands of hair are deliberately created to style it up. These spikes can be facing in any direction and can work well for all lengths of hair, making them a truly versatile choice for men to try out.

How to Get It at Home

For Thick Hair

If you have thick and straight hair, then a simple haircut can do the trick for you. You can carry this out on your own if you feel confident enough by trimming the top section of your hair using powerful hair clippers.

This will form spikes immediately or you might have to support them by applying light hair products.

For Short Hair

If you have shorter hair, you might have to put in some more effort to spike your hair. By using hair wax, gel and/or a premium beard comb, you can manage to get your short hair to stick up and stay there for a sufficiently long time.

Make sure you evenly spread the product over your hair for the desired result.

How to Spike Your Hair

Step 1 – Prepare your hair

You should wash your hair correctly. If you are concerned about the health of your hair, make sure you use something akin to the world’s best beard shampoo or a hair loss shampoo. Applying a conditioner can also help.

After washing, dry your hair a bit using a towel in the upward direction.

Step 2 – Apply hair gel

Just as skin care products make you look and feel good, a good hair gel can have the same effect on your hair when it comes to spiking it. Take a good amount of it and spread it all over your palms.

Apply the gel across your hair to ensure that it spreads well and in a consistent manner.

Step 3 – Make the spikes

You can now use a comb or your fingers to spike your hair up as you want it. You can carry this out in sections to make the process easier.

Step 4 – Repeat

Grab some more hair gel if required and continue spiking your hair until you get the desired result. Be careful not to overdo it with the gel!

Step 5 – Use a blow dryer

Use the best hair dryer or blow dryer on your hair to ensure that the spikes stay in place for a reasonable amount of time. You can also apply some hairspray to finish it up.

How to Spike Without Hair Gel

How to Spike Your Hair Without Hair Gel

Just as your facial hair looks thin sometimes, your hair can also become thin if you use too much hair gel, causing you to look elsewhere for some solutions. You can go through the following steps to figure it out.

Step 1 – Consider alternatives

There are several alternatives that you can consider when spiking your hair in the absence of hair gel. For instance, paste, mousse and pomade can allow you to spike your hair in a relatively harmless manner.

You can also make do with a small amount of each of these products to get your hair ready. They are also quite long lasting, making them convenient.

Step 2 – Use a comb

A comb with fine teeth or bristles can help you spike your hair well, although this might not be able to hold for too long without hair product, so make sure you apply some of the alternatives mentioned in the previous step.

You can then comb your hair up carefully. Using your fingers to create distinct strands can also help.

Step 3 – Seek a professional

Ask your barber for advice or go to them or a hairstylist to help you spike your hair. You can either take some suggestions from them or ask them to do it for you, although this might cost you a bit.

Best Hair Products

There are several hair products that you can opt for, but make sure you consider the texture of your hair, its thickness, its length, its overall health, and durability of these products before you make a decision. For instance:

  • Pomade or wax can work well for short hair.
  • Clay and wax can work well for thin hair since these can add depth and volume to the hair.
  • The cream can work well if you have moderate to long hair, allowing you to keep your spikes in place more effectively.
  • Pomade, mousse and paste are good options for different kinds of hair if you want relatively safer options.
  • Hair gel can work if you want shiny hair. It can also keep your spikes in place for a long time. However, your hair can become a bit rigid with hair gel.


FAQ About Spiky Hairstyles for Men

What is a spiky haircut called?

There is no single name for a spiky haircut since several styles have their names. Sometimes, however, it can be called a faux hawk (which is a style of its own) since the spiked hair can give the appearance of an understated mohawk.

Is spiky hair still in style?

Yes! It was certainly more popular earlier, but it honestly never went out of style. Since it can work for all kinds of hair, you can have multiple options to work with.

What is the meaning of spiky hair?

Spiky hair is hair that has multiple hair strands spiked up, usually with the help of hair products. Once done, these spikes typically stay in place for a while and do not take too long to style either.

How do you style textured spikes?

You can style textured spikes by using pomade or cream and spiking your hair in different directions.

How do I spike my hair naturally?

You will still need to use pomade, wax or a bit of gel to do this. Use a small amount and spike it up using your fingers.

You can also try this out with wet hair, a fine-toothed comb and your fingers. Apply some hairspray to finish it up.

How do I train my hair to be spiky?

You can train your hair to be spiky by applying hairspray often and frequently using your fingers to make them stay up..