Man With Tight Perm Hairstyle

10 Tight Perm Hairstyles

If you are in search of the best perm hairstyles to try for men, here are some of the trendiest options:

Crop With Bangs

Crop With Bangs

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Wearing a tight perm can give you a bolder and more masculine look. It looks even better when paired with a cropped cut, as it can highlight your defined curls and voluminous hair texture.

You can grow your hair long on top as it can help highlight your curls, which can somehow answer your question on how to style curly hair. You can also make your entire look more flattering by wearing a split bang, which can make your face more open.

It is an incredible perm hairstyle for men who prefer a tousled and casual look. It is also a low-maintenance style because you only need to put on some gel or a premium leave-in conditioner to make your curls more defined.

Skin Fade Tight Perm Hairstyle

Skin Fade Tight Perm Hairstyle

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Pick the skin fade if you search for a hairstyle that will make your perm look more polished and cleaner. In this case, you may want to use the skin fade as a substitute for the perm undercut. By doing that, you can give your perm a sharp edge while highlighting your curls on top.

Pompadour Tight Perm Haricut

Pompadour Tight Perm Haricut

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Another tight perm for men is the pompadour. It is an incredible choice as it gives the top more texture and volume. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it can create a more complete and defined look.

The fact that it can add more texture to your hair is also the key to making your style look even more appealing.

Long Top Undercut Tight Perm Hairstyle

Men's Long Top Undercut Tight Perm Hairstyle

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The undercut is one of the best hairstyles suitable for those with tight perms. The reason is that you will notice a great contrast between two varying lengths – the sides and back that you have to shave short and the top that has to be longer.

It highlights your curly and permed top. Ensure that you maintain the short length of the back and sides so that the contrast will remain. Trim every four weeks with the help of your trimmer or hair clippers for at-home use.

Two Block Haircut

Guys Two Block Haircut

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The two-block haircut does not have to be straight. You can get this style by having a permed top and combining it with curtain bangs. This can elongate your face and ensure that your curly locks fall beautifully on both your forehead’s sides.

 Shoulder Long Tapered Cut

Shoulder Long Tapered Cut Soft Black Hair

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A reliable guide to messy hairstyles will likely inform you that a tight perm works well with long hair. Longer hair means that your permed and curled hair pattern will give each strand nice curves and bends.

Permed long hair also has the advantage of being easy to care for and maintain. This lessens the time you spend styling your hair every day. If you already have long hair and plan to style it with a tight perm, go for the tapered cut.

In this style, the front should be cut in short layers. This should help in rounding out the style while breaking the length. Add a middle part to this style to make the look even trendier.

Faded Quiff Tight Perm Haricut

Faded Quiff Tight Perm Haricut

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You will also love your tight perms if you pair it up with a quiff, which refers to your hair’s longer section, specifically where your bangs are. You can get a tightly-permed quiff, then add a sleek fade to it.

Make the hair surrounding the sides and back shorter so your curls on top will be emphasized. If you want to hold this style for a longer period while preventing frizz, apply some quality gel, curl cream, or hair tonics.

Tapered Crop Tight Perm Hairstyle

Tapered Crop Tight Perm Hairstyle

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Another incredible tight perm hairstyle for men is the tapered crop. The good thing about this cut is that it aids in rounding out curly texture while ensuring that the ends will not be too heavy.

Your tapered haircut will also promote more lightweight ends, which is suitable for your perms as they will remain livelier and bouncier while ensuring that weight does not excessively pull your curls into waves.

It is also easy to style your tight perm along with a tapered crop. Just put some medium-hold gel on your damp hair. You should let it air dry before you can confidently sport the final look.

Taper Fade Tight Perm Haircut

Taper Fade Tight Perm Haricut

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This taper fade style features a tight perm that also has the vibe of pompadour. Just like flow hairstyles are easy to style, you will not have problems getting this hairstyle. Make this style work by not brushing the hair in front backward.

What you have to do is to let it flow forward naturally. This style highlights your intense curls using added definition and moisture, which is the key to making the look cleaner—as for the back and sides, cutting it shorter is necessary to bring out the taper fade style.

You don’t also have to do a lot of things with it. You can expect the perm to bring the best out of this style. The only thing that you have to do is to apply some curl cream, a hair moisturizer, or the best pomades for curly hair.

Permed Ponytail

Tights Permed Guys Ponytail

There is also a high possibility for your tight perms to appear even better on long hair. This is especially true once you pull it back to a low ponytail.

One advantage of the ponytail is that it helps collect your curls and put more emphasis on them, thereby creating nice visuals that also help control your hair and ensure that it does not get in the way of your face.

To sport the permed ponytail, you must form a bundle out of your collected perm hair and make it appear over your nape. Apply medium-hold gel or anti-frizz serum on both sides to improve grip.

You can also expect the hold of this style to last a day if you use an elastic to keep it secure and in place.

What Is Tight Perm For Men

A tight perm is now a trend among men. This means that women are no longer just the ones who try to experiment with various hairstyles and textures.

A tight perm for men requires undergoing a procedure that involves the application of chemicals to your hair. This is done to change hair’s natural texture, making it as wavy or curly as possible.

Types Of Men’s Tight Perm Hairstyles


This involves using an acidic solution – after which your locks will be heated to break the disulfide bonds. What’s great about the hot perm is that it can shape your strands based on your preference, whether wavy or curly.


In this technique, an alkaline solution will be used to break disulfide bonds. It can change the protein structure of your hair. When that happens, it is crucial to put on a bit of neutralizer solution to normalize your hair’s pH balance and restore its bonds.

