Girl With Medium Layered Haircut

Sometimes you wish you had a haircut that is easy to maintain and that you don’t need to spend much time each morning to set.

Using too much of your time daily to set a haircut can be exhausting, so many women are trying to switch to a more suitable and manageable alternative. One way to achieve that is with medium-layered haircuts.

These are easy hairstyles to maintain and can fit any occasion. However, you must know how to set one and choose one. We provide you with the necessary details about these modern and easy-to-set hairdos.

The fact is that these styles can do wonders for your hair and may provide it with the touch it needs. Here is the list.

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50 Most Popular Medium-Layered Hairstyles

Whether you are trying to decide on your new hair color or are looking for an easy haircut, you need to get an idea of where to start first. Anyone can get curtain bangs or balayage highlights, but you need a positive approach before making the first step.

We provide you with excellent choices and popular styles that are guaranteed to strike a change for you.

Feathered Brunette Lob Cut

A lob cut on brunette hair is a standard and somewhat basic cut. Introducing some textures and allowing it to gain fluidity sets it apart from other similar styles. It will put your doubts to rest as it will create an illusion of very luxurious hair.

Medium Messy Feathered Texture

Adding highlights that frame your face will make your hair look more natural. It also makes it seem like you have tried to lighten your hair without bleach. A tousled style here will make your look quite effortless.

Brunette Messy Shag

Try wearing some staggered layers to get a unique look, very much different from a polished one that you have been used to. It is advantageous compared to wearing a ponytail or an updo on your crown and adds a unique vibe for a perfect finish.

Two-Tier Lob for Thick Hair

Two-tier layers are a very unusual way to layer the hair. However, it is an ideal choice for those with volume in their hair and thicker and stronger strands. A woman should also place the tresses strategically with her fingers and tousle some sections of her hair for even better results.

Chic Medium Shag Look

You create the chic effect by making your hair like it does not require so much effort. A layered haircut will help even the messiest hair look very elegant. It will also add more to your personality by accentuating the neck, jawline and skin tone. 

Medium Length Cut With Face-Framing Layers

Creating this style allows you to set the layers without any specific effort. You can also create a blonde balayage which will add more texture and dimension to it.

Dimensional Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles will help your look become unique. You can even turn on the level upwards by setting some bangs. No particular product is needed; just plenty of magic will do.

Girl With Glasess Wearing a Dimensional Asymmetrical Bob With Bangs

Wavy Lob With Shaggy Layers

Adding a shag on a wavy lob will make it seem like your hair has tons of body. What marks things even better is that beach waves look good on both a brunette and a blonde.

Point Cut Bob With Caramel Balayage

A point-cut bob can be a massive improvement on a blunt hairstyle. Cutting the hair at an angle will make it seem like it has more texture. A caramel balayage will only top things off and conclude everything.

Blonde Ombre Feathered Volume

You can’t go wrong with a blonde ombre for medium-length hair. To add some volume, though, feather things up so your hair gains more weight.

Shiny Shoulder-Length V-Cut

Light layering is the most obvious solution if you want to get less volume and add some dimension to your hair. Girls that have hair that is not naturally fluffy will help the hair become heavier by removing some of the layers.

Medium Feathered Haircut for Thick Hair

Thick hair will benefit the most from a medium feathered haircut. With a fresh cut, your hair will not seem so heavy and you will feel wonderful.

Layered, Flipped and Tousled

This style will help your medium-length hair gain some weight. Girls with long hair who want to shorten it can also get this style. You will get a bouncy haircut, creating a sense of happiness wherever you decide to go.

Permed Medium Length Layers

Medium-length layers will benefit from some added person. It will help it gain structure and balance, especially for thinner hair.

Long Razored Bob for Thick Hair

Never allow your thick hair to do what it wants. A razor bob will tame it and divide your hair into layers that will be more appealing and fun.

Medium Hairstyle With Layered Bottom

Your straight hair will gain a lot from adding layers, especially if placed at the bottom of your hair. The layered ends will help brighten your style if you have thick hair.

