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Have you ever stopped and thought about an average price of a haircut?

Of course, cutting girls’ hair is pricier and much more difficult.

What affects the price of a men’s haircut?

Men’s hair is shorter and requires less time to style.

Nevertheless, with many different ways guys are styling their hair, you can’t expect a low price either.

A simple haircut probably still comes at a bargain price.

Then again, it depends on the barber.

You can walk into an exclusive barber shop and ask to take just a little off the top and be charged an arm and a leg for it.

In order to help you know what affects the prices and how much really does men’s haircuts cost, we created an exclusive guide that is going to provide a lot of answers.

After you are done reading it, you will know what prices to expect next time you are walking into a salon.

Average Men’s Haircut Price 

The average cost of a men’s haircut is $30, although the range can even go up to $100 (sometimes more) if the kind of cut and style you want to get requires a bit more care and effort. There are several other factors here that can affect the price of your haircut as well.

For instance, the general costs and prices in a given state, which part of town you live in and how high-end your barber or salon is, among others, can increase or decrease the overall price you need to pay.

If you want to trim your facial hair, it might even cost you $10, while a more hands-on style might cost you $50. Shorter hairstyles that are simple can be pretty cheaper than complicated haircuts.

Haircut Prices by State

Men’s haircut prices can vary by state, with some states having a higher average than others.

You can go through the prices by state below:

  • Alabama: $25.
  • Alaska: $40.
  • Arizona: $25.
  • Arkansas: $35.
  • California: $50.
  • Colorado: $25.
  • Connecticut: $30.
  • Delaware: $35.
  • Florida: $40.
  • Georgia: $25.
  • Hawaii: $55.
  • Idaho: $15.
  • Illinois: $30.
  • Indiana: $25.
  • Iowa: $20.
  • Kansas: $25.
  • Kentucky: $35.
  • Louisiana: $30.
  • Maine: $25.
  • Maryland: $30.
  • Massachusetts: $40.
  • Michigan: $25.
  • Minnesota: $30.
  • Mississippi: $25.
  • Missouri: $25.
  • Montana: $25
  • Nebraska: $20.
  • Nevada: $35.
  • New Hampshire: $25.
  • New Jersey: $25.
  • New Mexico: $25.
  • New York: $50.
  • North Carolina: $25.
  • North Dakota: $20.
  • Ohio: $30.
  • Oklahoma: $25.
  • Oregon: $30.
  • Pennsylvania: $25.
  • Rhode Island: $20.
  • South Carolina: $25.
  • South Dakota: $20.
  • Tennessee: $30.
  • Texas: $35.
  • Utah: $25.
  • Vermont: $30.
  • Virginia: $25.
  • Washington: $40.
  • West Virginia: $20.
  • Wisconsin: $20.
  • Wyoming: $25.

This was more or less an average of what you can expect to pay in each state, although you should note that different cities in different states are likely to have prices that could be more or less than the state average.

Haircut prices at Barber Shop

For instance, Boston in Massachusetts is bound to have a higher rate due to a higher cost of living, while the other cities in that state might have a lower rate.

Highest and Lowest Costs For Getting a Haircut

Different cities and states across the United States have different prices for men’s haircuts. This can reflect the general costs in that city or state and the quality of services and clientele.

Through this section, you can go through some of the highest and lowest costs for men’s haircuts across the US, including some of the most expensive cities, the most expensive state, and the most affordable states

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities

The top five most expensive cities for men’s haircuts in the US are:

  • San Francisco: $50.
  • Los Angeles: $45.
  • New York City: $45.
  • Seattle: $40.
  • St. Louis: $35.

Once again, this is not indicative of how much each salon or barber will charge you since this can depend on their services and quality, although this is a good average for you to keep in mind if you want a haircut in any of these cities.

State With The Most Expensive Haircuts

The most expensive state to get a haircut in the United States is Hawaii, with a state average of $55, suggesting that several different parts of that state tend to have a similar rate.

However, some other pretty expensive states are California and New York, especially since they have major cities like Los Angeles and New York City that can increase the average.

States With Most Affordable Haircut Prices

One of the most affordable states for getting a haircut for men is Idaho, where you can expect to pay around $15 as the state average, with different parts of Idaho having this kind of a low price. For example, regular men’s haircuts in Great Clips salon are $15 to $19.

Some other affordable states where you can get a haircut at around $20 include Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. You should note that some parts and salons in these states might charge a bit more. 

