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Great Clips Price List

The Beardoholic team reached out to the Great Clips team to verify and confirm their prices in December 2023. Making sure that all prices are up to date.

Service Price Range
Adult Haircut $15 to $19
Children’s Haircut $13 to $16
Senior Citizens’ Haircut $13 to $16
Textured Haircuts $22 to $38

Haircuts Price

On average, an adult must pay around $15 to $19 when getting a haircut from Great Clips. Haircuts for children and senior citizens cost around $13 to $16. Most areas charge around $17 for adult haircuts and $15 for seniors and kids.

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great clips haircut prices 2023
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Hair Color Prices

Hair color is not available in Great Clips yet, so there is no information about this price.

Highlights and Balayage

The same is true for highlights and balayage, as Great Clips is not yet a full-service salon. It does not yet offer services related to highlights, colors, and balayage.

This is an advantage, though, as the fact that those time-consuming services are not yet included in their offers means there is no need to wait for a long time to have an available stylist assist you.

Specialty Hair Color

This is not yet included in their services.


You can also go for textured haircuts when visiting Great Clips. The price varies, though, depending on your chosen style. If your preferred style requires a regular hair length, expect to be charged around $22 to $38.


In Great Clips, you can access a long list of hairstyles that you may combine with a nice fresh haircut or sport. If you have chosen to straighten your hair with iron while flat, curled, and wavy, for instance, then you can also pair it up with blowouts.

You may also choose to integrate a formal look, like an updo. Regardless of your preferred style, whether it’s the dyed buzz cut, top haircuts, or comb-over fade, among many other hairstyles, you should know how much it will most likely cost you.

Regarding styling, you will have to pay around $22 to $38 for regular length and $37 to $50 for long length. If you need a formal hairstyle, then be prepared to shell out around $44 to $66, especially if you prefer a traditional look.

It costs higher because it takes longer and requires more precision to give your hair a formal style.

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how much is a haircut at great clips
great clips prices 2023

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Treatment for Healthy Hair

Do you know that you can also treat your hair in Great Clips to restore its beauty and health? In that case, your options for treatment include shampoo and conditioning. You will have to pay $4 to $6 for shampoo and around $11 to $19 for a conditioning treatment.

Hair Extensions

A longer hair requires additional cost. Ensure that you talk to your stylist beforehand to obtain your preferred style by lengthening your hair.

Skin Treatments Pricing

Regarding skin treatments, the closest services Great Clips offers are neck and beard trimming. In that case, expect the neck and beard trim to cost around $6 to $8.

Their prices for beard care and grooming bring them a surge of customers since they’re on the more affordable end.

An interesting fact we discovered in a recent study is that most men won’t pay more than $10 for facial hair grooming, even for premium beard oil.

Makeup and Lashes Prices

There is no information regarding makeup and lashes yet because these are not included in the offered services of Great Clips.

Brow Services

Some Great Clips locations provide basic eyebrow trims, though these are not part of their dedicated services. They have stylists who have experience when it comes to trimming eyebrows and restoring the order of bushy brows.

Note, though, that they do not provide services related to eyebrows, like plucking, microblading, waxing, and threading, so the prices of their actual brow services are not yet that rigid.

Salon Services

Great Clips has a long list of services, mainly focusing on hairstyling and haircuts. Even better about them is that they offer such services to everyone – from kids to seniors. It is even possible for everyone to enjoy discounts on the prices of haircuts.

The most common services that clients request in Great Clips are trims and haircuts. For very low prices, you can also have your beards, necks, or bangs trimmed here. You can add shampoo and styling to any haircut you have chosen.

You may also pick it on its own to get a blowout. You can see the aid of Great Clips no matter what hairstyle or haircut you prefer. It could be long curly hairstyles, a pixie cut, a short trim, or even tight perms for men.

If you have dry, frizzy, or overly styled hair, you can also take advantage of the conditioning treatments offered by the company to make your hair softer and smoother.

At Great Clips, there will never be ugly haircuts. Their focus is to give you quality service in the form of great haircuts, hair color ideas, and even wave treatments and perms.

Great Clips Salon Working Hours

Great Clips Salon is open from 9 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Fridays. You can get inside the salon on Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm. It is also open on Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Products Sold

Aside from haircuts, styling, and other services, Great Clips also offer clients professional-quality products designed to help maintain the haircuts they get from them. Among their product lines are Solutions, GRIT, and Tea Tree.

The salon also offers a relaxing shampoo for every hair type and age. What’s even better about Great Clips is that it carries leading brands, including Matrix, Redken, Paul Mitchell, and Tigi.

Great Clips Prices vs. Other Salons

Overall, the prices of the services offered by Great Clips are more affordable or lower than other salons. The reason is that they do not provide time-consuming and precise services, making it easier to access the salon even as a walk-in.

Fortunately, quality is not compromised despite their lower prices. You can still enjoy beautiful hair from them even without having to use wave brushes or apply pomades for curly hair.


Undoubtedly, Great Clips is one of the most impressive hair salons right now that offer quality services without requiring you to splurge too much.

Just make sure to learn first about the prices of Great Clips services, so you will know how much you will have to shell out for any of their offered services.

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How long does it take to have a haircut done at Great Clips?

A haircut from Great Clips usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes. This will depend on the length of your hair and chosen add-ons.

What time is Great Clips open for business?

This will depend on the salon’s location and individual owners because Great Clips is a franchise. Most locations start a business from 9 am to 6 pm, with some hours modified during the weekend.

What are the alternative salons to Great Clips?

There are many beauty salons that would be a great alternative to Great Clips. You can check Massage Luxe, Planet Beach, Dashing Diva, Beach Bum, and Dashing Diva’s price list and compare their overall list of services as well as working hours.

Does Great Clips have any coupons or discounts?

It is rare for Great Clips to offer clients discounts or coupons since their haircuts are already very convenient and reasonably priced. However, several local promotions usually give seniors around $3 off. Veterans can also enjoy discounted haircuts on certain days of the year.

How much should I tip at Great Clips?

It is customary to give a tip of around 20% when you visit a salon, which is also applicable for Great Clips. As a guide, you may want to give a tip of around 11% of your total bill if you feel like you receive poor service.

For average service, tip around 17%; for excellent service, give the customary 22%.

How much is a kid’s haircut at Great Clips?

The price can vary depending on the location, but typically a children’s haircut at Great Clips ranges from $10 to $15.

Customers can expect a quality haircut and friendly service at Great Clips, making it a convenient option for families looking for affordable haircuts.

How much does a layered haircut cost?

Depending on the salon and stylist, a layered haircut typically costs around $50 to $100.


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