Black Man With Caesar Hairstyle

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24 Most Popular Dark Caesar Haircuts

Classic Black Caesar Featuring Long Edges

This classic Caesar cut is an excellent alternative to punk hairstyles. Here, the hair on your side will be a couple of inches longer than the fringe. The hair around your forehead should also be trimmed in a round shape.

Short Style

Are you fond of short hairstyles? Then there is a dark Caesar cut based on that length. Here, you can mimic the typical Caesar haircut. The sides and top should have a close length. A small fringe should also be seen on top. Set the length high upon reaching the crown before tapering to a short buzz.

High Fade

You can also get high-fade haircuts alongside the typical Caesar style. It features a touch-up surrounding your forehead, making it possible for loose hair strands to stick out, making the style look jagged.

Dark Caesar Featuring Tram Lines

This is one of those trendy Caesar haircuts that gained much attention. Just brush your hair strands to the front to form the fringe. Have your hair at the side trimmed one-half inch longer than the bowl cut. Make the finish look abstract by integrating a few tram lines into it.


This style requires a burst fade. You should combine it with a sharp line surrounding your forehead to have both hard and soft features.

Taper Fade

You can also incorporate a taper fade into the dark Caesar cut. For this style to work, ensure that your bangs remain short. Smooth down your hair and choose a taper rather than the traditional fade.

Pocky With Hard Line

What’s great about this style is that it gives out the illusion that you have long and defined hair. Despite that, this style looks good when integrated into a Caesar haircut’s clean-cut trim.

Undercut With Drop Fade

Of course, everyone knows that the Caesar cut is traditional and classic. Add a modern touch to it to make the style look even younger. You can add modern elements: facial hair, a full beard, and a fade. It can accentuate your jawline while maintaining balance in your thick fringe.

Burst Fade

The burst fade can provide more flare to your Caesar hairstyle. By adding this fade into the mix, you can enjoy an unforgettable, hassle-free look to maintain and style.

360 Waves

If you are searching for wavy hairstyles for men, you can never go wrong with 360 waves. It is also an excellent black men’s hairstyle to increase hair texture. Expect it to look great as it complements your waves or curls well.

Black Man With Caeser 360 Waves Hairstyle

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Buzz Cut

Combining this style with Caesar produces an impressive result. The combination results in a precise, classic, and clean-cut look.

Super Short

The super short Caesar hairstyle is a simple, hassle-free cut. It looks more modern and even better with facial hair.

Textured Top

You have to add a mid-fade into this textured hairstyle. It is appropriate for those who have straight hair. It does not matter if the hair is thin or thick. Make the top longer while making the style look more defined by cutting the back and side near your scalp.

Highlighted Dark Caesar

This dark Caesar style can easily be detected because of its name. You have to incorporate some highlights on your dark Caesar cut.

French Crop

This is perfect for you if you have curls. It comes in the form of a Caesar fade cut, which is low-maintenance while still looking good and fresh. Just put some curly length on top, which complements well with the sides and back, which feature a short buzz.

Short Fringe

Integrating the choppy and short fringe into the Caesar haircut is also a great idea. The fringe should be maintained at around an inch over your eyebrows. Shape the texture on top using your fingers.

Side Design

Do you want your hairstyle to be more defined and dramatic? Then go for this style known for being attention-grabbing. There is a sharp contrast by combining the top, which is made longer, with the sides and back that has a straight edge buzz.

High Fade With Dark Crop

Choose this style to get a soft top and fringe that still show a lot of definition. Keep the back and sides shorter. It is easy to style without using hair products for setting and taming.

Caesar Cut With High Skin Fade

This one works for those whose hair strands are thick. It is a Caesar cut variation, which comes with a nice-looking top. Bring this top in front, then form a chunky fringe from it.

Black Man With Caeser High Skin Fade Haircut

Photo @ua_haircutters

Mid Skin Fade

Do you have receding hairlines? Then the mid-skin fade, versatile enough to fit every facial shape you can think of, is ideal for you. It boasts of its clean and neat look that suits all men, regardless of age. You can also have your version, like giving the edges more defined razor cuts.

High Top Featuring an Undercut

This is for you if you prefer a modern version of the Caesar cut. It is perfect for those with curly or wavy hair. Expect a nice contrast with this style as it combines the unique razor fade sides and the top with long layers.

Casual Black Caesar

This hairstyle can be made even more enjoyable with buzzed sides. The combination of the casual Caesar cut and the buzzed sides show a clean, classic, and precise cut.

Combined With Mid Skin Fade

Make your Caesar cut look less old-fashioned by complementing it with a mid-skin fade. This is a great way to give the style a modern touch, making it look bold and trendy.

Dark Caesar With Beard

Add a more masculine look to your dark Caesar haircut by growing a beard. You can have any beard style you want, as this haircut is versatile and looks good in almost any type and style of facial hair.

How to Style and Maintain Dark Caesar Hairstyle

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

There are many variations of the dark Caesar hairstyle and it is up to you to choose which one fits your facial shape the most, your hair length, texture and personality. As much as possible, find the right barber who can also suggest the best Caesar haircut version that is truly suitable for you.

Step 2 – Style

Style your Caesar haircut with the help of hair clay and a comb. This should help in adding texture to your hair. The fringe should also be combed forward, so you can truly get the essence of this cut.

Step 3 – Keep the length on all sides the same

You can achieve that by regularly visiting your stylist or barber. You may also want hair clippers or trimmers around, so you can trim whenever necessary and prevent the fringe and bangs from growing too much.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Most dark Caesar haircut versions come with short hair, which means that there is no need to do excessive styling. Still, when you need to style this cut, some hairstyling products you have to use would be hair gel, cream and wax.

You may also want to use hair clay or hair pomade for texture. Just apply the products lightly so your hair will not become tacky.

Who Should Avoid This Look

Despite the versatility of the Caesar haircut, it still does not suit everyone. It perfectly suits many facial shapes, including diamond, oval, square and triangle.

However, it seems to be incompatible with those whose facial shapes are:

  • Heart – For those with facial heart shapes, the fringe’s bulk may make their forehead prone to looking more enlarged. As an alternative, add a side part that should stay neutral on your forehead. You can also add a low fade to increase the volume of your cheek line.
  • Round – It is also unsuitable for round faces, as brushing the hair forward can lead to a finish that looks even rounder. If you have a round face, use textured layers to put your hair up, similar to what you see in the faux hawk.


What length is a dark Caesar?

To get the Caesar haircut, you should commit to keeping a similar length throughout your hair. This is usually around an inch or two long. The dark Caesar variation is a bit shorter than that, which fits those with textured or natural hair.

Is Caesar cut good for those who have thin hair?

Yes. It is a fantastic hairstyle for those who have thin hair. It even works for those who are dealing with baldness and receding hairlines. What you should do is keep the fringe in front slightly longer. Combine it with a closer and higher fade to hide thinning or balding areas.

How long does it take to style the dark Caesar haircut?

This depends on the version of Caesar’s haircut you have chosen. The good news is that styling does not take long. The fact that it is a short haircut means that you can complete styling in just a few minutes. You don’t even need to spend time applying too many hair products.

Who does dark Caesar suit best?

It is a good choice for those whose facial shapes are diamond, oval, square, or triangle. The dark Caesar haircut is also very versatile in that it suits various hair types and textures, including straight, wavy, thick, and thin hair.

Who are the celebrities that wear a dark Caesar hairstyle?

The dark Caesar hairstyle is a famous style up to the present. It had its golden age during the late 90s to early 2000s with famous personalities sporting it, including George Clooney and Eminem, who was still a young rapper.