Balding Crown on Man's Head

Is there anything worse than starting to lose your hair? Yes, there is, balding on the crown! This style is the last one you want when your hair gets thinner. It is probably better to lose all of your hair than to get that horrific patch on your crown.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid this predicament and hacks to look good bald. An appropriate haircut can hide the patch and make you look better and bolder.

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Miraculously growing your hair in the specific part you need cannot happen. Balding on the crown is something that nobody wants. But to hide it and create a suitable style, we have a few hairstyles for balding men that can make a difference.

Receding Hairline

A high fade on the back and a short cut up top can hide the balding crown easily. The bald corners can also quickly be done away with a razor part. The haircut looks great and helps you deal with the issue.

Thinner Crown Hair

Getting thinner hair can be resolved with a short hairstyle where you can add a fade on the sides and back. The top can be kept one or two inches long and look perfect.

Top Mohawk

You can get a badass look even when you are losing your hair. Take some head shavers for men and remove all of your hair except the strip in the middle. It looks really good on butch guys.


Hide away the balding crown by growing the hair around it and spiking it up. Use a pomade to allow it to stay that way and connect the stubble beard through your sideburns. It highlights the chin and the jawline and helps to elongate the face.


One of the ways of dealing with a balding crown is going for a hairstyle that creates the illusion of a fuller look. The top should be made long while fading the sides. Mess the top part up and create a unique look every time you style it.

One-Sided Comb

One of the most asked-for haircuts for balding men is the short trim. Some thick or medium sideburns will help frame your face while keeping the cheeks closely shaved is best.

Pale Orange 

Once you start losing your hair, it may be the best time to go for an extravagant look. Dying your hair orange may be a bit extreme, but it is rebellious and bold enough for this situation. Keep the hair longer, though, as it will help to hide the patch.

Dreadlock Ponytail

Unfortunately, even younger people can experience hair loss. But they can hide it using a modern variant by gathering their dreadlocks into a ponytail. Nobody will ever know or see it.

Man With Tied Dreadlock Ponytail

Blonde Highlights

When men start to lose their hair, the corners of the forehead become the most prominent parts. For that reason, a haircut with a longer top that you can swoop to the side will help. But for a modern look, add some blonde highlights.

Gray Hair With Glasses

There is no shame in your hair losing its pigment and going gray. It can be pretty attractive. But to hide the receding parts add a fade on the sides and keep the top longer. Wearing glasses makes you look sophisticated and swabbed.

Faux Mohawk

Men who start losing their hair younger should not immediately grab some balding clippers. A modern haircut will secure your look and hide the patch on the head. Opt for a faux mohawk and get an improved contemporary style.

Two-Dimensional Caesar Cut

A two-dimensional Caesar cut may be the ultimate solution for receding hair. Keeping the sides super short and the top long is enough to do away with the balding crown that no one wants.

Sleek-Faded Hair With a Beard

Being bald with a beard doesn’t have to be your following style. You can easily match the hairstyle with your needs and keep the beard. Shave the sides short, leaving enough on the top to hide the balding parts. Be sure to grow your beard long.

Tapered Undercut

Symmetry does not go well with a receding hairline. Going asymmetrical will turn the attention away from the problematic areas. Tapered sides will help you achieve this look in no time.

Tapered Undercut for Balding

Receding Hairline Haircut

You can still preserve the volume of your hair even with a receding hairline. A style with subtle bangs that can easily be combed over will work nicely for this situation. As for the sides, either a fade or taper will work.

Spiky Platinum Blonde Hair

Experimenting a bit is very much possible for guys losing their hair. Platinum hair may be what you need. Combine it with short hair and some spikes; nobody will notice that receding hairline.

Longer Thin Hair

Longer hair can work just as well when covering a bald spot. Grow it as long as you need and comb it in a way so nobody can see the patch.

Sleek Pompadour

If you want to maintain a sleek and elegant style even when losing your hair, a pompadour is still there for you. You need a good styling product to set the hair, so it hides the balding crown. But don’t use a product that might weigh down your hair.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut may be the perfect solution to a balding crown. Keep the hair the same length as the crown and buzz cut it. Pair it with a Jason Statham beard to attain a perfect overall look.

Causal Side Swept

For an everyday situation, you can casually sweep the hair to the side and cover the balding crown. For more sophisticated affairs, add some gel to your hair.

