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If you are looking for a versatile, simple, and hassle-free haircut, then among your best options are those low-maintenance medium-length haircuts that are popular today. The fact that they are low-maintenance means that you will not spend too much time styling your tresses.

Get to know more about these medium-length cuts through this article.

25 Most Popular Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts

Medium Length Haircut Featuring Wavy Blended Layers

You can integrate blended layers into your medium-length haircut, which is an effective way to elevate it. You can see the layers thinner at both ends, laying nicely while ensuring that the ragged and chopped edges do not appear.

You can also pair this cut with heat-styled or natural waves, making the cutting look lightweight and seamless. Add a middle part to make it look trendy, too.

This cut can frame the face nicely, making it one of the most flattering haircuts for round faces and almost all facial shapes.

Shaggy Bob

Another trendy medium-length haircut, which requires less maintenance, is the shaggy bob. This cut works well on those who have wavy or curly hair. The reason is its ability to add texture and volume to your locks.

Expect this style to look a bit messy and you can pair it up with short bangs. Alternatively, you may integrate the soft side bangs into the style that can provide more texture and movement if you have fine hair.

Medium Haircut With Layered Bangs

Are you interested in wearing those trendy and cute medium-layered haircuts? Then go for this medium cut, which comes with flipped layered bangs. The bangs added to the cut can give it more movement, promoting ease in managing your strands.

You may style this cut with an autumn brown caramel balayage, effectively emphasizing the textured cut’s shape.

Curls Featuring Tapered Ends and Face-Framing Layers

This cut requires surrounding your face with shorter layers, ensuring that your bouncy and big curls will not overtake your face and hide your most beautiful facial features.

The layers should also be made differently depending on the shape of your face. If your face is square or oval, the layers should surround your cheeks. If your face is heart-shaped or round, the layers should start in the area surrounding your cheekbones.

As for the tapered curls, make them thinner at the bottom. This should help in getting rid of the extra weight and bulk. With that, the curls will be more defined. They will also be a bit bouncier without the additional weight.

Shoulder-Length Textured Lob

This is one of the most impressive low-maintenance, shoulder-length haircuts you can wear. What’s great about this cut is that it can give your mane texture and more volume.

With that, you will gain several options when it comes to styling. You can even style it with an off-center part, adding more personality.

Girl With Shoulder-Length Textured Lob

Jet Black Shag Featuring an Off-Center Part

Another of those simple and easy hairstyles is the shag. Make yours more unique and prominent by wearing your shag in jet black.
You should also integrate an off-center part into it to make it more delightful to wear and look at.

Mid-Length Razor Shag

Many also find the mid-length razor shag very interesting to the sport. Here, you must get a medium shag cut, then pair it up with a parting at the center. Allow some light and wispy bangs to frame your face.

The ends should be razored to provide texture to your shag’s shape. This style is intended for those who plan to sport stylish short hairstyles, like the short pixie haircut.

Choppy Layered Wavy Bob

Wear some free-form and choppy layers to transform your haircut’s actual shape, which also provides ease in maintaining it. The layers also taper the cut and give it a shape that lets it hide split ends, breakage, and grown-out lengths.

This particular style also flatters and frames round-shaped and oval faces. You can make it shorter to suit faces shaped like a heart and square.

Mid-Length Curtain Bangs

Also called curtain fringes, curtain bangs are undoubtedly among the trendiest and most fashionable cuts nowadays. You can have these bangs integrated into your mid-length haircut.

Expect the curtain bangs to look incredible whether you integrate them into one-length hair or seamlessly layer them into your hair lengths.

Very Long Inverted Bob Cut

Sporting the very long inverted bob cut is also a good idea. With this particular cut, you can emphasize angles featuring light blonde highlights instead of a dark blonde base.

You can also increase the texture of your hair by adding short layers at the back. When styling this cut, ensure that you will have an easier time stripping hair color at home so that you can change the shade of your hair now and then.

A-Line Tousled Bob

In general, an angled bob has a shape that adheres to the smooth transition line, which slants slowly toward your face. Style your hair with a tousled look, too. You can achieve that by integrating distinct or unique layers into your cut, along with ends that are a bit thinned.

Trendy Lob Featuring Bangs

The trendy lob with bangs is also a hit among women. You can wear this cut if you intend to lessen the round look of your face. What a dark-colored lob cut can do, instead, is frame your round face nicely.

Choose a burgundy ombre color to bring out your elegant and royal look. It also helps to incorporate some beautiful bangs into the style. It is also a good idea to have dark roots with blonde tresses.

Girl With Long Bob With Bangs Hairstyle

Easy and Straight Mid-Length Haircut

Another low-maintenance haircut is the easy and straight mid-length cut. This is a good choice for those who have thinning hair.

If you style your mid-length cut straight, you can lessen your grooming routines while showcasing a signature look. Improve the cut’s dimension by integrating a balayage into your hair.

Money Piece on Mid-Length Hair

Adding the money piece to your mid-length hair is also helpful in bringing out your overall positive look. Go for blonde, colored and dark money pieces, as these colors perfectly fit hair regardless of length. This means that they will work well even on mid-length hair.

Beautiful Side Layer Straight Haircut

You can also have a straight haircut and make it more beautiful by adding some side layers. The good thing about adding layers to straight hair that may otherwise look flat and limp is that they can provide thickness, dimension, movement and body to your tresses.

Razored Medium-Length Cut

This particular low-maintenance medium-length haircut is ideal for those with thick hair. Giving this style plenty of layers and razor-cut bangs would be best. This style can give anyone who wears it a personality. It can make a statement and suits edgy women.

