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What Exactly Are Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are no longer exclusive to women. Men are also free to use these products designed to increase hair length.
You can now find a lot of hair extensions for men, primarily because of the instant increase in confidence that these items can give.

Like what thebest conditioners for men can do, the best hair extensions for men can also help you confidently sport the look you want.

Types of Hair Extensions for Men

DHT blockers are effective against hair loss, but instead of investing in them or any products containing the blockers you may consider buying or using hair extensions. You can use the extensions to address your concerns about the effects of hair loss or slow-growing hair.

In that case, here are a couple of types of hair extensions that also work for men:

Keratin Extensions

If you have hair loss or male pattern baldness, a hair loss shampoo can help you a lot.
You may also want toenhance growth and thickness with castor oil.

You can also use this castor oil on your facial hair to speed up its growth and increase thickness.

Aside from shampoo and castor oil, you can also take advantage of keratin extensions, the premium option when fixing your look that may have been affected by hair loss.

It is one type of hair extension that perfectly suits men, especially those with thinning hair or who deal with baldness.

What’s excellent about keratin extensions is that they won’t do further damage or harm to your hair. It can even help improve your hair loss situation. Seek the help of a professional hairdresser in fusing the keratin hair extension on the part where there is thinning or baldness.

You can choose the hot or cold fusion with keratin hair extensions. This extension also utilizes 100 percent human hair, making the style look more natural. Note, though, that it is also pricier.

Despite that, it is worth it since it is highly durable and can boost your confidence once you notice that it improves your hair’s appearance.

Lace Frontal Extensions

This specific type of hair extension is perfect for you if baldness or hair loss appears in front.
With these extensions, you can take advantage of one of the cute hairstyles to boost your confidence, which is the undercut.

It can give you that particular hairstyle because it is naturally stylish. The texture of the frontal lace extensions in men is quite similar to the lace closures of women. There is still a difference, though – that is, the lace looks narrower in the lace frontal to adhere to the trend.

The frontal lace extensions are good for you if you want to showcase your masculine strength and power.

How to Choose

With the several choices, you may have once you start your search for the best hair extensions for men, making your final selection may be confusing for you.

In that case, here are some factors that will help you decide:

Contrast and Color

Hair Extensions

In the same way, when you are searching for the most trusted premium hair powders, it is also imperative that you carefully research your options for hair extensions. One piece of advice is to check the contrast and color.

Avoid matching the extension’s color to the natural color of your hair. Do you want to use the extensions as highlights?
Then it would be a lot easier for you if you try to spot or find a contrasting color.

Also, if your preference is a bolder appearance, choose hair extensions with bright colors.


Check the material used in creating the hair extensions too. Go for a durable and sturdy one, like thermo-fiber, as durability also means good quality. You also have to choose whether you want one made of human hair or is mainly synthetic.

It is highly preferable to go for human hair extensions as they are made using real human hair.
It looks and feels more natural in that you can style them as if they are your natural hair and make it blend seamlessly.

Braids are a great hairstyle to choose and this is possible with human hair extensions.
Also, comb-over hairstyles for men can refresh your look and get this style without hassle if you go for hair extensions made of human hair.


Of course, you also have to assess the hair extensions’ overall quality for men you are considering spending your money on.
You may need to choose more expensive hair extensions if you want the quality to be top-notch.

High-quality ones do not tangle excessively and need only the least maintenance.


Check the prices of hair extensions available for men too. As much as possible, go for those a bit higher on the price spectrum, as this also means they are not substandard. You will get returns in the end since it does not require much maintenance or constant replacements.

Ease of Use

Ensure that your chosen hair extension is easy to use. It should stay in place once attached to your hair, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of adjusting it now and then.

If it is your first time wearing hair extensions for men, ensure that you seek the help of a professional in putting it.

This is especially true if your goal is to successfully hide your thinning hair, requiring permanent extensions that will be directly woven into your hair.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Shampoo regularly

Pick a mild shampoo too, so you will not end up damaging the extensions.

Step 2 – Apply a leave-in conditioner

Never forget to apply a leave-in conditioner on your hair extensions. This is a big help in keeping them well-hydrated and healthy.

Step 3 – Brush regularly

You may want to use the world’s best laser combs for this, but it would be a lot better to ensure that you use a brush with soft bristles – this aids in preventing matting and tangles.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When it comes to hair extensions for men, it would be a much better idea to spend a bit more if that will ensure their superior quality, especially the overall make and material. Go for a costlier hair extension if you have plans of blow-drying it often.

Barber Touching Hair of Man

Among them are those made of mono-fiber and thermo-fiber as these materials, though more expensive can tolerate the heat.
High-quality and costlier extensions do not also tangle excessively, so they need minimal maintenance.

You do not also need to spend a lot on frequent replacements.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Consult a hair expert. In the same way, as there are different prices for men’s haircuts, hair extensions for men also vary in price. This makes it necessary to consult a hair expert from a reliable salon.
    That way, you will know the exact type that works for you, ensuring you get real value for your money.
  • Consider the hair extension color. This is crucial if your main intention is to hide balding signs.
    Choose a color that matches that of your natural hair. You may also dye your natural hair using a color that matches your chosen extension.
  • Use the right hair care products. Invest in mild shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions and use them when washing.
    It also helps apply a leave-in conditioner or serum to protect the ends and prevent dryness and brittleness.


  • Do not expose your hair extensions to excessive heat. Ensure that the heat exposure when styling is only very minimal.
    This prevents possible damage to your hair extensions.
  • Do not put too much pressure when brushing. The reason is that too much pressure may result in the bindings of the hair extensions loosening up. Your natural hair may also be pulled out because of it.
    To remove tangles by brushing, use one hand to secure the hair. That way, the pressure will be deflected from your hair.


How much do hair extensions for men cost?

The cost will depend on a few factors, including your chosen type and the hair’s length and thickness.
Generally, though, the price of hair extensions that suit men ranges from $100 – $1000.

How long do hair extensions for men last?

Several factors can also affect the lifespan of men’s hair extensions – the type, frequency and kind of care it receives.
In most cases, this hairpiece lasts for around 3 to 6 months.

The lifespan may get shorter if you do not take care of it properly, so make it a point to follow their specific care instructions.

Can I use hair extensions to cover male pattern baldness?

Yes. One way to cover male pattern baldness with the help of hair extensions is to use the clip-in type.
It is an easy-to-use and hassle-free hair extension that you can quickly attach to your hair, particularly in the area where there is baldness.

It is also available in various colors and styles, promoting ease in finding one that suits the color of your hair.
You can also use the tape-in extension that effectively covers your bald spots.

You have to attach these extensions with the help of a unique adhesive to secure them. It is possible to wear this for a max of 6 weeks before needing replacement.

What kind of extensions should I use?

The type of extension you have to use will depend on your intended purpose for it.
For instance, if your goal is to cover thinning hair or balding spots, you can use tape-in or clip-in extensions.

For hair extension that requires frequent blow-drying, one that can withstand the heat, like that made of mono-fiber or thermo-fiber material, is the best choice.


Women are no longer the only ones who can take advantage of hair extensions. Men can start using these hair pieces too.
Just make sure you are willing to commit to its aftercare to guarantee its long lifespan and prevent it from getting damaged along the process.

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