No one wears bald and bearded look better than Jason Statham. His 5 o’clock shadow stubble is famous in Hollywood almost as much as his acting skills.

If you’ve suffered from hair loss at a very young age, just like Statham, you can turn this at your own advantage. Well, just like Jason did.

Men who go bald early tend to grow the best, thickest beards.

Now, that’s a good news.

When life gives you lemons, or in this case hair loss, turn it into a lemonade. Or in your and Statham’s case into an amazing bald and bearded look.

Mimicking Statham’s beard style should be a piece of cake, since the 5 o’clock shadow doesn’t need much time to grow.

However, it does require some trimming skills.

In this guide, we’ll walk you, step-by-step through growing and styling Jason Statham beard.

Ready to look like the action star of blockbuster movies? After this article, you will be.

Jason Statham’s Beard Style

Jason Statham is one of the few celebrities who went bald before hitting 30. Despite his hair loss problems, he has learned to embrace his baldness and adopt the stubble beard look.

The 5 o’clock stubble beard has become synonymous for his identity, and Statham has gone on to produce hit after hit with his new look.

Seemingly, his shaven head coupled with his stubble beard has suited most of his blockbuster roles.

If the current trends are anything to go by, the 5 o’clock stubble look is apparently one of the sexiest short beard styles for men.

Top celebrities and iconic figures worldwide not only don this style but also continue to champion the stubble look.

If you have a full beard, but would like to try something different, consider the 5 o’clock shadow.

This style provides the much-needed jagged edge by highlighting your jawlines and enhancing your facial features.

How to Grow a Beard like Jason Statham

The 5 o’clock stubble beard ranks highly among the best beard styles, as it is simple and easy to maintain.

You are only required to grow your beard to about 3-4 mm. However, the growth rate will largely depend on your genetics.

Nevertheless, you can use coconut oil for your beard or any other natural beard oil to moisturize the hair follicles and stimulate faster facial hair growth.

How to Grow a Beard like Jason Statham

You should also massage the skin around your beard to enhance circulation of blood and oxygen to your face for faster beard growth.

Remember to comb your beard regularly using top-rated beard combs to prevent patchy facial hair growth.

Styling and Maintaining 5 o’clock Stubble Beard

Trimming and shaping your stubble is the most delicate part, as it involves shaving off the patchy areas.

If you are naturally bestowed with an abundance of hair follicles, you should expect your facial hair to grow in the most unusual places, including Adam’s apple and way below the neckline.

Apply shaving gel or oil on your chin, neck, sideburns and under the ears, then use an adjustable stubble trimmer to shave your facial hair to 0.5 mm for a shorter shadow or 2 mm for longer stubble.

Once you have achieved your desired length, use a straight razor to remove unwanted patches. Shave around the neckline to achieve a nice edge for a more enhanced stubble look.

A DIY beard shampoo will come in handy as far as conditioning your beard is concerned. Be sure to use a beard balm before and after trimming and shaping your beard for a more refreshing stubble look.

You may have to shave at least two to three times a week to maintain your stubble and prevent a scruffy beard.

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