Long Disconnected Choppy Bob

Make a distinguishable bob by adding some choppy ends. It will create the appearance of you having much thicker and layered hair this way, allowing for easier styling as well.

Two-Layer Bob for Thick Hair

You can make your hair thick and shiny with appropriate moisturizing products. This will open the doors for a two-layered bob with more emphasis on thick hair.

Mid-Length Two-Tier Cut for Thick Hair

Thick hair at mid-length can get much more than it needs with a two-tier cut. Setting the layers appropriately and flicking them up a bit will also give you a wild, alluring style.

Centre-Parted Bob 

A lob with short layers will be a perfect option to accentuate your eyes and frame your face simultaneously. Be sure to love the layers away from your face for a more striking effect.

Girl With Middle Part Bob Hairstyle

Mid-Length Cut With Curled Layers

With some curls and volume, your medium-length hair will get some much-needed life. It can be done simply with a curling iron or with the help of a rounded brush and a blow dryer.

Soft Medium Length Shag

Make a soft medium hairstyle with some honey blonde color and a light face-framing balayage. Be sure to go for a safe color stripping method if you change hair color to gain the softness and sweetness this hair deserves.

Medium Hairstyle With Perky Feathery Layers

Some perky feathered layers are an excellent option when adding a bit of shine to your hair. The feathered layers are not good on short hair, as they might overpower it, but perfect on medium-length hair.

Medium Layered Style for Thin Hair

There is an option for a girl with thinner hair if you can come with the highlights and face-framing layers, adding some dimension and depth to your hair. The added trick is flipping up the end of your layers for a special effect.

V-Cut Layers for Thick Hair

Create V-cut layers for thick hair for an improved look. Keep the hair long at the back while the layers are supposed to surround and frame your face.

Medium Cut With Flipped Up Layers

You can get a super-cut mid-hair style by flipping up your layers. This can be done by adding either some choppy layers for naturally wavy hair or with the help of a flat iron.

Fringy Layers and Dimensional Highlights

Match the variety of tones in your hair by adding fringe layers. It will allow the multi-hues in your hair to come to life.

Straight Rounded Lob With Chunky Razored Layers

Razor cutting can refine your hair and thin the ends out. The thinner ends will help your lob look more blended, allowing you to even try out red and black colored hair.

Long Angled Bob With Choppy Layers

Setting an angled bob will move your look from a severe one to a softer and laid-back one. Chop the layers a bit shorter at the back and angle them toward your face.

Airy Medium Layers

Layers are very good for medium haircuts. If your hair cannot handle the length, mid-length is perfect for any occasion, especially if you make things a bit airy.

Mid-Length Cut With Short Choppy Layers

If your hair does not want to accept waves or curls, you can style it by creating choppy layers. It will add lift and texture to your hair and is perfect for medium lengths.

Perfect Layers for Thin Hair

Thinner hair and layers go hand in hand perfectly together. Your hair will get the strength it needs and the structure, so it appears more voluminous and healthy.

Flipped Lob With Back-Swept Layers

You can go for a modern back-swept look if you comb the layers backward. The flipped lob is an excellent idea for creating hair for special occasions.

Girl With Flipped Lob With Back-Swept Layers

Straight, Sleek and Layered

If you want a style with very low upkeep, this cute cut is the one to get. Set the layers with some clever use of products and blow drying and make it very sassy.

Long Layers for Medium Length Hair

Long layers that fall past your shoulder are an excellent choice for medium-long hair. Sprinkle the layers through your thick hair and you will notice how gorgeous it can look.

Bob With Symmetrical Swoopy Layers

Making things unique is having symmetrical layers instead of the more traditional ones. But if you would rather have medium-length hair, even layers are a better choice.

Medium Face-Framing Layers

Layers are a perfect way to emphasize medium-long hair. Setting them, so they frame your face will bring forward your eyes and facial features.