Things to Consider

Portrait of Smiling Man With Tight Perm

Hair Damage

One thing to note before choosing tight perms for a hairstyle is how much damage it may put on your hair. Note that perms are damaging. They weaken and refortify your hair’s protein bonds to permanent mold curls.

This is a damaging process even for healthy hair, so you have to be willing to give your strands proper care and attention after perming. Among the things you should do are moisturize your hair regularly, lessen or avoid heat styling, and use a wide-toothed comb.

Can It Be DIYed

Find out whether you can DIY the process, too. Note, though, that perms can’t be DIYed in most cases. The reason is that it involves the use of harsh chemicals as a means of breaking down your hair’s bonds.

The perms are also strong, so improper use will immediately damage your hair. With that in mind, avoid trying to do the perm process at home, especially if you are unsure how to get it done.

You need to seek the help of a professional hairstylist or a barber to get tight perms. Hairstylists and barbers have different prices when offering their services, but the amount you will likely spend will not exceed $80 if your hair is short.

Face Shape

Make sure to consider the shape of your face when choosing a tight perm hairstyle. Note that not all tight perm styles fit everyone. For instance, while Korean perms are trendy, the type is not for everyone.

It is more suitable for men who have thick and voluminous hair. If you are unsure, you can always seek the advice of a barber or hairstylist when choosing the best tight perm for your face.

State of Hair

Consider the current state of your hair, too. Note that perms are ideal for use on undamaged and healthy hair, specifically those that did not go through perming, coloring, or other chemical processes before.

For intensely damaged hair or hair that has already been permed or colored, it is advisable to wait a bit before styling your hair with a tight perm. Let it heal and recover from its previous treatment first. This is to prevent the perm from further damaging fragile hair.

Strict After Care

It is also crucial to follow the after-care instructions given to you by your stylist. For instance, if they instruct you to wash or wet your hair only after 48 hours, follow it.

If you wash it before the recommended waiting period is over, then there is a risk for the perm to make your curls lose. This would have unwanted results, like uneven texture.

New Hair Care Routine

You should also be willing to follow new hair care routines once you get your tight perms. For instance, investing in quality styling products designed for perms and curls is crucial. You need the right products to ensure that your tight perms will continue looking their best.

How to Get Tight Perm

Step 1 – Visit an experienced stylist

They will be the ones to figure out how tight your curls should be, the right color for the perm rod, and the perfect size that will be used to roll hair so the perming process will begin.

Your chosen stylist may use over one size for the perm rod in case you prefer a more natural-looking multi-textured perm.

Step 2 – Roll small sections into the perm rod

The stylist will do this until all strands are completely rolled out. This step is necessary for forming the perms, precisely the diameter and shape of your curls.

Step 3 – Apply the perm solution

Your stylist will use a perm solution to saturate your hair after fully rolling them up. The solution will have to stay on your hair for around ten minutes then the stylist will check its progress.

It should not stay in your hair for over twenty minutes. The perm solution is necessary for making the perm and curls permanent.

Step 4 – Apply the neutralizer

Your stylist will first rinse the perm solution using warm water for around three minutes while keeping the rods in place. Once rinsed, they will use a clean towel to pat the rods dry.

They will then put on a chemical neutralizer. This should end the entire perming procedure while sealing the shape of the new curls securely in place.

Step 5 – Rinse

This should serve as the final step of the entire process. Expect your stylist to rinse your hair thoroughly using warm water. This should take around five minutes.

The process will be ended by rinsing your hair with cool water so the outer layer will close again, making it look shiny and smooth. The hair will then be air-dried or blow-dried.

How to Maintain Tight Perm Haircut

Handsome Man With tight perm

Step 1 – Use specialized hair care products

Ensure they can bring out your permed hair’s healthy and nourished look while making the style last longer. The products should also hydrate your locks and make them more flexible and elastic.

Step 2 – Use gentle styling techniques

Remember that your perms will be more delicate, so you need to use styling techniques that are not too harsh.

Step 3 – Let your tresses dry completely

You may also use a hair dryer that features a diffuser attachment to make your curls bouncier and more defined. Set the temperature at the lowest when using heating tools, like a hair straightener or curling wand. It should not go over 300 degrees F.


How long does a perm last?

It lasts for around 3 to 6 months, depending on your hair’s exact length and the frequency of cutting your hair.

How long does it take to get one?

A tight perming session often takes around two and a half hours. For those with long hair, the process can last five hours.

How much do perms cost?

The answer to this depends on a few factors, like your preferred type of perm, the thickness and length of your hair, tightness, and the exact place where the perm will be done. The average range for a perm is around $40 to $200.

How should you sleep with a new perm?

Sleeping may be a cause of concern for you when you have just gotten your new perm. You may be worried that sleeping will cause your firm to frizz out or flatten completely. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent that from happening.

For one, you can use smooth fabrics that produce minimal friction and frizzing when sleeping. This means you should start using a silk or satin pillowcase.

Wearing a satin or silk scarf before sleeping is also a huge help as it can minimize freeze and prevents squashing your hair. You have to wrap your head with the scarf loosely.

It is also advisable to sleep either on your stomach or on the side. These sleeping positions lower the risk of your perm getting squashed between your pillow and head.

How long do I have to wait before I can wet my hair after a perm?

At least 48 hours. Never wet or wash your hair for 48 hours after the perming procedure. Do not get caught in the rain during that period, too, as it may only cause the perming solution to get rinsed off.

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