Man Purple Hair Coloring

Guys, you should not be afraid of dyeing your hair.

In fact, if you want to get a really cool-looking and edgy hairstyle, you need to color your hair purple.

There are tons of awesome purple hairstyles you can try.

However, you still need to be careful.

If you have decided to dye your hair purple, you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

Choosing the right sort of dye is one thing, you also need to make sure that the hairstyle you decide to go with matches your character.

We went through a whole bunch of examples and found perfect purple hairstyle choices you can try.

We promise you, these are only the best picks.

So any one of these can be your next choice since all these hairstyles are so funky and amazing.

We’ve also included some useful pieces of advice that will help you pick the exact hair color and style everything to perfection.

18 Most Popular Purple Hair Hairstyles

Short Dark Purple

Short dark purple hair will work well for you if you have rather bushy eyebrows. Choose a shade of purple that suits your skin tone. Also, it is best to keep the color minimal, making it look more like highlights rather than coloring your entire head.

Purple Bangs for Men

This simple yet stylish hairstyle is quite easy to attain, especially since you will only be coloring a portion of the bangs with a silver-purple color. This makes this hairstyle a bit more appropriate for professional settings than some other styles on this list.

Tinted Quiff

If you work in a professional environment, you can use this hairstyle. You can lightly tint your hair purple so that you can still fit in your workplace while managing to express yourself.

Multicolored Highlights

This is a great style for men who have long hair. It is also a good idea to combine purple highlights with other pastel colors, like green or pink. You can opt for a temporary hair tint if you do not want to commit to multicolored hair.

Purple Hair Dreadlocks for Men

Since you are already sporting dreadlocks, why not make your hair even wilder by dyeing your dreads purple? This is good for you, especially if you want to grab your attention through hair colors and styles that look great.

Block Cut Purple Hairstyle

K-pop brought back the hairstyle that defined the late 90s and early 2000s. You can now add colors, like light purple tints, to this style. By doing that, the block cut will obtain a modern, fresh look.

Purple Tapered Comb Over

A tapered comb-over is such a clean haircut that it can sometimes get boring. If you want to make it more fun and exciting, give the top a bright purple dye job.

Purple Dip Side Part

This hairstyle got its name because it looks like you only dipped the tips in color. If you don’t want to damage your hair too much, this will only involve bleaching around 3 to 4 inches from the ends of your hair.

Purple Hair Pompadour With Fade

The pompadour is another classic hairstyle that never went out of style but only had a modern upgrade. Paired with faded sides, the pompadour can give men quite a distinguished look but tint the top purple and it will give off a more fun vibe.

Highlights With Undercut

Getting just purple highlights is a great way to express yourself using colors without fully committing to it. An undercut haircut will benefit well with a few purple highlights or more, depending on your mood.

Purple Skin Fade

Coloring your hair and then getting skin faded sides would be great for showing the contrast of hair color and your skin tone. The key to successfully pulling this off is choosing a purple shade that matches your skin’s undertones.

Shadow Roots

This style is similar to the “dip,” but you can do this with shorter hair. This time, you will only be leaving around an inch from the base untouched by bleach and hair dye. This is great because you can grow out your hair and just touch up the ends if you want to retain the colors later.

Mermaid Hair

This is called mermaid hair because it uses a mix of colors reminiscent of a fish’s scales, namely, metallic blue and purple. If you are a free spirit, this might suit your character well.

Men’s Lavender Hair

Man Lavender Hair

Lavender is a lighter shade of purple. If you want your hair to have this color, you will need to bleach it heavily. Lavender is so light that it will need a platinum blonde base to show.

Purple Buzz Cut

The trick to getting this look right is to use a bright purple color. Dark hues will not be as visible because of the length of hair. If you are afraid of getting this hairstyle because you have dandruff, you should try applying some jojoba oil. The reason is that jojoba oil is excellent for moisturizing the scalp and preventing dandruff.

Purple Mohawk Hair For Men

If you have decided on getting this wild hairstyle, you should take it further and dye your hair a bright purple. With this hairstyle, you do not need to consider skin tone. The brighter and louder the shade of purple you can get, the better. In addition, styling is made easy with hair wax. This is a great way to keep your mohawk in the right shape.

