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If your hair is prone to having flyaways, then you are probably aware that it can be a significant nuisance to your chosen style.

This may cause you to search desperately for solutions to get rid of flyaways.

However, before spritzing on too much hairspray, plucking your fly-aways with the help of tweezers, or slathering any product on your hair, you should find out what causes fly-aways in the first place.

By knowing the cause, you can find the most appropriate fix.

What Causes Flyaway Hair

Flyaways are wispy and little hair strands that tend to stick away from the remaining parts of your hair. The problem with these flyaways is that they are so noticeable since they are shorter than most parts of your hair.

If you have problems with flyaways, it could be caused by broken hair strands or new hair growth. It happens once your hair breaks off somewhere before the end of the strand or in the middle of the strand.

The problem with the broken strand is that it does not have as much weight as the entire length of the hair strand, resulting in it defying gravity and sticking out. New hair growth may also be the cause of your flyaways.

This happens when new hair strands do not have sufficient time to catch up to the remaining parts of the hair. Flyaways may also occur due to static or dry climates, which may result in your hair strands repelling each other.

How to Get Rid of Flyaways

Step 1 – Improve your hair care routine

If you are dealing with flyaways, the first thing that you should do is assess your usual hair care routines and find out whether there is something that you can change.

Instead of fixing flyaways after hairstyling, consider the hair products you apply to and use on your hair. One significant improvement in your hair care routine is using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your hair type.

Both products should also be formulated to protect your hair from frizz, especially if you constantly experience flyaways.

It also helps to reduce the frequency of shampooing, preferably every other day. Both your shampoo and conditioner also need to contain moisturizing agents, like coconut oil or aloe vera.

The conditioner should be applied every after shampooing and focus more on the ends. By doing that, you can lower the risk of your hair drying out and your ends will stay healthy and moist.

Make it a habit to apply a clarifying shampoo on your hair once every month to eliminate all hair products you use on each strand.

Step 2 – Get a trim or haircut

Aside from improving your hair care routines, find out whether getting a trim or a haircut can help eliminate flyaways. Flyaways often indicate breakage, chemical and heat damage, or split ends. It is also a sign that you have unhealthy strands.

With that said, it may be time for you to trim your hair to get rid of the damage and restore the health of your strands. You can cut a few inches from your hair to eliminate the damage.

Aside from improving the look of your hair, such as when you try a band hairstyle, cutting or trimming also serves as an effective preventive measure for flyaways.

It can help restore your hair’s health, lowering your risk of developing the dreaded flyaways.

Step 3 – Use the right comb or brush

Just like when you need to comb your hair correctly, if you just got some of the best ideas for new hair color, it is also advisable to use the right comb or brush to prevent fly-aways and other hair issues.

One tip is to wait until your hair is dry before brushing or combing it. The best comb to use is the wide-tooth comb, which aids in detangling your hair and preventing breakage. This can lower your chance of having future flyaways.

You may also use dry or wet brushes. However, if you have fragile hair that is vulnerable to breaking or snapping, it is advisable to stick to the wide-tooth comb.

Detangle knots properly by using that comb, starting from the ends and then working your way up instead of from the roots downwards. Doing that can prevent breakage and keep your hair knot-free and smooth.

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Step 4 – Deep condition hair

Your flyaways may have also been caused by dry hair that lacks the required moisture. You can deal with this problem with the help of a deep conditioning treatment designed to keep your hair stronger while nourishing it.

A deep conditioning treatment works like a hair mask that you must leave on your hair overnight. Put on a shower cap before sleeping if you have already applied the deep conditioner to your hair. Rinse your hair upon waking up in the morning.

Step 5 – Accessorize your hair

Whether you consider a butterfly haircut for your current style or do some hair lightening without bleach, accessorizing your hair can improve the way it looks and prevent flyaways.

The good thing about certain hair accessories is that they can help tuck away your flyaways when you have difficulty taming them.

You can put on a headband or bobby pins to tuck in the hair. You can go this route if you are busy and don’t have much time to fix the flyaways on your hair.

Things to Consider

Aside from the mentioned steps, there are also a few tips and tricks that you should consider when taming and dealing with flyaways.

Among them are the following:

  • Use a microfiber towel when drying hair – Ditch the regular bath towel as it may only cause further damage to your strands. Choose a microfiber towel with ultra-fine fibers instead. It is gentler on your hair, thereby preventing possible damage when drying.
  • Apply a hair serum – You can also start looking for the best hair serums in the market that can help deal with several hair concerns, like dryness, static, frizz, and other factors that can trigger fly-away. Put it on regularly to keep your hair as healthy as possible.
  • Give your hair a break from heat styling – Exposing your hair strands to too much heat may cause the development of more and more flyaways. It helps to cut back on using hot styling tools. If you have to use such tools, it would be much better to use a heat protectant.
  • Protect your hair when sleeping – Use a silk pillowcase instead of cotton. The reason why you should choose silk material is that it is capable of absorbing less moisture. With that, you can retain the moisture in your hair, keeping it healthy and preventing frizz and breakage.

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Is it normal to have flyaways?

Yes. In fact, a lot of people have this very common hair problem.

However, there are instances when fly-aways are more noticeable and this will depend on a few factors like the level of humidity, the quality of your sleep, the level of stress you have and the usual hair products you are using and the routines you are following for your hair.

Should you cut off flyaways?

Cut your hair with fly-aways only if your split ends are severe and you have already exhausted all the tips given to you by the others but to no avail. If the recommended solutions do not work, you may trim the strands that tend to stick out along the length.

Do flyaways grow out?

No matter what the source of your fly-away is – whether it is excessive dryness, breakage, or a humid environment, you can still expect your hair to grow out. This means you have to stop worrying that this problem with your hair will remain forever. However, make sure that you also commit to exerting effort in fixing the problem, like giving your hair proper care and styling it correctly.

Does hairspray help with flyaways?

Yes. Just make sure you are using a hairspray made specifically to fight flyaways while working well for those with fine to medium hair. In most cases, a quick spritz of the hair spray is often enough to remove flyaways while retaining your hair’s natural look.

If your hair is on the thick side, a hair spray is not usually ideal for it. In that case, use a lightweight pomade meant to trap moisture.

What are some home remedies for flyaways?

If you want to treat fly-aways using natural means, you can give the following home remedies a try:

  • Aloe Vera is a flexible aloe vera gel that can help tame flyaways because of its moisturizing properties. It also controls frizz.
  • Petroleum Jelly – You can also control your hair flyaways with petroleum jelly. It can prevent moisture loss on your hair, ensuring that your locks look shiny, smooth, and devoid of flyaways.
  • Almond Oil – This home remedy is an effective nourishing oil designed to keep your flyaways at bay. Putting on even a few drops of the oil on your hair can help lock in moisture on your hair shaft.
  • Honey – This ingredient in several hair care products is also an effective remedy for flyaways. The reason is that it can lock in moisture on your hair shaft. It also has humectant properties that aid in combating flyaways.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – With its high antioxidant content, ACV is a huge help in taming flyaways. Give your hair an ACV rinse to hydrate it. This works in restoring your hair’s shine and health.


Learning how to get rid of flyaways is not that hard, as plenty of solutions are currently available for those experiencing this hair problem.

Just pick one that is safe for your hair based on its type, texture and length, and severity of the fly-away problem so you can repair it as soon as possible.

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