Businessman With Short Sides Long Top Haircut and a Beard

Getting a haircut with short sides and a long top can put you right in style, giving you an attractive, trendy, stylish and clean look. A versatile option for hair textures, lengths and requirements, this haircut can undoubtedly give you an edge and a new look.

There are several kinds of such a haircut that you can go through here and some additional information about what the haircut entails, how you can get one and how to style one. Chop, chop and let’s begin!

What Is It

A short sides long top haircut is where the sides of your hair are left short while the top portion is left longer and styled in different ways. There are many kinds of such a haircut, allowing you to pick one that suits you and works well for you.

This haircut creates a distinct or a seamless contrast between the sides and the top. Usually, whenever you go to a hairstylist or barber to get this kind of haircut, they employ powerful hair clippers to create the fade or taper.

25 Most Popular Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

Modern Flattop

A modern flattop includes short sides that fade at a low level, while the top portion is left slightly longer but still short. This can result in a flat and even portion while still retaining texture using a uniform line.

Undercut With Fade

An undercut with a fade can add a nice contrast with the much longer top that you can then style up or back or however you want. How low or high you start the fade can depend on your facial features.

Swept Back

Here, the sides are kept short but still left long enough to flow freely. The top is only slightly longer than the sides and is swept back using a product to create a clean and stylish look that works well on all hair types.

Spiked Top

The short sides in this style are generally left free, while the longer top is spiked up or to the side. This can work well for different lengths and textures while also keeping it in place if you want a more professional look.

Punker With a Beard and Spiked Top Haircut

High and Tight

Keeping the sides either extremely short or shaven, you can keep your top length short enough and keep it neat and refined while still being stylish. Combining this with a thin and shapely beard can work pretty well.

Wavy Pompadour

Apart from the short sides, the long top is styled to create a pompadour by slicking the hair back and then slightly to the sides. This can create a high and smooth wave-like shape that can work well for different occasions.

Disconnected Sides

A deliberate distinction or disconnection is created to keep the sides extremely short and the top slightly longer but thicker and fuller. You can then slick the hair back or the sides to complete the look.

Short Sides With Twists

Here, the sides are short and minimal. The top is long and styled into twists to style back or to the sides. This usually only works if you have a certain kind of hair length and texture.

High Skin Fade

Overall, the hair length is kept short, even at the top. The sides begin to fade higher and become almost non-existent to blend into the skin below easily. You can decide how short you want these sides to be.

Texturized Top

Once you get the sides cut short, you can leave the top long and style them to create a nice texture using appropriate hair products. You can then slick the top back or to the sides to create a sophisticated look or leave it loose for more casual occasions.

Short and Rounded

Fading the sides and leaving the top relatively short but rounded can help highlight your forehead and hairline. Combining this with a beard can enhance the look even more.

Short, Lean Sides

Here, the sides are left short and lean to create a distinct separation from the top, which is left quite long. You can then style the top in different sections to create texture and fluidity.

Casual Separation

The long top in this hairstyle is cut and styled to create a slightly messy but still elegant look with plenty of texture. The sides then casually fade to become shorter but smoothly and casually.

Shattered Bangs

The sides here are left relatively long but still shorter than the top. The top is left slightly messy to create uneven bangs near the front. You can use a razor here for better results to fully complete the style.

Afro Fade

The sides are short and faded, while the top is high and thick. Depending on your hair, you can either work with a low or high fade, although this style usually works better with naturally thick hair.

Black Man With High Top Short Side Afro Fade Haircut

Sleek Bangs

The sides here are left slightly short yet still inconspicuous. The front part of the top hair is separated into sleek bangs using a part that you can make from the middle or slightly to the side. Hair products can help keep the bangs in place.

Disconnected Bangs

In this style, the sides are cut slightly short while the top is left longer and styled in a way that goes the bangs flowing out in the front. This disconnects them from the rest of the top while also separating the sides.

