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After the shows like the Vikings and Valhalla, we got to see firsthand the style of the Viking culture.

A lot of men got really inspired by some of the styling choices the Viking army had, so much so that a lot of them adopted many of these rugged hairstyles into modern culture.

However, Viking hairstyles for men are not as easy to grow and maintain as you think.

Growing your hair long, plaiding it, and shaving in a quirky manner is not all that there is to it.

Even a professional barber can have problems creating this look.

We are here to provide some expert help and have all the most popular Viking hairstyles laid out for you.

Go over them, consider how they would look on you, and try to style one yourself.

Things go a lot easier if you know what you are doing and have somebody showing you the ropes along the way.

60 Most Popular Viking Hairstyles For Men

Long Hair With Braids

Long Hair With Braidsviking beard bald head
viking boy haircut
viking braid men

Photo @mr.viking1

Long hair with braids is perhaps the most typical Viking hairstyle. Let your hair grow out and you can opt for either one or a few braids and leave the rest of your hair open or braid all your hair and collect them in a ponytail at the back.

Viking Short Braid With Undercut

Short Braid With Undercutshort hair viking haircut
short hair viking hairstyles
slick back viking haircut

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

If you want a low-maintenance look, you can opt for a short braid with an undercut. You leave the hair on the top a little longer and style it in a braid. It will hang over the undercut, creating an exciting contrast.

You can also leave the hair open or slick it back if you don’t feel like putting it in a braid.

Viking Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Viking Dreadlocksreal viking hairstyles
scandinavian hairstyles male
scandinavian men's hairstyles

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Go for this look only if you are willing to spend some time and effort on your Viking hairstyle. You need to have long hair or you could get extensions if you are not willing to wait that long.

Dreadlocks need proper maintenance. Otherwise, they look very shabby, so make sure you research how to take care of them.

Short High Bald Fade Viking Hairstyle

Short High Bald Fadenordic undercut
norse hair styles
norse male hairstyles

Photo @ywgviking

This look features a bald fade on the sides and back. The hair on top is short, almost like a buzz cut. This was one of the looks sported by Travis Fimmel when he played Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the most famous Viking characters.

If you do not have a lot of volume in your hair or don’t like to spend too much time taking care of your hair, this is the perfect look. You can also sport a nice beard to make it look more attractive.

This is one of the few Viking hairstyles for balding men.

Messy and Thick Wavy Hair

Messy and Thick Wavy Hair mens viking short hairstyles
mens warrior hairstyles
mohawk viking haircut

Photo @alitheebarber

This might not be suitable for everyone as it depends on the texture of your hair, but messy and thick wavy hair is a prevalent Viking look.

You do need to spend some time taking care of your hair every day and styling it for different occasions, but this look certainly makes for a very bold statement. Keep a small beard or no beard to keep the attention on your luxurious mane.

Braids Viking Hairstyle

mens modern viking hairstyles
mens short viking hairstyles
mens viking hair braids

Braids are a signature characteristic of Viking hairstyles. You need at least shoulder-length hair to be able to do a decent braid hairstyle.

There are many different ways to sport a braid. Viking braids are generally high on your head, but they can be short or long. You can do multiple braids or one single braid. Combining braids with a gradual or bald fade on the sides and back is also very common.

Medium Length Half Updo

Medium Length Half Updo
men viking braids
mens braided hairstyles viking
mens haircuts viking

This look is what Chris Hemsworth used to sport as Thor. It is an authentic Viking look, as Viking warriors often pulled half their hair back in an updo and kept the rest free.

Use a premium hair oil for men to keep your hair looking well-groomed and smooth. Otherwise, the hairstyle might end up looking frizzy or unkempt.

Bald Head With a Full Beard

Bald Head With a Full Beardmale viking braids
man bun viking
medium length viking hairstyles men

Photo @goxmag

If you are balding or find it too cumbersome to maintain your hair, you can go for a fully bald head with a full beard.


It is pretty easy to pull off — shave your entire head and let your beard grow out. Growing a Garibaldi beard is very common for this look. You will need to get the beard to a length of 7 or 8 inches and round out the bottom.

Short Undercut Viking Haircut

Short Undercut
how to do viking hair male
how to grow a viking haircut
long hair warrior hairstyles

A short undercut is a very snappy Viking look. You can pair it with a beard to make it look more rugged.

If you have been thinking of choosing a shaved sides haircut, this is the perfect Viking look. It is dapper and smart while retaining that warrior-like Viking look.

Bun With Shaved Sides

Bun With Shaved Sidesbald viking hairstyle
bjorn ironside hairstyle
easy viking hairstyles

Photo @666_martin

Man buns are a ubiquitous feature of Viking fashion, as warriors used to put their hair in buns to keep their hair out of their face while hunting or fighting.

