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20 Most Popular Ponytail Hairstyles For Men

The popularity of long hairstyles for men has now returned, which is why men’s ponytail hairstyles have also become a trend.

Whether you have a long curly hairstyle or a long and straight one, styling it into a ponytail will make you look attractive and polished.

Laid-Back Ponytail Hairstyle

This ponytail hairstyle for men has a lot of variations, making it versatile. For one, it lets you rock a resting ponytail that should fall on your neck. You can also go for a tight ponytail that stands stiffly and tightly at your crown.

Make this style even more attractive by tapering your back or sides. Styling the top with braids, such as French braids, is also a good idea.

Messy Ponytail Hair

If you are looking for a low-maintenance men’s ponytail that looks rugged and unique, you can choose the messy style. It is perfect for those with straight hair, but it also works well for every type of hair texture. Just grow your hair freely without limitations.

Use hair gel or mousse to style it, too. Apply the product gently on your hair, then pull it back with a comb. Form a ponytail between your nape and crown. Use quality hair ties to form a loose knot, making the result look messy but unrestricted.

Tight and Bright Curls

This particular style looks as adorable as man bun hairstyles. It features your tightly styled hair with a ponytail atop your head. You can rock this look even better if you have curly hair with a neck length.

It also presents your bright curls as it requires combining blonde with your dark hair.

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Ponytail Hairstyle With Side Parts

Whether you are looking for long hairstyles for older men or younger ones, the ponytail with side parts is a style worth checking out.

Your pony should be placed anywhere between your nape and crown, but ensure that your focus is on forming the side part we are talking about here. It is an excellent style for those with straight hair. It is also compatible with any hair texture.

Basic Ponytail Haircut

You may also go for the primary and straightforward ponytail that does not need much time and effort in grooming. Just put on your hair gel, then comb your strands back so you can start making the pony.

You can leave the pony hanging or tie it into a knot to resemble a bun.

Blonde and Medium Men’s Ponytail

Rock your blonde hair by styling it into a medium ponytail. One way to achieve this style is to trim down both sides and keep the top long. Another option is to maintain a good length for the sides and braid them before letting them rest on your neck.

Comb your hair on top effortlessly by applying some gel. After that, pull your hair to the back and form a knot, creating a pony close to your nape.

Silver Gray 

Get this style by integrating a shade of silver-gray into your hair. You should pull all your hair back, then use a rubber band to create a knot below your crown. Form another knot so you can create a bun from the pony.

Allow several strands from your ponytail to hang to obtain this style’s signature look.

Curly Hair Messy Ponytail

Do you have curly hair? Then go for this style, which requires you to maintain a medium to an extended length of hair on top. Taper down your remaining hair, specifically the back below your nape and the sides.

Leave some bangs hanging in front or at the side while combing the remaining hair backward for the ponytail. It could be an unprofessional hairstyle that still looks good for many men.

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Long Hair

By growing your hair at chest length, this look is suitable for those who prefer hippie hairstyles. Pull back your hair and form the ponytail between your nape and crown. Your pony only makes up a tiny part of your hair.

Let the remaining strands hang freely over the shoulders. Make this look polished and groomed by maintaining the neatness of the edges.

Island Style Ponytail

If you prefer a men’s ponytail that you can easily maintain, go for the Island style. Apply some hair gel first, then pull your hair to the back. Form the ponytail below your crown, then hang it loosely without limitations. Dye your hair by combining light and dark colors.

Soft Mocha

This hairstyle requires you to give your hair color a nice contrast. Put on some hair mousse to highlight your hair color while maintaining the smoothness of your hair.

Form the pony at your nape after combing your hair, then pulling it back. Make the pony lose and allow some strands to stay free.

Ponytail Hairstyle With Side Undercut

This style mainly focuses on your ponytail but also features a classic undercut, which adds a more artistic look to your hair. Part your hair from the sides as a means of dividing the top. Taper on the side, too, while ensuring that the length slowly decreases starting from the top.