Wavy Top

Leaving the top long and wavy with shorter sides can add a natural and casual appearance. You can slick the top towards the back using a comb or your fingers while still retaining its innate bounce to appear comfortable.

Slicked-Back With Side Part

Here, while the sides are shorter than the top, some natural lengths are retained. The top is then slicked to the back after parting it to the side. You can choose a hard or soft part, although softer ones usually work better with this look.

Line Up

A lineup is a style you can try out if you want to highlight your hairline. The top is left relatively short while the fade starts high and dissolves as it goes lower until it meets the back near the ears.

High Fade With Buzzed Sides

The fade starts higher up and makes its way out front while the rest of the sides, back and top are given a buzz cut. This can result in a clean yet stylish and distinct appearance.

Full Top

A full top keeps the top long and styles it upwards to give it volume and height. You can help it maintain its shape using hair products such as a hair spray.

Perfectly Disheveled

This style creates a deliberately disheveled, casual and messy look on the top. You can achieve this by using gel or spray and then running your fingers through your hair in different directions.

High Top Fade

In this style, the top is kept long and high to give volume to your hair while the sides are faded. Make sure you use a spray or cream to keep the top in place so that it does not fall.

Messy Textured Top

Using a bit of product, you can style the top in a messy and voluminous way to add some texture. This can create a casual and carefree look.

How to Get

Step 1 – Decide style and technique

There are different styles and techniques for a short side long top haircut that you will first need to decide on. For instance, a taper vs fade can be a choice you have to make here while also picking between slicked-back hairstyles and more free and flowy ones.

Professional Barber Trimming Man's Hair With Scissors

Additionally, if there are some unprofessional hairstyles you want to avoid, make sure you take this into account while making your choice.

Step 2 – Decide the length

You will also need to decide a length for your sides and top. Of course, the sides will be comparatively shorter than the top, but you can either cut them back entirely or leave some length. The top can also be kept long or medium in length.

This length can also depend on factors such as the texture and thickness of your hair, the shape of your face as well as if your facial hair looks thin so that you can make up for it with your haircut.

Step 3 – Ask your barber

If you are unsure which hairstyle to opt for, you can also ask your barber for suggestions. If you have a style in mind, make sure you take a picture of it for your barber so that they can get a more accurate idea.

How to Style 

Step 1 – Prepare your hair

Make sure you prepare your hair for the styling process by shampooing it right before. Make sure you also regularly use the world’s best hair loss shampoo to maintain the health of your hair.

Slightly dry your hair but leave it damp to make the styling process easier.

Step 2 – Pick a style

While your sides are sorted due to the nature of your haircut, you will need to pick a style for your top to go about the process accordingly. Make sure you take your hair type, face shape and other requirements into account here.

Step 3 – Apply hair product

You should choose and apply a suitable hair product to style your hair correctly. This can include hair pomades, wax, gel and others.

Make sure you pick a hair product with the same care you would apply while picking anti-aging creams for men. This will help your hair, just as skincare products make you look and feel good.

Step 4 – Comb and style

Pick a good comb just as you would pick a premium beard comb so that you can comb your top cleanly and effectively. You can then style your hair correctly using the comb and your fingers.

Man With a Slicked Back Haircut


What is the name of a haircut with short sides and a long top?

A haircut with short sides and a long top can have different names depending on the style, although a high or low fade is quite a common name that will help you describe this kind of haircut.

How do you cut short backsides and long on top?

You should use a comb to hold up some hair strands to cut and then the hair that gathers in this comb. You can also clip up the top first or shave the sides and then trim the top to your desired length.

How to ask your barber for short sides long top haircut?

Generally, telling your barber that you want a fade or taper can help as a starting point. However, specify the details, such as how long you want your top to be, how short you want your sides to be and what kind of style you intend to achieve with this haircut.

Take a screenshot or reference picture in case you find that easier.


Through this guide, you know all about the short sides long top haircut, its multiple variations and styles, how you can get one, how you can style one and how you can ask your barber for one. You can now pick one from the styles we have described and get started!