Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

If you didn’t know it already, men with thick hair have a lot of hairstyle options regardless of length. There is a perception that thick hair is tough to manage. That’s not necessarily true either. If you have thick hair and want to know the scoop on it, keep reading.

What Is a Haircut for Men With Thick Hair

There are lots of different cool hairstyles for men who have thick hair. It is often said to be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because there are so many choices especially if you look up popular 90’s hairstyles for men.

But it’s also a curse because it can be a task to maintain thick hair especially if it is unruly. And depending on the texture of the hair, sometimes even the world’s best hair tonic doesn’t do the trick.

But with the right product like a hair wax or a pomade, a little bit of styling can help get the situation under control. We’ll talk about the many choices in a minute but first, let’s look at the advantages of this particular scenario.

Benefits of Having a Specific Haircut If You Have Thick Hair

There are a few. Consider this.

A lot of men with thick hair like to pick a short hairstyle. Actively making this choice helps control the unruly hair. It also helps you maintain the style easily while giving you a neat appearance.

But you don’t have to stick to this rule. There are medium hairstyles that can make you look stylish without trying too hard. And if you want long hair, that’s fine too.

The main takeaway is that you get to choose the style which will automatically guide you towards styling and managing that style. And with thick hair, you don’t really have to get your hair cut any more often than once every six months.

Picking a style and maintaining it at home means you will be able to control the unruly strands with ease.

13 Most Popular Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

Most Popular Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

Now, let’s discuss your best choices for thick hair and what makes them as popular as they are. And no matter which one you pick, you will look good in any situation with one of these men’s haircuts.


Combine it with a fade and this is a very common choice among men who have thick hair. This hairstyle helps you create volume on the top thanks to the thickness of your hair and it is a neat look and will keep you away from the many unprofessional hairstyles you want to avoid.

Side Part

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to manage but you might need to use a little product to keep it under control. It is also a good look with a beard which is an added benefit.


This is a great look for those who want a medium haircut. It is edge and the hair density is out on display. It is also a stylish look on men who have curly hair. You need to keep the sides trimmed short and the top needs to be lengthy with a focus on the fringes.

Caesar Cut

Buzzed sides and a cropped fringe is how to define the Caesar haircut. This cut looks best when you add a little product and comb it forward. It’s low maintenance and a stylish look for men with thick hair.

Slick Back

This is another popular style because it goes well with an undercut or a fade which is why ideally, you shouldn’t do this if you have a thin beard.
But since the hair on your head is thick, it will give you volume on the top and add height too. Make sure you get loose layers on the top so that they add texture and that way it’s also easy to style the hair.

Slick Back Thick Hair

Comb Over

Comb over is another good look especially if you pair it with a fade. But you won’t be able to nail this look without a hair product. You want to keep the sides short and the hair on top long.
This pairs well with a clean beard. This is also a great look for wavy hair because it’s versatile. And it also works if you are into bleaching your hair.

French Crop

The French crop is a type of Caesar cut but it is different because of its longer bangs. It works well for wavy hair if you let it gather in the front naturally. But if you have straight hair, you shouldn’t get layers but instead aim to embellish it with texture on the front and sides.

Faux Hawk

Here’s another trendy haircut for men with thick hair. It gives a contrast that is a fresh look and a fade makes it better. And it works great for thick hair because faux hawks are all about styling and shape.

Textured Crop

The textured crop is a very popular look because, if you’ve been reading carefully, a fade looks great on those who have thick hair.

Ivy League Cut

If you have long hair and want a buzz cut, this is the hairstyle you are envisioning. This is a versatile cut with length on the top and tapered back and sides.
You can also switch to a quiff or a side part with this style whenever you want a little change. It also works with a clean-shaven look. You are lucky for having a tapered beard too if this is the style of your choice.

Bro Flow

Yet another classic style for thick hair, the bro flow can work on hair of any length. You can tuck it behind the ears when it gets too much. Try to get some long and soft layers if you want your hair to look a little thin.

Box Fade

If you have dense and tight curls, a box fade will look very retro and cool. Get a horizontal line that fades slowly on the sides. And the contours on the back will make it look soft.

Beach Waves

This is an effortlessly cool look and it’s easy to maintain as well. You just need a good conditioner which will keep the waves tumbling and soft. You do have the option of adding just a touch of mousse or spray if you want some more definition.

How to Choose the Best Haircut If You Have Thick Hair

How to Choose the Best Haircut If You Have Thick Hair

Personal Style

As much as you like to read about the rules of getting a haircut, you must never forget that your style is what defines the way your hair looks on you. And managing a look that you don’t even like is always such a task.

Clearly, there are a lot of options for those who have thick hair. And we’ve only looked at the popular ones in this piece. Those were chosen because it’s a volume game and the first step in managing thick hair is to part it such that the hair is manageable.

