bald and bearded

So you have noticed those bald patches are starting to spread and you are left wondering should I shave my head?

You grab that razor and start to trim off the remaining remnants of hair and quickly realize you have no more options for styling your look. Or is there?

Once you have shaved your head, you open up the door to a variety of new looks that can really transform your image.

Bald is bland by itself, but add in some facial hair and you instantly add some character, mystique, masculinity, and personality.

Even if you shave your head because you are forced by your family hair genes, you are probably still blessed with awesome facial hair growing ability.

The following are some classic styles that complement the bald head:

The Goatee and Bald Head

This popular look is just about everywhere in Hollywood these days, made popular by Bruce Willis in recent years.

Although there are hundreds of different goatee styles, the full classic goatee works best with the bald head.

bald and goatee beard style

The full goatee has become all the rage recently, and regardless if you work on a construction site or in a corporate office, a neatly trimmed full goatee will add the perfect balance to the bald head.

You simply can not go wrong with the goatee regardless what length you let it grow and trim.

The Sexy Beard Stubble

Regardless if you start growing a full long bead or goatee, those first few weeks of development will certainly grab the attention of the female species.

Just take a look at the cover of any romance novel in the book stores and you will see that every guy with his shirt missing is sporting some degree of stubble on the face.

bald and stubble beard style

The ladies love the way that stubble looks on a guy, how it feels when they rub their fingers over it, and especially how it feels when it comes in contact with their skin in other regions.

To the female, stubble is attractive, sexy, and almost godly. With the top stubble trimmer, you could maintain that stubble with your bald head every day and reap huge rewards.

Bald Head Plus Full Beard

The best way to counter-balance the bald head is to go full beard.
Regardless of the shape of your face or color of your hair, the full beard simply draws in the focal point and allows you to even get quite creative if you are up to the task.

Let the beard grow long to bring out your manly side, or trim it to the jaw line and shave your neck to create neckline to fit in better in a work environment. You simply can not go wrong with the full beard and mustache.

bald and full beard style

When you shave your head but have a full beard, you simply command respect in any room you walk into.

Old fashioned views about the beard have all but disappeared, as more men are waxing up top and growing thick flowing beards below.

If you are balding and still wondering whether you should shave that head and grow a beard, just give it a try once and see what happens.

You have nothing to lose because time will eventually wipe away those remaining hairs, so get a jump on your new look and be proactive instead of waiting until that horseshoe hairstyle takes over.

Photos from: Eugenio Marongiu ©, Sebnem Ragiboglu ©, Oleg Dudko © and Cenkay şahinalp ©

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