Do the same below your nape, specifically at your head’s back. Comb back your long hair, then form a pony and secure it with a tie or rubber band.

Matt White 

What you should do is make your hair grow at a decent length. Use a matt white color to dye it. The next thing to do is pull back all your hair. Create a knot, then use a rubber band to secure it. Make the look more elegant and sophisticated by grooming your sideburns.

Biscuit-Colored Manly

If you prefer a more relaxed style that does not require a lot of grooming, you can opt for this one. It is perfect for those whose hair is dark-blonde. Comb your hair first, then pull it back to form the ponytail under your crown.

Make sure your pony is loose and allow some strands to fall occasionally.

Beach Braid

This style features a few variations. If your hair is long, it is possible to divide the parts based on your preferred number of braids — form tiny ones on the side and a large one on top. Allow the large braid to stay rested at the back and keep the edge free and open.

Meanwhile, the short braids should rest beneath it. For those with short hair or medium length, form two braids or two-strand twists on top and part it in the middle. You should then clip down the back and sides a bit shorter.

Dark Ponytail With a Headband

You can expect this hairstyle to help highlight your dark-colored hair. Apply some mousse to your hair to maintain its shine. Comb your hair neatly close to your crown and the back, then create the pony. Use a stylish headband to support and secure your ponytail.

Ponytail With Amber Detail

This beautiful long hairstyle requires you to put a ponytail subtly on top. It is also a great idea to elevate the topmost part by giving it an undercut. Pick a wider spot for both sides and the back for trimming.

One more thing you should ensure is to maintain the thickness and length of your top hair. The top should also have amber highlights.

Clean Ponytail

Like the Viking hair that makes you look masculine, the clean ponytail also gives you a manlier look. It is perfect for those with straight hair, regardless of hair color.

To get this style, comb your hair to the back first, then form a knot precisely at the part on your neck. The goal here is to make your ponytail rest around the shoulder. Give the top a neater look by forming a parting.

Bad Boy

Get this rugged but nice-looking hairstyle by growing your hair at neck length. Pull all your hair back. Create a knot directly beneath your crown by pulling up the hair on your back. You must also form a thick man bun by creating one more knot along with your pony.

Half-Down, Half-Up

You will also feel like a free spirit by wearing the half-down half-up style. It is ideal for those who have straight hair. With the help of a quality comb, pull your hair smoothly to the back, then form a knot intended for the pony between your nape and crown.

Give your hair a neat and tangle-free style by putting on a high-quality gel.

How to Style and Maintain Ponytail Hairstyle

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Pick a ponytail hairstyle for men depending on the current length of your hair, its texture, and its color. You can also make your choice based on the shape of your face.

Step 2 – Trim

Ensure that you give your hair proper trims at the correct intervals with the help of self-hair-cutting tools. This should help in maintaining its appropriate density and length.

Step 3 – Give your hair proper care

This is even more important if you have long hair. Part of caring for and maintaining your hair should be cleansing and conditioning it regularly.

Step 4 – Use high-quality products

You need a good shampoo and conditioner to nourish your hair. Applying hair mousse, oil, and gel is also advisable to secure the style and retain moisture.


Does a ponytail look good on guys?

Yes. All it takes is to pick the right men’s ponytail hairstyle that complements well with your look.

What do you call a man’s ponytail?

It is referred to as a ponytail. It also has other names, like the man bun, male pony, and man pony.

How long do you have to wait to get a ponytail?

Around twelve to fifteen months, depending on the health of your hair and how much your hair grows naturally.

Which haircut is the best for a ponytail?

A long haircut seems to be a perfect choice if you want to wear a ponytail hairstyle. If you have long hair, it would be easy to style your pony any way you want. It could be low, high, or in between the two.

How to tie a ponytail for men?

Choose where you intend to put your ponytail. You should then put on some hair mousse or gel to your hair to make it even more manageable. Pull your hair back and tie it securely with a rubber band.