Shaving the sides gives a lovely contrast to the long hair on top. You can put your hair in a sleek bun, slick it back or go for a side-swept look — the possibilities are endless!

Ponytail With Undercut

Ponytail With Undercutwarrior braids
warrior hairstyle male
badass hairstyles men

Photo @dladybarberr

This is a look that works for both hipsters and Vikings. It is the perfect mix of modern and Viking. Get an undercut and let the rest of the hair grow out. Styling is effortless. Just throw the hair in a ponytail before you leave the house.

You should take good care of your hair to make sure the texture remains smooth and frizz-free. Brush or comb your hair regularly to keep it tangle-free.

Faux Hawk With a Beard

Faux Hawk With a Beardviking top knot
vikings hairstyles male
vikings undercut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

If you want to keep the focus on your magnificent beard, you can go for a short faux hawk. Trim the hair on the sides very close to the skin. You can also consider a close fade for this hairstyle.

The hair on top should be slightly longer. Style it with spikes or keep it short to avoid drawing too much attention. If you have authentic Viking facial hair, this is an excellent option.

Slick Back Mohawk Viking Hairstyle

Slick Back Mohawk

Photo @anthonythebarber916

A well-groomed slicked-back hairstyle never fails to impress. You must already be familiar with a mohawk, shaved back and sides with long hair on top.

Instead of keeping the hair on top spiky , slick it back for a modern Viking look. If you have trouble keeping your hair in place, you can try using the hair wax. If you ever feel like you need a change, you can just as quickly braid the hair for a new look.

Loose Braids

Braided Man
viking short haircut
viking slick back
viking style haircuts for men

Loose braids are a signature Viking look. You will need to have long hair for this look.

One way to do it is to take the top half of the hair and put it into a regular braid or a fishtail. Add a smaller braid on either side of the head to give more detail to the look.

You can also add loose braids at random. If you are bored of it just leaving your hair open, this is an excellent detail to switch your look now and then.

Faux Hawk With Undercut and Braids

A faux hawk with undercut and braids makes a powerful statement. You trim down the sides as you would for a faux hawk and add an undercut at the back for maximum contrast.

It can be cumbersome to style the long hair on top, but it is very quick and easy to use braids. It looks like a layered and complex hairstyle but is easy to style and maintain.

Chonmage Hairstyle

Chonmage Hairstyleviking mens haircut
viking mohawk braid
viking mullet

Photo @midou.hdm3

A chonmage is a traditional Japanese hairstyle. Styling it the right way gives the appearance of a Viking hairstyle. It is the exact look you must have seen Sumo wrestlers sport – a sleek ponytail doubled down to decrease its length.

You can also combine a chonmage with a fade on the sides or an undercut to give it a more modern touch or add more contrast.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercutviking hairstyles for boys
viking long hairstyles
viking look hair

Photo @666_martin

A disconnected undercut is where the hair on top is cut off from the hair on the sides. The break is not gradual as is common — there is a very clear line that separates the sides from the top.

This isn’t precisely a Viking haircut, but it is often styled as a Viking haircut by putting the hair on top in a braid or by sporting the look with a very full and thick beard.

Slick Back Fade

Slick Back Fadeviking hair man
viking haircut shaved sides
viking haircut styles

Photo @midou.hdm3

If you don’t want to look too different but still wish to sport a Viking look, this is the perfect hairstyle. Get a fade on the sides and back and let the hair on top remain as is.

Slick it back using hair wax or a water-soluble pomade for men. It is simple, modern and rugged at the same time. It also complements a beard quite well.

Viking Braid With Fade

Braid With Fade
viking braids male
viking dreads male
viking hair for men

Combining braids with a fade is a very common Viking look. The sides and back are kept extremely short in a fade or completely bald, while the top is long and styled in a braid.

This look is best paired with a thick and robust beard to balance the fade. 

Faded Undercut Viking Hairstyle

Faded Undercut Man Hairstyle
short viking haircuts
traditional viking hairstyles
vicking haircut

A faded undercut is great for adding contrast to your hairstyle. You can style the hair on top in various styles and keep it long or short.

If you have long hair on top, styling it in a braid or fishtail is a powerful statement. Short hair also complements a faded undercut well. It is a great modern twist to braids or dreadlocks in Viking hairstyles.

Ragnar Hairstyle

Ragnar Hairstyle
norse haircuts
shaved viking hairstyles
short nordic hairstyles

Ragnar’s signature hairstyle was an undercut with a thick, long blond Viking braid. The sides and back are either bald or trimmed very close to the skin and the hair on top is in a very thick braid.

It might not be feasible for everyone to sport the same look, but you can easily do a toned-down or tamer version of it by getting a fade or undercut and keeping the hair on top long. It can be slicked back or put in a braid as per your preference.

