Man With a Shaggy K-Pop Hairstyle

Korean hairstyles have spread far beyond the borders of the country.

They keep up with the latest men’s grooming trends, causing quite a stir in the fashion world.

If you’re thinking about trying out one of the Korean hairstyles, this guide will come in handy.

25 Most Popular K-Pop Hairstyles

Below are some of the most popular K-pop hairstyles you can try out.

Two-Block Haircut

Asian hairstyles for men can be described as refined, elegant, and stylish. A classic Korean haircut is similar to those seen on Western college students, such as an Ivy League or a comb-over.

However, in Korea, men wear such posh hairstyles not only to work or university but also in their daily lives.

Curtains Fringe

Korean curtain bangs are unquestionably iconic. They perfectly accentuate your face’s most attractive features while balancing its proportions. As a result, they are universally flattering regardless of your head shape or hair texture.

Kpop Mullet Hairstyle

A mullet is a popular K-pop hairstyle. It gains an ultimately stylish feel with the Korean men’s aesthetic. As one of the most popular K-pop hairstyles, male mullets frequently incorporate tapered or faded sides with the back left slightly longer to create contrast.

You can grow a mullet and become a fashion icon.

Slicked Back 

You can never go wrong with a slicked-back hairstyle when you need to look your best. One of its best features is that it can be transformed into almost any hairstyle, from curtain bangs Korean style to a mullet. A side part is also a great way to complete the look.

Quiffed Korean Hairstyle

Men frequently incorporate a quiff into their Korean hairstyles. This is because it is simple to adapt any look to a professional setting while remaining fashionable.

Spiky Kpop Hairstyle

Short Korean men’s hairstyles that are spiked and disheveled look the best. You’ll need to use a hair styling product to bring out the separated strands.

Man With a Spiky K-Pop Hairstyle

Buzz Cut

Although most Korean hairstyles are medium to long, this does not necessarily imply that you should grow your hair long. There are numerous short Asian men’s hairstyles.

Thus, if you want to flaunt your masculinity and self-esteem, there isn’t a better option than a buzz cut length.

Side-Parted Asian Hair

Because Korean hair is naturally deep black, it does not take much effort for a man to achieve a bold look. As a result, it is sometimes sufficient to divide your hair with a side part, and you are ready to go.

Korean Perm

Men achieve an unusual and striking hair look with the Korean perm for men because Korean locks are typically straight. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting an Asian perm male style, know that you’ll never go unnoticed.

Korean Fade

If you wear your hair longer at the top, you can complete that look with a neat fade on the sides.


A stylish ponytail is a Korean take on the popular warrior hairstyle. It can be combined with a curtain bangs Asian haircut to complete the look. Furthermore, you can quickly transform ponytail hairstyles into a men’s bun or a top knot to take it up a notch.

Messily Slicked Back

Korean male hairstyles appear to be designed solely to be flaunted and slicked back. This will make your hair look even more gleaming and silky. Wear your hair in a messily slicked-back style to add a casual touch to your look.

Disconnected Undercut and Brushed Back Top

A disconnected cut is one of the most popular trendy Korean hairstyles. The dramatic difference in length between the hair on top and the sides makes it simple to achieve a sharp and contrasty look.

Just don’t get the sides faded because this is an entirely different Korean hairstyle.

Long 4/6 Bangs K-pop Haircut

Korean bangs are unmistakable. The 4/6 Korean male hairstyle is neat and clean, with bangs that fall slightly over the eye giving it a mysterious and attractive air.

kpop haircut with bangs

Medium and Layered

Regarding medium-layered haircuts, men don’t have to put in much effort. It falls forward and stays in place easily because it is naturally straight and thick.

Do you know what a 2 block haircut is? This is one of the most popular K-pop hairstyles, in which the lower back and sides are shaved or trimmed very short, while the hair on top is left much longer.

Slightly Disheveled Quiffed 

You can style Korean hair any way you want because it has so much volume. If you want to give the impression that you are carefree and relaxed, go for shaggy hairstyles.

T.O.P. Haircut

Have you ever heard of the T.O.P. cut, a popular Korean male hairstyle? It is a polished and refined parted hairstyle popularized by the famous Korean rapper T.O.P.

Side Part and Brushed Up Bang

Korean bangs’ hairstyles are incredibly versatile. They provide a plethora of styling options to suit any ambiance or situation. Complement the style with a half-nape cut in the back to give it a trendy twist.

Chin Length Haircut

You don’t see many Asian men with long hair. Thus, by opting for this Korean hairstyle, a man can be confident that he will not go unnoticed.

K-pop Fohawk

Korean short hair easily holds an upright shape due to its density and thickness. So, if you want to look daring and sharp, go for a fohawk.

Shaggy Japanese Haircut

Sometimes, a shaggy haircut is your best bet for an outstanding look.

Shaggy Bowl Cut

It’s not surprising that a Korean bowl cut has its style. While a classic bowl cut may appear geeky and preppy, its Korean counterpart is shaggy for a more casual look.

Gong Yoo Haircut

Gong Yoo, a well-known Korean actor, has given us numerous ideas for trendy Korean men’s hairstyles. If you choose one of his hairstyles and a small Asian beard, you will be the center of attention wherever you go.

Korean Messy Bangs

One of the best things about Korean hairstyles is how effortlessly classy and tasteful they are. So, for a cool look, go for undercut Asian bangs that are a little messy. A natural side part will define this look.

Asian Man With Messy Bangs

Tousled Two-Block Haircut and Undercut

A sharp take on a two-block haircut, the Korean undercut, is a surefire way to stand out in a crowd. However, bleach your hair and style it tousled for a more daring look.

How to Style and Maintain K-Pop Haircuts

Step 1 – Choosing the right K-pop hairstyle

Choose the right hairstyle depending on your desired look.

Step 2 – How to style K-pop hairstyles

Work with a professional hairstylist to style your hair and maintain the style. You can also learn how to relax a perm if you prefer a perm haircut.

Step 3 – How to maintain them

Keep your hair clean and moisturized when styling it. Use quality styling tools and products.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Use products such as:


What is the K-pop boy hairstyle called?

Men frequently choose a two-block haircut with short sides and back and noticeably longer top among all Korean hairstyles.

What hairstyle do K-pop idols have?

Most K-pop idols wear a mullet or any other trendy haircut.

How do you get Korean messy hair?

Apply a hair wax or texturizing spray and dishevel it with your hand for a messy look.

Why do Korean guys have bangs?

Because Korean men have oval or oblong head shapes, adding bangs helps to frame and define their faces.

What are some hair color trends for Korean men?

You can use different hair colors to style your Korean hair. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can apply colors synch as blonde, copper brown, red, or any hue you like.