Classy Bob Featuring Blunt Bangs

The classy bob also looks fun and attractive if you pair it with blunt bangs. You can give your bob short blunt bangs that are known for being eye-catching. You can also increase volume by teasing the strands on top and flipping them to one side.

Tousled Point-Cut Collarbone Length Lob

This medium-length cut is ideal for you if you do not like integrating plenty of layers into your hair. It is a good choice if your hair is straight or comes with a slightly wavy texture.

The reason is that the absence of layering may leave excessive bulk on all sides of the hair with plenty of texture. This cut also looks perfect on all facial shapes.

You can make that possible by adding shorter hair to frame your face, which is suitable for emphasizing your jawline. It should also come with a collarbone-grazing length known for being universally flattering.

Collarbone-Length Tousled Waves

You can also have a cut at the length of your collarbone. Pair it up with tousled waves to provide your strands with a unique edge and personality compared to other styles.

Updated Rachel Look

Many also love the updated Rachel look, which falls under those low-maintenance mid-length cuts. This cute haircut is now becoming trendy once again, but it is more of a revised version.

In the updated Rachel look, you will notice that the shoulder-length layered haircut, which is flippy and bouncy, is now slicker and longer.
This is an incredible choice for a mid-length haircut if you want a more manageable time styling hair daily.

Asymmetrical Long Bob

You will also like the asymmetrical long bob, a shoulder-length cut featuring an uneven perimeter. In this cut, one side is longer than the others, forming a more modern and edgier style.

Girl With Long Layered Asymmetrical Bob

Flowing Long Layers

These layers should be intended for your collarbone-length hair. You can try long textured layers for your collarbone-length hair, as those can eliminate the weight on your hair while opening up its shape.

This cut will also provide softer ends that offer more bounce, perfect for styling.

Sleek Blonde Thin Haircut

You can also have a sleek, thin medium-length haircut. It is a hassle-free short cut that you will never have problems maintaining.
Dye it using a blonde shade to give the haircut and overall style more appeal.

A-Line Long Bob

You can also have an A-line long bob haircut. You can have this style on its own or add some layers so that you can highlight the A-line bob’s texture. You can also showcase that texture by pushing your hair forward from your shoulders.

Even subtle highlights starting from the middle and then going down can help brighten dark hair.

Low-Maintenance Semi-V Haircut

Your medium-length hair can also benefit from a low-maintenance semi-V haircut. This option can add an edge to your appearance and overall personality. The fact that it is low-maintenance means you will not have problems caring for and damaging your hair too.

How to Style and Maintain Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircut

Step 1 – Pick the haircut

Pick a medium-length haircut that suits you depending on your hair texture, actual length and facial shape. Visit a hairstylist to discuss the most appropriate medium-length cut for you.

Know exactly what style you want before your scheduled visit to the hairstylist, though, so you already have a picture of how your strands will look after the cut. Consider your needs when making a choice, too.

Step 2 – Style your haircut correctly

An effective way to style your medium-length haircut is to create loose waves. This is possible if you twist large sections of your hair using a curling iron.

You may also integrate some layers or braids into your hair. In addition, you can style your mid-length hair with hair accessories, like a headband.

Step 3 – Maintain

Learn how you can maintain the excellent condition of your medium-length hair. Note that even if it is a low-maintenance cut, it does not mean you no longer have to care for your tresses or mane.

One practical tip is to trim your hair regularly to prevent potential damage and split ends. Lessen your use of hot styling tools so you can continue keeping the ends of your hair healthy.

If there is a need to use hot tools for styling, do not forget to use a heat protectant to protect your hair’s health and structure.

Step 4 – Use the right hair products

You need shampoo and conditioner to have something to use when washing your hair. Ensure that your shampoo is effective in hydrating mid-length hair and is safe for color-treated hair, possibly repairing its damage.

You may also need an air-dry cream, which you can use instead of blow-drying, thereby adding definition, hold and shine for every hair texture.


How often should medium-length haircuts be trimmed?

If you are satisfied with your medium-length hair, you can trim it every 6 to 8 weeks. This will help you maintain your preferred length for your hair. If you plan to grow out your hair, the trim can be every 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.

Which low-maintenance medium-long hairstyle will suit me?

The answer to this will depend on a few factors, like your hair type and texture, the current health of your hair, and your facial shape.

You can also find the best low-maintenance medium-length hairstyle by considering your personality and the amount of care and attention you can commit to.

Who usually goes for low-maintenance medium haircuts?

Most women with a hectic schedule are among the usual fans of low-maintenance medium haircuts. The cut is often for working women with hectic schedules, giving them only limited time for styling their hair.

A lot of busy working moms are also seen sporting low-maintenance medium-length haircuts.

What are some maintenance tips for medium-long haircuts?

Scheduling regular trims is one of the most helpful maintenance tips for those sporting medium-long haircuts. A regular trim can help retain the length while helping you eliminate damaged ends on your locks. It also prevents split ends from coming back.

Each scheduled trim should take off around one-half-inch from your tresses. You should also start shampooing less, so you won’t strip your scalp from its nourishing and natural oils.

Put on shampoo twice or thrice every week only and condition hair afterward. Another essential maintenance tip is to be extra careful when drying your hair. Use a towel to squeeze any excess water gently from your hair.

Do not rub your hair roughly using your towel, as it may only result in split ends and frizz. Avoid brushing wet hair.
Detangle long strands using a wide tooth comb instead.

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