Bjorn Viking Hairstyle

Bjorn Hairstyle
nordic braids male
nordic mens hairstyles
norse haircut

Bjorn’s look has changed through the series, but his signature style is a mohawk with a single braid down the middle. It was paired with a messy or unkempt beard to add more character to the face. This hairstyle is certainly not for the weak-hearted.

Spiky Mohawkmens nordic hairstyles
mens viking style haircut
modern viking haircut

Photo @boomtownbarbers

Side Slick Long Toplong mohawk
long viking hairstyles male
men's undercut viking haircut

Photo @666_martin

Totally Bald Viking Hairstylesdanish hairstyles
how to do viking braids male
long hair undercut viking


Skin Fade Viking Hairstyleswarrior haircut
warrior hairstyles
bjorn haircut


Classic Slick Backvikings hair cut
vikings hair style
vikings men's hairstyle


Slick Back Top Zero Fadeviking mohawk male
viking shaved sides
viking short hairstyles


Shadow Fade Pompadour Viking Hairstylesviking haircuts men
viking long hair shaved sides male
viking long hair style

Photo @alitheebarber

Brow Flow Long Hairviking hair styles men
viking haircut for men
viking haircuts for men

Photo @alitheebarber

Bald And Beardviking cut hair
viking faux hawk male
viking fury haircut

Photo @alitheebarber

High Fade With Bunbalding viking haircut
men's viking haircuts
norwegian hairstyles male

Photo @alitheebarber

Slick Long Hairviking undercut hairstyle
vikings haircuts
badass haircuts male

Photo @alitheebarber

Zero Fade And Slick Backviking mohawks
viking ponytail
viking style long hair

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Natural Long Wavy Hairviking haircuts for guys
viking haircuts short hair
viking look man

Photo @mittsky

Fade And Blue Long Topshort hair viking style
short viking hairstyles male
viking braids short hair male

Photo @shrunknheads

Brow Flow And Half Bunmale nordic viking haircut
nordic undercut viking haircut
norse hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

Ray Hair Design And Mohawk Braidbald viking
boy viking hairstyles
long hair viking hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

Long Black Wavy Hair One Side Fadeviking hair braids maleviking man hairstyle
viking undercut male

Photo @shrunknheads

Long Curlybadass haircuts
mens viking hair styles
shaved side viking haircut

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Undercut Surfer Hairstylenorse hairstyles male
viking man bun
viking hairstyles male braids

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Man Bun And Skin Fadebjorn ironside haircut
male viking hair
men viking hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Shadow Fade With Top Knofviking fade
viking haircut short
badass viking haircuts

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Slick Back With Undercutviking hairstyle men
viking ponytail male
viking braids male long hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Top Bun With Hairtattooboys viking haircut
easy viking hairstyles male
mens long viking hairstyles

Photo @jayblendedit

Fade Surgical Line And Bunviking long hair
what is a viking haircut
bald viking look

Photo @alan_beak

French Hippie Style For Menragnar haircut
viking braids for men
viking hair shaved sides

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Dried Medium Heat Low Tensionviking style haircut
vikings hairstyle
badass hairstyles male

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Shadow Fade Long Curly Topbest viking hairstyles
uhtred haircut
viking male hairstyles

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Fade Pompadour Viking Hairstyles for Mennordic hairstyles male
viking hair cuts male
viking men hair

Photo @dladybarberr

Short Back And Sidesmens viking braids
viking mens hairstyles
mens viking haircut

Photo @dladybarberr

Hippie Bun Styletraditional viking hairstyles male
viking fade haircut
viking haircut male

Photo @martin.risteskii

Classic Mohawkviking hair styles for men
men's viking hairstyles
warrior hairstyles male

Photo @ashxlauren

Undercut Pompadour Viking Hairstyles for menviking haircuts male
viking hairstyle male
nordic hairstyles

Photo @ashxlauren

Low Fade And Blow Backviking style haircuts
viking hairstyles male long hair
viking mohawk haircut

Photo @ashxlauren

Free Style Run Your Fingersviking hair cuts
viking hair style
short viking haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Male Viking Hairstyles Skin Fade And Undercutmens viking hair
viking undercut haircut
mens viking haircuts

Photo @alan_beak

Fade Design And Long Hairvikings haircut
viking style hair
viking hairstyles male short

Photo @alan_beak

Bun And Fade Designvikings hairstyles
viking hair men
male viking hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

Slick Ponytail
viking mohawk
viking hair cut
mens viking hairstyles

Braids Top To Long Braid
viking haircut men
viking undercut
viking braids men

What Are Viking Hairstyles

If you’ve never heard of them before, a Viking hairstyle is simply a hairstyle modeled after the look of the traditional style of Viking warriors.

Do not go by what you see on TV shows because modern Viking hairstyles are modeled after traditional ones but always have a modern touch. They come in all lengths and typically try to give off a rugged, masculine vibe.