But you also have the choice of using a hair product or accessorizing with hair clips or rubber bands when you have thick hair and if that’s your thing. So, a lot of it does come down to your personal style.

Face Shape

The other aspect, which is the technical one, is the shape of your face. It is always wise to know the shape of your face and pick a style that compliments it.

You can choose to ignore the rules but you need to know them first. Here’s how it works according to most experts.

  • Oval: Most hairstyles work with this face shape but long layers, fringes and layers look really cool no matter the texture. The idea is to draw attention to the sharp jawline.
  • Square: The idea here is to soften the edges near the jawline and the forehead. Styles that compliment wavy hair and bangs look good on these faces.
  • Round: This one is about making the face look long. So, keeping the hair long, styles that embellish the hair volume and cropped sides with bangs work well. And there are plenty of trendy beard styles for round-face men which is another advantage.

How to Maintain Haircut for Thick Hair

Step 1 – Moisturizing 

Thick hair can become dry and brittle because the oil from the scalp doesn’t reach the tips often. This causes split ends and also makes it look dull. So, you want to make sure that you have a routine that includes moisturizing it regularly.

Try getting a shampoo and a conditioner that has essential vitamins. Brands with avocado are a good choice because they have fatty acids that will strengthen the hair. Or you can try home remedies like yogurt for 20 minutes and then get rid of it with shampoo.

Step 2 – Brushing the scalp and hair

Brushing the scalp with a good bristle brush is an important step in helping the essential oils reach the bottom of the hair. This will keep the hair nourished and conditioned. You can get long bristles if you want to reach the scalp and short bristles if you want the oils to reach the ends of the hair.

Step 3 – Try thinning shears

This is an important tool in your arsenal because it will help you maintain the length of the hair while reducing its weight. Cutting it short is not the only way to do this because thinning it makes it easy when styling long and thick hair. Get a professional to keep the hair closer to the scalp long so that you can tame it.

Step 4 – Lose the dryer

How to Maintain Haircut for Thick Hair

Blow-drying thick hair can make your hair look funny which is not what you want. To tame it, you need to air dry it and add product. This will also control the frizz which does not happen when you towel dry it.

Step 5 – See if you can keep it long

There are lots of haircuts at your disposal but you want to layer or feather it so that it retains definition and height. You can try a styling spray before you dry it. This way, it will also add to your personality and look your best.

Do’s and Don’ts With Haircuts for Men’s Thick Hair


  • You want to get bobby pins and use them the right way to tame thick hair. That means, you must keep the side with grooves facing downwards which will help maintain grip.
  • Get a conditioner that is meant for thick hair so that you don’t accidentally add more volume to it. Look at the ingredients and pick one with higher quality.
  • Use the right brush because thick hair is more likely to frizz. A boar bristle brush is a good choice.


  • Don’t overdo the shampooing because it will remove the natural oils which are already struggling to travel to the hair tips from the scalp. Wash it only when it starts feeling greasy.
  • You want your hair to dry soon but don’t scrub it with a towel because hair is fragile when it is wet and is prone to breakages. Let the hair air dry and use a comb with wide teeth to detangle it. Of course, you can always look into premium hair growth supplements which work well when the problem is external.

FAQ About Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

What does thick hair mean?

The term is used to define the width, not the density of each strand. So, it’s possible to have fine hair that might not be dense even if it is thick. And you need to know how to contain it.

What can I do with thick hair?

You can cut it long, medium or short. Styling is not always optional but not a bad thing either.

Is thick hair easy to maintain?

FAQ About Haircuts for Men With Thick Hair

Not always but it is possible to do it. You just need to moisturize it, air dry it after showering. Condition it each time and make sure you use a good comb to gently tame the unruly strands while they are still wet.

Can men with thick hair grow it long?

Absolutely and without even worrying about maintenance. You just have to know how to control it.

Is crew cut good for thick hair?

If you don’t have the interest or energy to tame your thick hair, a crew cut is a cool choice. In fact, it’s a great variation of the usual military-type haircuts.

Is thick hair attractive?

Attractive or not is a matter of perception which is why it is better to try hairstyles that are more YOU! But timely grooming and a little styling when needed can do wonders.

How to make your thick hair look good?

You can use a hair oil or serum to contain the frizz and keep the hair flat. This also makes it silky. If you want to add volume, you can use a flat iron for a sleek appearance. And if that seems like a lot of work, get a rubber tie for a modern look and firm grip.


Thick hair gets a bad rep because it is considered to be tough to maintain. But really, it’s not all that hard. You have to do the same stuff you do with other types of hair but choose the equipment carefully.

You still use shampoo and conditioner, but those that are meant for thick hair. You will also use a comb but one with the right kind of bristles. You still need to dry your hair but instead of blow dry or towel dry, you let the air do its job. It takes a bit longer but it will keep your hair healthy and shining.