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The curtain haircut features a long fringe that has to be parted either on the side or the middle. It is a classic hairstyle that became known during the 19th century. It was revived first in the 1960s, together with the hippie movement.

It became one of the most popular 90s hairstyles as grunge bands like Nirvana, and famous Hollywood personalities, like Leonardo di Caprio and Brad Pitt, sported it.

The curtain haircut trend is also returning nowadays, making it one of the most popular Asian men’s hairstyles, as seen in many K-pop stages.

10 Coolest Curtain Hairstyles

Short Blonde Curtain Haircut

Get the short blonde version of the curtain hairstyle regardless if your blonde hair is natural or dyed. Give the middle a sharp part, then pair it up with an undercut. Make it more modern with straight and sharp ends.

Medium Length Curly Curtain Hair

Go for this look if you are looking for the best wavy hairstyles or curly cuts for your medium-length hair. It is suitable for those who have natural curls. Emphasize your natural curls by putting on some gel or hair oil.

Long Wavy Curtain Hairstyle

This is one of the best long-wavy hairstyles you can sport right now. It is perfect for you if you have curly and long locks. This curtain hairstyle requires you to part in the center.

Apply nourishing treatments for your hair to repair and reinforce any damage that may appear on your locks or strands.

Short Messy Curtain Haircut

Go for the short messy variation of the curtain hairstyle if you like your look to be edgy, rebellious, and adventurous. It does not give strict requirements on where your part should be.

The only thing you have to do is maintain the length of your hair. Apply a texturizing hair product, like pomade or sea salt spray, to make this style work.

Short Black Curtain Hair

The short black curtain cut is one of the perfect messy hairstyles that will remind you of some famous bad boys of the 90s, like Robert Downey Jr. and Skeet Ulrich.

Make this hairstyle yours by keeping your sides and back short, then growing the top until it reaches the middle part of your ear. You can also give yourself a wet hair look through this by applying a wet-look gel.

Skeet Ulrich With Short Beard and Straight Greasy Hair

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Medium-Length Wavy Curtain Hairstyle

This style is perfect for those who have diamond, heart, or oval facial shapes. Make this medium-length wavy curtain hairstyle look good by washing your hair regularly to prevent it from getting too greasy or dirty. Give it more movement and texture by applying sea salt spray.

Curtain Haircut With Beard

If you love to grow a beard, you will feel glad that the curtain haircut is compatible with various beard styles. It can bring out a more masculine and rugged look and gives a nice contrast between your scruff and soft strands.

Medium-Length Curtain Haircut

The medium-length curtain haircut is a famous low-maintenance style. It provides more flexibility as far as getting a professional haircut is concerned.

What’s great about this medium-length style is that it highlights the eyes, making it the perfect fit for men with soulful and beautiful eyes.

Long Straight Curtain Hairstyle

Choose the long straight hairstyle if you are searching for the most popular long hairstyles. It is a classic 90s style that resembles the ones worn by Kurt Cobain.

Since this requires growing your straight hair long, ensure you regularly wash it to prevent it from becoming a mess.

Asian Curtain Haircut

This style is more visible in K-pop scenes. It is compatible with Asian hair as it is generally thick. You can wear it straight and smooth or add some texture to it. You can also combine it with some colors, including emerald green, orange, or hot pink.

Shirtless Asian Man With Long Curtain Hairstyle

How to Style and Maintain Curtain Hair


Research the different curtain haircuts and the famous people who wear them. Find out whether the style fits you based on your hair type and facial shape. Do not adopt a style unless you are sure it is suitable for your hair.

Style based on the hair type

For instance, if it is wavy or curly, choose a longer curtain haircut version to prevent a thatched look, which happens with thick hair that gets a wedge shape beneath or improperly styled on top. Meanwhile, straight hair requires making the length of cheekbones frame your face.

Visit your barber

Visit your hairstylist or barber regularly to cut and shape your hair based on your desired length. It is also advisable to use wave brushes or vent brushes to prevent your hair from experiencing fly-aways and to ensure that your hair follicles stay flat.

Use appropriate products

Some products that can help you manage your curtain haircut are sea salt sprays, hair oils, matte wax, shampoo, blow dryer, mousse, and texturizing products.


What is the curtain haircut called?

The curtain haircut is also called the Eboy haircut, which came from social media and gaming sites, including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

How to ask my barber for the curtain haircut?

You must tell your barber that you are aiming for a curtain haircut. As much as possible, show him a picture of the specific style you want. Be clear as to the length of hair you are after, too.

How long should hair be for the curtain haircut?

Aim for a 5 to 6-inch length on top, making it sit at eye level. This is the perfect length as it allows your hair to fall smoothly and naturally without applying some hair products.

Are curtains back in style?

Yes. It is a trend nowadays, which is why it is so visible in K-pop, eboy, and runway scenes.

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