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Julius Caesar himself invented the Caesar haircut. It has been around for decades but is still a relevant hairdo for the modern man. It remains the top among the most popular 90s hairstyles.

17 Most Popular Caesar Hairstyles

Classic Caesar Haircut

The classic version of this cut is standard in Japanese hairstyles and what older generations wore. You can go for this look if you are more of a vintage person.

Polished Caesar Haircut

Brush your hair forward, andlay it with good hair pomade or wax. The polished look will give you a distinguished look among your peers.

Faded Caesar Hair

Faded haircuts are gaining popularity because of how easily they complement other haircuts. You can make your Caesar haircut more unique with a fade.

Tapered Sides

Pair your caesar cut with a trendy tapered cut on the sides and back of your head. The result is a bold and stylish look.

Caesar’s Haircut With Full Bangs

The traditional caesar haircut encourages cutting your bangs short. However, you can still look good if you prefer to wear a haircut with full bangs.

Undercut Caesar Hairstyle

An undercut works well with any style with a textured and intricate top. A caesar cut is one such style and works excellently with an undercut.

Messy Caesar Haircut

You can style your caesar cut to look messy and break from the traditional idea of a polished haircut.

Caesar Short Cut

There are no strict rules regarding the length of your Caesar cut. Try wearing the hair shorter than usual and see how well and modern that looks.

Wavy/Curly Top

Try waves or curls on your top hair to make your caesar cut unique. Talk to your barber to determine which option works for you.

Textured Caesar Haircut

If you’re struggling with too much or too little volume, try a caesar cut. It is the most suitable and trendy cut for any hair.

Asymmetrical Caesar Haircut

You can try this design if you want something unusual and trendy. You can spruce it up with shading to enhance your look.

Man With Asymmetrical Ceaser Hairstyle

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Caesar Hair With Side Design

Make a hard part on one side of your head, then sweep the bangs on your Caesar cut to one side. You have a unique Caesar cut to wear for the next few days.

Bleached Caesar Hairstyle

Bleach your hair before getting the caesar cut for an eye-catching and sharp look. Style the top of your hair in a messy design for a more textured look. Purple hairstyles are a trend; maybe you could try the color for a punk look.

Layered Caesar Hairdo

Layering will add some dimension ad movement to this traditional cut. The hair on top already comes bold, so keep the sides and back lowkey. Use a high skin drop fade haircut to create a sharper look.

Caesar Haircut Longer On Top

Try using longer hair on top to break from the traditional caesar cut. To create more contrast, go for a mild bald fad on the back and sides.

Caesar’s Side Swept

Traditionally, the caesar cut bangs should be brushed forward. Break away from the monotony by sweeping yours to the side. Use a good hairbrush to do this.

Short Afro Caesar Hair

The Caesar cut also looks good on afro hair. It creates a neat and dapper impression on your locks and allows you to experiment with styling. You can plait your afro in two-strand twists, then wear it in a caesar cut.

What Is Caesar Haircut

The Caesar haircut is a short hairstyle cut the same length and brushed forward. The hairstyle is great for men with receding hairlines but can be worn by all men. It’s also one of the best short haircuts for big foreheads.

How to Achieve and Maintain Perfect Caesar Hairstyle

Step 1 – Choose the right style

With so many options, you need o pick a caesar cut design that aligns with your face and lifestyle. Talk to your barber to help you choose.

Step 2 – Styling

Whichever caesar style you choose, you must style it appropriately daily. Work with a strong but soft hairbrush and a good pomade, hair wax, gel, or clay to hold it in position.

Step 3 – Maintaining 

Keep your hair clean at all times. Use quality shampoo and leave it in a conditioner at least once a week. Remember to keep trimming the hair to maintain the style.

Step 4 – Best products to use

For your caesar cut to look neat and sharp, you must use the best hair products. These include good hair pomade, natural shampoos, a deep leave-in conditioner, and natural oils such as argan, coconut, and almond. Use castor oil for hair growth.

Caesar vs Crop Cuts

Man With Ceaser Longer Hair On Top

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People often confuse caesar and crop haircuts. The term caesar specifies one haircut, while the term crop alludes to several hairstyles. The French crop, mostly confused with the caesar cut, has a longer fringe.

Caesar’s FAQ

How do I ask for a Caesar cut?

Talk to your barber about what you want to achieve and the type of cut you prefer. If you have photos, show them to your barber to help them understand what you need.

What length is a Caesar cut?

A classic Caesar cut is 0.5 to 2 inches long all over the head.

Who does Caesar’s haircut suit best?

With the different variations of the Caesar cut, it’s ideal for every gentleman looking for a new hairstyle.

Can Caesar’s haircut be used to hide a receding hairline?

Yes. A dark caesar haircut works well to hide a receding hairline.

When did Caeser’s haircut become popular?

The caesar haircut became popular during the reign of Julius Caesar in the Roman empire.