Fade With Short Hair

Making the bald spot purposeful is the ultimate way of dealing with it. African American guys can do that with a fade and some short sides. Cut the front part to less than an inch and fade the slides. You are only left to choose some suitable black men’s beard styles.

Slicked Back

A slicked-back hairstyle is a very sophisticated one. But it is also an elegant way to combine it with some v-shaped haircuts. Slick the hair back over the bald crown and decide whether you want shorter or faded sides.

Off-Center Part

An off-center part is perfect for elderly gents. You may have grey hair but enough strong hair and a troublesome bald spot. This haircut will help you deal with it and put it away.

Military Haircut

With a military haircut, you are purposefully keeping the hair short. It helps with a bald spot and a receding hairline, helping you get a cool look.

Shaving Men's Hair With a Trimmer

Low Ponytail

Growing a long ponytail is an excellent choice for men with medium or long hair. You need to comb it all back and secure it in a ponytail and none will be the wiser about your balding crown.

Short Pompadour

A pompadour is one of those all-purpose, classic styles that fit every occasion. But this timeless haircut also can help you conceal the balding crown that has suddenly appeared. Work it with some products to get a perfect look.

High and Tight Haircut

The high and tight haircut is an offshoot of military cuts where you keep the sides short with a bit of a longer top. But this one is less harsh than those military hairstyles and works for an everyday man.

Short Hair and Long Beard

According to some beard myths, facial hair does not look good on men with a balding crown. But if you cut your hair to an inch and let it flow in its natural direction, you can grow as long of a beard as you want.

Slicked Back Center Part

Even if you are not into a slicked back center style, you may start to consider it once a bald crown creeps in. It does its best to hide the patch away and keeps things steady. It might not be something you are used to, but it can look very handsome when set correctly.

Short With Goatee

A perfect way to hide the balding spot is to keep the sides and the back short while keeping the top as long as possible. But to style things more, add a goatee as a unique twist.


In most cases, male pattern baldness and, consequently, a bald crown appear due to the production of a DHT hormone within our bodies. This hormone helps us develop all the male characteristics, like a deep voice and muscles.

But too much of it can spell the end of our hair. Once DHT starts to adhere to the androgen receptors in hair follicles, it will cause them to shrink. The new hair that grows is finer and thinner; in some cases, the follicles are destroyed completely, causing no hair to come out.

DHT may also shorten the anagen phase and prolong the telogen phase, taking the hair much longer to grow. However, the hair on the side and back of our head is more resistant to DHT, which is why it often remains standing.

Male pattern baldness is often hereditary, so look to your father or grandfather to determine if you have the same genes.

How to Hide Bald Spots

Guys immediately jump into panic mode at even the slightest sign of hair loss. Getting to the bald spot phase can spell the world’s end for some. Luckily, at this stage, there is still something that one can do about it.

  • Use styling products that don’t weigh down your hair but rather boost its volume.
  • Stop wearing tight hats, as they can only worsen the thinning of your hair.
  • Avoid air drying your hair, as it may cause the strands to fall.
  • Longer hairstyles may enhance your baldness, so opt for shorter ones.
  • Do not pull your hair or brush it too vigorously.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Decide which haircut to go with

It will depend on your style, face shape, and even facial hair, but more importantly, you will need to determine one based on the bald spot you are planning to hide.

Style it appropriately by following the necessary steps. It works best when you keep the slides short and the top slightly longer to accommodate the bold spot or cover it up completely.

Step 2 – Maintain 

Be sure to maintain the haircut regularly by trimming it up where it gets longer. If the crown starts appearing, you are not doing a good job and need to adjust your hair slightly. Heavy use of products is unnecessary unless you are going to a specific style.

But be sure to avoid the products that add weight to your hair. The ones that will help add volume to it work the best.


What haircut should I get if my crown is thinning?

Many options are possible here. But the best ones involve shorter ones to match the bald spot or longer hair up top that can be brushed to hide it.

How do I hide the baldness on my crown?

You can hide it by choosing an appropriate haircut that is good enough to seep above it and help you hide it.

Is short hair better for balding?

It is. Short hair is more appropriate for balding hair and longer hairstyles may promote hair loss.

Is buzz cut good for the balding crown?

Yes, it is. A buzz cut is a perfect style for a balding crown as it nearly matches the length of the thinning hair.

What do you do with a bald crown?

The best way is to get a suitable haircut that can cover it up and make it unnoticeable, which is not the same solution as for a patchy beard.

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