Medium-Length Wavy Layers

If you don’t have time to style the hair, you can use a texturizing spray, crumble the locks and be ready to go out. Your hair will gain more texture and volume in an instant.

Curly Layered Bob

If you have a volume with short hair, you should also add some layers to it. Your bob will gain a much more modern and flattering shape, making it attractive.

Impressive Curly Bob

Bob is quite suitable for curly-haired girls. You might be having trouble handling your curly hair, but a cute bob can help you easily handle all of that.

Fun Sliced Cut With Uneven Layers

You can create a gorgeous cut with a completing texture paired with medium-layered hair and a balayage. The layers may seem imperfect, but that is the idea, while the movement of the hair makes it very much flirtatious.

Mid-Length Cut With Side Swept Bangs

Undone waves don’t look good with all hair colors, but they do with a blonde. The face-framing layers will result in both a chic and effortless look. It will also help to prevent flyaways.

Shoulder Length Haircut With Flicked Ends

If you already have shoulder-length hair, you can spice it up by adding some choppy ends. Flick ends can quickly be done with a quick, rough blow of hair dry.

Medium Textured Cut With Dimensional Balayage

Rocking a medium textured cut and combining it with a dimensional balayage will make it seem like you are having fun all day.
More tones and highlights in your hair help to bring the sun out.

Textured Shoulder-Length Bob

A messy lob with lowlights will create a sassy vibe for your hair. Pair it with razor-cut ends, making the style bolder and sexier.

Platinum Layered Side Part

A layered side part is a very versatile style and can be suited to any girl’s preference. It can even be used as a haircut for everyday occasions.

Medium Octopus Haircut

This one is a unique option compared to all others. But it serves as a way to get some much-needed change instead of a regular style.

Girl With Medium Octopus Haircut

Thick Longer Cut With Textured Ends

Thicker hair will allow you to preserve more texture, meaning layers will be very much beneficial. If you don’t want to try a butterfly haircut, this one will serve very nicely.

Shoulder Length Layered Pieces

You can gain some lift if you incorporate V-cut layers into your style. The layers will help the hair not weigh so much on your head and promote a casual look.

Razor Wolf Cut

A wolf cut is a style that emerged in the 80s and still sticks around. The razor version is excellent for medium-length hair as it has the layers needed to make it a modern style.

How to Style and Maintain Medium-Layered Haircuts

Medium-layered haircuts are nothing new but require much work and concentration to do well. It can be done fast if you know what you are doing. You should start thinking of finding a good stylist to help you set the hair.

Step 1 – Decide on a style you want

You might need to grow your hair a bit a wait a while before you start

Step 2 – Prepare your hair by taking care of it

Use a conditioner and moisturize it for a more natural look

Step 3 – Explain to your stylist how you want your hair to look

Bring a picture with you for reference.

Return every three to four weeks, as your hair might need retooling.

Giving your hair attention and the maintenance it needs will help the roots and the cuts get the bounce your mane needs.


Is a medium-layered haircut good for thick hair?

Yes, it is. It can be good for both thick and thin hair. The versatility of this hair means that lots of ladies can get it, no matter the thickness and hair texture, as it is intended for everyone.

How often do you need to trim medium-layered hair?

It depends on how fast your hair grows, but you can trim it every three to four weeks. If you have middle-length hair or one that goes to your shoulders, you can visit a beauty salon every three weeks. 

Is medium-layered hair easier to manage?

It is pretty easy to manage. Most haircuts do not require so much hair, but you must still plan your trips to the hair salon.

Which celebrities have popular medium-layered haircuts?

Some celebrities that have medium-layered hair include Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston. The simplicity of these hairdo options makes them popular, which is why celebrities consider these hairstyle ideas.

Will a medium-layered haircut suit me?

It depends on your hair type, face shape and natural features. But a medium-layered haircut is very suitable for various types, so you will most certainly be able to get it.

It also depends on plenty of factors like different hair types, the shapes of your forehead or cheekbones, the bulk and definition of your hair, and its shades.

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