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What Is It

Textured hair refers to a hairstyle with variation and movement. It involves the integration of separation into the hair, making it more defined. This allows you to form various layers and lengths within it. The textured hair could be messy, wavy, or spiky.

It involves giving your hair some texture. In most cases, it requires styling your hair with some products to improve various movements and lengths. You may use hair powders for texture or hair gels to make the style look even better.

15 Most Popular Hairstyles

French Crop

With the textured French crop, you can mix various styles (even the best combover hairstyles to try) and lengths nicely. Style it with faded sides to look sleek and short, while the top should be thick by integrating a natural texture.


Go for the textured quiff if you prefer the length of your hair to be not too short while still not requiring a lot of styling. Leave the front part a bit longer, then take it shorter through your crown.

Anytime you wish to style it, make it a point to blow-dry it first. It also helps to use the best sea salt sprays to pre-style the quiff.

Faded Long Top

This hairstyle is perfect for you if you want to receive benefits from a short cut. It lets you become creative by styling it in various ways depending on the occasion.

For instance, you can have appealing short sides long top styles. What’s great about this is that it won’t get on your face while remaining neat for longer.

Mod Cut

The mod cut is perfect for you if you are manly and confident. It’s the style popularized by Paul Weller and Liam Gallagher.

This style is becoming popular nowadays, and you can see crossbreeds of it and the modern styles last 2018, especially in men who prefer not to mimic the style of Liam Gallagher completely.

Messy Bangs

Choose the messy bangs if you want to retain the shortness of your hair while integrating a unique element to the style. You can style the bangs on your forehead to display a more mysterious, sexier, and manlier vibe.

Curly Top

You can add more texture to your curly hair by accentuating them. Your goal here should be to give the top an excellent messy appeal. A side and back fade can make your curly top style more appealing.

Just make sure to learn about pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay, so you will know which one works wonders in managing your curls.

Caesar Cut

Choose the Caesar cut to bring out the wispy look on top. What’s great about this style is that it can display the vibe of being a Roman emperor.

You can make your Caesar cut more distinctive by putting a lot of texture on top while retaining the close sides and the style’s signature straight bangs.

Hard Part

This style combines organic curves and rigid lines with textured curls. It is an excellent choice if your hair is naturally straight and you want it to be a bit more defined.

Form individual curls by applying pomade. Combine this style with a tight fade and hard part for a sleek, attention-grabbing look.

Spiky Top

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This style can give your strands more texture and height. Go for a lifted, messy and spiky top. Make this style even more interesting with a regular short cut featuring a top that is a bit longer than the sides.

Put on some hair gel and use a premium conditioner for men to form a spiky style that can make you look rugged and masculine.


You ought to try several textured undercut styles, but one of the best is the bold undercut with a high fade. This can highlight your textured top, which is good if you prefer a more daring hairstyle.


This is the ultimate textured hairstyle for an Afro-American. Since you already most likely have the expected texture, it will be easier to form more texture when planning to sport this style. It can accentuate the texture while still looking elegant by combining the Mohawk and the Afro.


It is easy to sport the comb-over textured hairstyle. Go for a short haircut if your hair is already thick. You can give your hair an unusual texture by combing short layers to your side.

Textured Thorns

This style best fits those with short hair and those who wish to begin thin at the top since it can provide texture that can conceal scalp imperfections. Form tiny thorns by spiking individual sections. Make sure that your back and sides remain neat and short.

Fringe Undercut

Combining the fringe and the undercut can add more spice to your overall look. It is a fantastic choice if you want to conceal a receding hairline or minimize your forehead using the right textures.

Blonde Slicked Back With Textures

Make your hair more interesting by wearing the blonde slicked back and integrating some textures into it. You can always use a hair dye to achieve this look if you are not naturally blonde. Hair dye will freshen you up, so using it is also a great idea.

Methods to Add Texture


You may ask your barber to give your hair more layers by cutting the edges of your hair at a certain angle. Layering is also possible by cutting some parts shorter, allowing the longer hair to stay on top.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Choose premium shampoos and conditioners with hair-thickening and volumizing properties. That way, your hair will gain texture, which is entirely about giving body and movement to your hair.

Sea Salt Spray

Textured hair for men is also achievable with a sea salt spray. The reason is that this product is capable of holding your chosen hairstyle while giving you more gorgeous and voluminous tousled waves.

Note, though, that the sea salt spray makes your hair prone to drying, so use it with other hair care products, such as dry shampoo and hair spray, to prevent that from happening.


Add color or highlight to some strands, giving your hair more texture. Just make sure to avoid highlighting a lot of hair strands. Choose to put color on only a few.

Also, focus on applying the highlights on the tips and avoid putting some of the product close to your scalp. This can give you better results without harming your hair and scalp.

Hair Clay

Get the desired texture for your hair by using hair clay. It can add fullness to your hair by thickening it. It can also volumize and add a body to each strand. It is an excellent product for haircuts that need volume without weighing down the hair.

How to Choose

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As much as possible, visit a barber or hairstylist who can help you choose the perfect textured haircut for men that works for you. It is also advisable to consider various factors, like your hair’s length, thickness, and facial shape.

This is to ensure that the textured hair of the men you have chosen is ideal for you.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Clean regularly

Make sure your hair is already clean and has been towel-dried before styling. This is to prevent oil and dirt from weighing it down.

Step 2 – Use the right products

It could be a wax-based pomade if you have short-textured hair. You can also use a sea salt spray to integrate separation into your hair while bringing a wavy look. Regardless of the product, work on applying it at the root to have the proper hold at the base and give more volume.

Step 3 – Use a hairdryer

A hairdryer is an ideal tool for textured hair, so do not feel afraid to use it. It provides a bit of heat necessary for the correct shape.

Step 4 – Give your hair a regular trim

You may use hair clippers for at-home use, especially if you prefer doing the trimming on your own. This can help maintain the appropriate length of the hair. Cut new layers once you notice your locks getting slightly longer, so the casual look will also remain intact.


How to determine my hair texture?

You can quickly determine the texture of your hair by using a sewing thread around six to eight inches long. Use one that is close to or the same as the color of your hair. Put the sewing thread with your strand.

You have fine hair if the strand looks thin. If the strand is the same, you have a medium hair structure. Your hair is thick or coarse if the strand seems thicker than the thread.

Do texturizing products damage the hair?

In most cases, you can’t expect any harm to your hair if you apply the texturizing products correctly. The whole texturizing process involves conditioning, trimming, and preparing your hair before using the products.

Follow the procedure and the proper use of the product to prevent possible damage.

How long does textured hair last?

If you use a texturizer to achieve a textured hairstyle, the effect often lasts around 8 to 10 weeks. Once that period is over, there is a high chance for your hair to return to its natural condition, warranting the need to do the treatment again so you can continue having a look.

Can I improve my hair texture?

Yes. One thing you can do to improve your hair texture is massage your scalp using oil capable of boosting blood circulation in the area. Among the oils, you can use for the massage are almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

Massage the scalp three to four times weekly, too. Ensure you also increase your intake of foods guaranteed to improve your hair texture, like eggs, salmon, walnuts, cottage cheese, dark leafy greens, beef, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and lentils.

Wear the ideal textured hair for men may also improve your hair texture.

Can the texture of my hair be changed permanently?

One thing to note is that while it is possible to improve the texture of your hair, several factors will have a say on whether or not you will get this change permanently.

Factors like the consistency of your hair, stress level, diet, and hormonal changes all significantly affect whether you will have a rough or smooth texture. Following a healthy lifestyle and diet, you can also expect smooth, thick, and full hair.