Man Is Trimming His Hair in a Barbershop

A V-shaped hairstyle is an unconventional style that men seem to be rocking more and more these days.

It looks really cool if we have to say so, but we also have to confess that styling one can be a real drag, especially if you are not experienced.

Trying hairstyles like this one by yourself without the proper tips and professional guidance, can be murder for your overall look.

Even a small mistake will prompt you to start over again.

Or even worse, having to regrow your hair.

To help you avoid such a terrifying scenario, we’ve written a detailed article with quick and simple tips as well as the best V-shaped haircuts. 

So let’s get things started.

What Is It

A V-shaped haircut is exactly what it sounds like: a haircut that tapers down towards the neck, giving the appearance of a V-shaped hairline at the back. The hair on the sides is trimmed very close to the scalp or shaved off completely to define the V-shape.

It is a trendy style these days. The hair on the top and front can be styled in many different ways. It is usually kept a little long to enhance the contrast between the V-shape at the back and the hair in the front.

20 Most Popular V-shaped Haircuts for Men

Afro Style Rolling

This is for you if you have natural curls. The hair on top is left long, whereas the sides are shaved completely. Start shaving above the ears and go down towards the neck, creating a blunt V shape.


The dapper cut is the same as a V-shaped haircut, except the V shape at the back is not pointed. The hair on top can be kept medium length or styled as a pompadour. Use an original hair pomade for men to style your pompadour.

Bald Fade

This is a very rugged look. A bald fade shaves most sides and back, contrasting the V-shape. Pair it with a beard to complement the look further. This is a type of unprofessional hairstyle for men.

Pattern and a Knot Combo

This cut highly depends on the skill of your barber. The hair on top is long and styled in a knot, whereas the V shape at the back has a pattern shaved into it.

V-shaped With a Side Pattern

Here, the sides are not shaved or cut in a distinct line. They are cut in a graded fade and only the back V is cut distinctly. The length of the hair in the V shape is the same as the hair on top.

V-shaped Pattern and a Pyramid

Here, the hair on the sides is shaved almost completely, leaving a small amount of hair at the top. The hair in the V at the back has patterns and the hair on top is styled to look like a pyramid.

V-shaped Haircut With a Hot Top

The hair on the sides is cut in a gradual fade till it is wholly trimmed at the ears. The hair on top is curly and of the same length from top to bottom. It is dyed hot orange. Check out the world’s best hair dye if you want to color your hair safely.

Silver Leach

The hair on the top is colored silver and the V shape at the back is usually styled. The area around the V shape is shaved bald.


Just make sure the V-shaped at the back is shaved cleanly and leave the rest of the hair messy. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle for people who don’t want to spend too much time or effort on their hair.

Man Is Trimming Hair in a Barber Shop

Soft and Slicked Back

The long hair on the top is slicked back and the hair on the sides is cut in a fade. It tapers gradually backward to create a V-shape at the back.

Ponytail V-Cut

An undercut is shaped into a V-cut and the hair on top is left long so it can be put into a ponytail. The hair is shaved in a V-pattern at the back to add more character to the hairstyle.

V-Shaped Tousled Tapered Haircut

The V-shape at the back is highly tapered and angular. This is done with a razor. The hair gets longer as you move up and is left tousled at the top for a carefree look.

Ducktail With a V-shape

The hair is cut in a V-shape at the back and gets longer as you move up so that the hair in the front is the longest. It is flipped back to look like a ducktail at the back. The hair on top is dyed copper blonde.

Straight and Textured

This is a Viking look. You add a rugged beard and use a gradual fade to create the V-shape at the back. The hair on top is straight and textured.

Sharp Pattern Detail

This is a very artistic hairstyle. The V shape at the back is shaved cleanly and is accompanied by patterns made using razor cuts.

Double V Undercut Design

A double V is created with an undercut shaped like a V coupled with the hairline also shaved in a V. It is an abstract cut and can be made in many different ways.

Batman Neckline

A batman neckline is where the neckline is shaved like the batman logo. There is a small but discernible V at the nape of the neck.

Broken V-shaped Neckline

The V shape at the back is broken with a creative design and the use of negative space. This can be done in many different ways depending on the barber’s skill.

Faded Undercut

The V shape at the back is paired with an undercut. It looks very similar to a faux hawk and you can customize it in many different ways for a relaxed and creative look.

Wavy Layers

The V shape at the back is cut in a gradual fade and the hair on top is cut in layers. If you have straight hair, this makes for a very fashionable look.

You need good volume to make this work. If your hair is thinning, try necessary hair supplements to increase the volume of your hair naturally. A hair loss shampoo or a gentle hair tonic can work wonders for thinning hair.

How to Do It

Step 1 – Trim the sides

You will need premium balding clippers for this haircut. Trim the sides in a tapered V shape with clippers. You need to do a fade later, so trim accordingly.

Hairdresser Cutting Men's Hair

Step 2 – Shave

Shave the area around the neckline to define the V-shape. If you want to add more character to the hairstyle, you can create patterns too. A good razor is essential for this haircut. Look up quality razors for head shaving.

Step 3 – Style

Now that the haircut is done think about how you want to style your hair. The hair on top can be kept short or long. 

How to Ask for This Haircut

Tell your barber you want the hair at the back short and ask him to leave the hair on top long. Bring a picture for reference so that he gets an idea of the haircut you want.

Ask him to use a razor on the sides and make a clean V shape at the neckline. The sides can be shaved completely, or you can get an undercut. If you are worried about your skin, ask him to use a professional razor for sensitive skin. You can use stainless steel hair cutting shears for the hair on top.


What is the V-shaped haircut called?

It is called precisely that! A V-shaped haircut is where the hair at the back tapers down towards the neck, looking like the letter V.

Is a V-shaped haircut bad?

Well, it depends on who you are. There are many different customizations, so you can choose one that suits you professionally and personally.

It doesn’t take too much maintenance, so it is perfect for people who don’t like to spend too much time on their hair.

Is a V-shaped haircut good for longer hair?

It doesn’t make much sense to get a V-shaped haircut for long hair unless you plan on keeping the hair on top in a ponytail. Otherwise, the V-shape at the back won’t be visible with longer hair on top.

Is a V-shaped haircut suitable for wavy hair?

V-shaped haircuts suit all kinds of hair, so you can go for it if you have wavy hair.


V-shaped haircuts are very fashionable and there are so many customizations to choose from that there is something for everyone. Choose from the 20 best V-shaped haircuts for a practical yet trendy look.