Men’s Side Swept Bangs

Long, side-swept bangs are just asking for color. However, bright purple hues will only make you look tacky. Instead, you should opt for a purplish-silver highlight. This will give you that splash of color you wanted, but it is muted enough that you can still work in a corporate environment.

Disconnected Undercut With Purple Hair

This undercut style will allow you to color the sides and the top of your head. There will be enough hair volume at the sides to carry the purple color effectively.

Pros and Cons 


  • Purple hues are not as showy as other colors. If you want to color your hair, but you do not want something too loud, there are lots of purple tints that you can choose from that are somewhat discreet. You can even go quite dark that other people will not even notice the purple in your hair.
  • Purple turns into a beautiful gray after some time. Unlike other hair colors, purple turns into a beautiful gray hue when it dishes out. It is unlike red, which turns into a nasty orange color after a month.
  • Purple hair for men is unique. Using the color purple as your hair tint will bring out your unique and distinctive personality.


  • Dyeing your hair will damage it. For the purple color to show, the hair should be bleached first. Bleaching will intentionally damage the hair to open up the cuticle, removing the natural pigment and allowing the color to attach to the hair. This means that for a week or so, your hair will feel extremely dry and rough.
  • Purple washes out quicker than other colors. After just two weeks, the purple hair color will start to fade.

How Should Men Maintain Purple Hair

Condition before coloring

You will need to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible before bleaching and dyeing. Bleaching will damage your hair, so you must do your best to mitigate the amount your hair will get.

Get a trim as soon as you can

Your hair is severely damaged after getting bleached and colored. This means almost every strand of hair on your head would have split ends. To prevent them from worsening, you need to trim them off as soon as possible. Get your hair cut immediately after coloring it.

Use a toning shampoo

Although you should not use shampoo for the first week or so to give your hair time to recover, it is advisable to use a toning shampoo once your hair’s cuticle has closed. This will keep your hair’s color bright for as long as possible. Before and after shampooing, use the world’s best hair oilto prevent too much moisture loss.

Shampoo your hair every two, three days

Your hair will be extremely sensitive after bleaching and shampooing; only dry it further. You will need to help your hair recover by conditioning it. In that case, a leave-in conditioner is perfect for colored hair.

Even after your hair has recovered, you should still just wash your hair every two to three days. Premium dandruff shampoos are the biggest culprit as they can dry your hair fast.

Use a tonic

Hair tonic has multiple benefits; one is keeping the hair strands moisturized. This product will hasten the recovery of your hair. Also, jojoba oil is excellent for moisturizing the scalp and can make the hair recoverable.

Purple Hair FAQs

Can men have purple hair?

Man with Purple Hair Thinking

Yes, there is no reason why men should not be allowed to have colored hair. However, you should take into consideration your working environment. Bright purple might not be good for working in a financial institution. Also, aside from the color, you should check out the unprofessional hairstyles to avoid them.

Can purple hair be achieved without bleaching?

Depending on the shade of purple you aim for, you might not need to bleach your hair. For instance, if you want the color visible when the light hits your hair just right, you can apply hair dye without bleaching. However, if you want a bright and light purple color, like lavender, you must bleach your hair first.

What hair color is most attractive to men?

Studies have shown that brunettes are more attractive compared to other hair colors. If you are thinking of dyeing your hair purple, remember that while some people might like it, others may not be fond of it.

How can I know if purple is a good hair color for me?

You can find which shade of violet looks good on you based on your skin’s undertone. If your undertone is warm, plum purple may also work because it is a warm tone. Amethyst or lilac purple shades might work if you have a cool skin tone.

Can I dye my hair purple at home?

Yes, especially if you will not be bleaching your hair first. However, if you need to bleach your hair, do it carefully. Hair bleach can already damage your hair when you use too much.

You can still dye your hair yourself. However, if you want to make your hair look presentable at the very least, you should have it done in a hair salon. This is especially true if you also plan to color your facial hair. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much a dyed beard can transform your look.


Purple hair for men is one of the safest choices when planning to bring out your best look. Unless you are going for bright purple hair, you can even dye your hair without bleaching. Speaking of coloring your hair, you will be handling caustic substances, so you need to be careful.

If you are thinking of coloring your hair purple using the best hair dyes, you can choose any of the hairstyle options provided above to maximize the appeal of this beautiful color.

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