Average Haircut Prices at Popular Barbershops and Hair Salons

Looking at the most popular brands in the hair care industry we can find different average prices:

Things to Consider Besides the Price of a Haircut

Overall, there are several things that you should account for and keep in mind when it comes to paying for a haircut as well as what considerations usually go into the price that you pay. Apart from the location, some other things to consider include the following.

Man With Crazy Hair Looking for Prices for his Hairstyle


Certain hairstyles might end up costing much more as compared to others. Make sure you account for this when deciding on a style such as a taper vs. fade and having to pay for it.

For instance, a simple trim is likely to cost you a generally low price, while a hairstyle that involves cutting, precision, styling, hair products and shaping can have a much higher price.


How much experience your barber or hairdresser has and how long they have been in the business can also affect the price. For instance, barbers with more knowledge and skill are more likely to charge you than those who have just started or opened their shop.

Established and reputed brands will cost you more than smaller businesses and brands.


The kind of clientele that a particular barber, hairstylist, or salon receives can be another consideration for the price you will ultimately have to pay. For instance, some barbers cater to rich clients or celebrities, so you can expect to spend a ton of money if you go to them.

Barbers located in posh areas in a specific town are also bound to get clients who might be willing and able to pay more for their services. It can be best to find a barber that you can afford and whose prices are fair and reflective of the value and services you receive.

Equipment and Tools

The quality of service provided and the kinds of tools used to cut your hair can come at a cost to the barber, so they will try to make up for it through their prices.

Using powerful hair clippers, premium hair cutting shears and high-quality precision trimmers can give excellent results. Still, it can also be a bit expensive to buy, especially if you consider other costs such as the furniture and chairs, tables, mirrors and lots more.

If you want a specific haircut, it can be better to opt for barbers who use premium and high-quality tools.

Customer Service

The customer service you receive from your barber can be something you should account for while paying. This can mainly be helpful when it comes to figuring out how much you should tip them.

Kindness, a willingness to answer your questions, the kind of advice they offer and the care and efficiency with which they handle your haircut can all contribute to good customer service.

If there are some additional services and offers that you can access, this can enhance your experience.

How to Find the Best Barbershop or Hair Saloon 

A simple Google search can help you find the best place to get your haircut. If you look at certain ranking and review websites, these can allow you to find a few good barbers that other customers have liked. This way, you can also get a fair idea about their services.

If you have a few options, then you can also go through their websites or social media accounts to see what they offer, what their prices are like, how versatile they are, and if they can manage to give you the kind of haircut and style you want as well as if they offer some other services.

You can also try to find out what kinds of products they use and whether there are any that you can access. Asking your friends and family can be another reliable solution.

You should also note that smaller or local salons and barbers are likely to have lower costs than franchises or more prominent brands.

How Much to Tip a Barber 

Tipping your barber for your haircut can be an excellent way to express your gratitude, especially if you are satisfied with the cut. This is not mandatory to carry out, but it can undoubtedly be socially acceptable to follow this practice in the US.

Generally, a tip of around 15-20% can work well. For instance, if the haircut costs you $20, tipping your barber an additional 20% or $4 can be suitable or appropriate.

You can also take other factors into account to ensure that you are tipping accurately. For instance, what kind of style you got, how long it took, how efficient your barber was, and how they treated you throughout the session can help you figure it out.

You can also determine specific details, common styles, usual tips and other advice based on your talk with your barber and see how that influences your tipping amount.

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What is a reasonable price for a men’s haircut?

A reasonable price for a men’s haircut can be any price up to $30. Of course, this is likely to depend on the kind of haircut you want, so if you are aiming for something more complex, you might have to pay up to $100.

Is $60 expensive for a haircut?

$60 is a bit pricey for a haircut since you can manage to get a similar service for a lower price. However, if you prefer to go to a barber or stylist who is well reputed and known for their style, you might be willing to pay this price.

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

You should ideally tip around 15-20% of the haircut cost. Thus, for a $20 haircut, you can tip about $3 or $4 to your barber. This can depend on your level of satisfaction as well, with $4 being more suitable if you are happy with the service.

Why is a haircut so expensive?

A haircut tends to be pretty expensive as compared to certain other services. This is because the barber will charge you a price that is reflective of the kind of cut and the time taken, the complexity involved, tools and equipment used, what kind of salon they are and more.

How Much Does A Haircut Cost – Conclusion

Now that you are aware of men’s haircut prices on average and by state you can now be more aware of what you are paying.
Make sure you also consider the other factors mentioned here since the prices are bound to vary based on them.

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