Benefits of This Viking Haircut

A Viking hairstyle can be very modern and neat if you style it the right way. We usually picture a long untamed mane and bushy beard when we think of Viking hairstyles, but modern Viking hairstyles are very presentable.

There are many different ways to style them, leaving you with many different looks.

Viking hairstyles give you a very distinct look. You can be sure that people will always look twice at you if you’re sporting a Viking hairstyle.

How to Choose the Best Style

Hair Type

A long-haired Viking style can look perfect if you have thick hair. The braided styles are trendy and are easy to maintain too.

It is better to go with a short Viking hairstyle for frizzy or balding hair. There are plenty of hairstyles with a fade that will suit you better.

Face Shape

Most Viking looks have a hefty beard, so you can sport a Viking hairstyle effortlessly no matter what kind of jawline you have.

Round and oval faces look good with long hairstyles, whereas a square face would be better suited to a short hairstyle.

How to Style Viking Hair

If you have a long Viking hairstyle, braids are the best way to style it. You go for braids on top, braids tied in a ponytail at the back or open hair with a few braids. You could also go for Nordic cornrows.

If you are not a fan of braids or don’t want long hair, you should consider getting an undercut or a crew cut. The rest of the hair is slicked back or swept backward for a more natural look.


What is the Viking haircut called?

The most common Viking haircut is called an undercut. The hair on the sides is shaved and the hair on top is kept long. It makes for great contrast and the hair on top can be styled in many different ways.

Which Viking hairstyle is best for me?

The answer depends on the texture and length of your hair and the shape of your face. Most Viking hairstyles include braids, undercuts, fades or long hair and are usually paired with a beard.

Viking Man With Long Hair
viking hairstyles male
viking hair styles
viking hairstyles men

Make sure that you are ready to deal with the upkeep of whatever Viking hairstyle you choose.

Why Did Vikings have long hair?

Vikings usually had long hair and beards because it was considered a sign of being a Viking warrior. The slaves usually had short hair and did not keep beards, while Vikings had long, well-groomed hair and thick beards.

Did the Vikings braid their hair?

Vikings did indeed braid their hair, as it would keep the hair contained and away from their faces. They always had long hair and braids helped keep them well-groomed. It was also essential to keep them away from their eyes during battle.

Did Vikings have man buns?

It might be hard to believe, as man buns are considered a hipster hairstyle, but Vikings sported them in the past. Vikings had long hair, and man buns were just one way to keep their hair contained and well-groomed.

What does it mean when a Viking cuts his hair?

There can be different reasons for a Viking cutting his hair. It can be a sign of mourning for a loved one or a practical reason, like preventing it from getting tangled up in armor or chainmail.

Vikings always kept their hair long to protect their skulls from extreme cold and it became a tradition among them. There was always a reason behind a Viking cutting his hair; it was never a random decision.


Vikings have always been incredibly fascinating. Movies and TV shows have made them massively popular and a lot of people show their love for Vikings by sporting Viking hairstyles.

Choose any hairstyles listed above for a rugged, authentic Viking look if you love the Viking style.


What is a Viking haircut?

A Viking haircut is a historical hairstyle worn by men during the Viking Age, roughly between the 8th and 11th centuries.

The exact definition of a Viking haircut refers to a style characterized by shaved or closely cropped sides with longer hair on top that is typically styled into a braid or ponytail.

Warriors often wore this hairstyle, which was seen as a symbol of strength and masculinity.

What is the Viking haircut called?

The Viking haircut, also known as the “Ragnar,” is a popular hairstyle that has gained popularity in recent years.

This hairstyle typically features shaved sides with longer hair on top, often styled into a slicked-back or textured look.

The Ragnar haircut is inspired by the traditional hairstyles of Viking warriors, who were known for their fierce and bold appearance. 

How did Vikings wear their hair?

The Vikings were known for their distinctive hairstyles that often included long, flowing hair and intricate braids.

They were skilled at using combs and other tools to style their hair in various ways.

Many Vikings preferred to wear their hair loose, while others chose to tie it back in a ponytail or bun.

Additionally, some Vikings would shave the sides of their head while leaving the top long, creating a bold and unique look.

How do you braid men’s Viking hair?

In Viking culture, men often adorn their hair with intricate braids to symbolize strength and prowess.

Start with clean, untangled hair, separate the hair into three equal sections, and begin braiding by crossing the right section over the middle, then the left section over the middle.

Continue this pattern, adding small sections of hair to each side until reaching the desired length.

Secure the braid with a hair tie or clip to complete the traditional Viking hairstyle.

How do you cut an undercut hairstyle on men?

When it comes to getting a stylish haircut, many men opt for an undercut style.

This popular haircut involves shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving the top longer.

By following the proper techniques and using the right tools, a skilled barber can create a clean, edgy look that will turn heads.

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