Two Young Girls With Rubber Band Hairstyles

If you want to add a pop of color to your hair without using dye, then you can give band hairstyles a try.
Note that these hairstyles will take a bit longer than usual, so you need to set some time for them.

22 Most Popular Band Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyle for Short and Natural Hair

Did you get a short haircut? Then you can still get a cute band hairstyle. You can give yourself a look like you are wearing a headband by sectioning the front half of your head. Proceed to give yourself box braids using small elastic bands.

Hairstyle for Long and Natural Hair

If you have long natural hair, you can give your hair a bit of color without dyeing just by using a lot of colorful bands and clips.
Integrate braids and then tie them off using different colored bands.

This was a subtle throwback to the late 90s when Moesha was still on network television.

Hairstyle for Medium-Length and Natural Hair

Style your medium-length natural hair the same way with short hair. Again, section the front part and then style them into tight braids.
You can use box braids or triangles. This style will give the illusion that you are wearing a headband.

Straight Hair With Rubber Bands

There are lots of things that you can do with your long straight hair with rubber bands. From ponytails to braids, you can do anything you want with your hair. On the other hand, you can also use rubber bands with alt haircuts. The additional colors make them more expressive.

Cute Short Pigtails

If you have medium-length or long hair, use a couple of bands to give yourself some cute pigtails. You only need to part your hair down the middle and secure the loose locks with a couple of rubber bands.

Pigtails can look good on you whether you have black, brown or dirty blonde hair.

Section Ponytails

This is a fancy take on the traditional ponytail. However, a sectioned ponytail is relatively straightforward, even though it looks complicated. You only need to part your hair down the middle and then gather small sections into small ponytails.

You should then connect them down toward the back of your head.

Curly Hair With Rubber Bands

If you have naturally curly hair, rubber bands are your friends, as they can help get your frizzy hair under control. You can style your hair by braiding the front of your head with box braids using a lot of bands.

After that, let the hair out back loose. This is a great way to get your hair out of your face.

Black Woman With a Big Curly Rubber Band Haircut

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Tiny Thin Braids

This will take a bit of time, so set aside an hour to make this hairstyle. Section off small sections of your hair and weave them into small individual braids. Secure the ends using rubber bands.

You do not have to do this for your entire head. This is achievable even if you do it for just half of your head.

Half Cornrow Braids

This is yet another hairstyle that will take a while to style. These are half cornrows because you will be braiding the hair while leaving loose ends. Ideally, you should have this hairstyle done by a professional hairstylist, as this is a selective process.

Half Updo Ponytail

The half updo ponytail is where only the hair on the sides of the top and sides of the head is pulled back and tied into a ponytail.
Add a bit of quirkiness to this traditional hairstyle by braiding the sides and holding them in place with rubber bands.

The burst of color makes this simple updo quite fun.

Low Rubber Bands for Girls

This might look a bit intimidating, but the low rubber bands style is relatively easy to do. Just part your hair into the patterns that you want. You can do squares or zigzags if you like. After that, create sectioned ponytails that you will then interconnect using lots of rubber bands.

High Sectioned Ponytail

You can do this simple hairstyle using a scrunchy and a dozen rubber bands if you have long and straight hair.
Start by gathering your hair and then tying it into a high ponytail.

Section the ponytail into as many parts as you can. You can also style each section into “bubbles” if you want.

Trendy Criss-Cross

This style is similar to box braids. However, instead of connecting the sections via straight lines, the crisscross band hairstyle has the strands cross over each other before connecting them.

If you want to focus more on the braids, you should use black rubber bands instead of colorful ones.

Long Ponytail With Rubber Bands

You can use a couple of dozen rubber bands to create gorgeous patterns if you have long hair. The rubber bands are also useful in sectioning the ponytail as often as you like.

This hairstyle not only looks quite cool. It is also a great way to keep your locks in check.

Rubber Band Headband

This is a style that emulates the look of wearing a headband. Section off the front of your head and use box braids to secure the hair on your scalp. Once done, you can style the rest of your hair the way you like.

Hairstyle With Weave

If you like having your hair weaved, you may want to incorporate colorful rubber bands. Use small rubber bands to secure the small sections of your hair before you start weaving. This will give your hair a lot of colors.

Hairstyle for Little Girl

Most little girls like bright colors, and if you can incorporate them into their hair, you can be sure they will have a smile on their faces for the entire day.

Even simple hairstyles like pigtails and ponytails become pretty cute and fun when styled with numerous colorful rubber bands.

Rubber Band Hairstyle Idea For Little Girls


If you have long and very curly hair, you can use colorful rubber bands to secure small sections of your hair and create dozens of locks on your head. It is also an excellent style for young kids.

Braided Bun and Rubber Band

A braided bun is just a ponytail that is then twisted into a bun. Pair this with a box or triangle braids and you will get a great hairdo that is suitable for any occasion.

Rubber Band Hairstyle to the Side

Do you want a stylish and practical hairstyle? Then this option is for you. This style requires that you part your hair into two, and then proceed to create a weave on one side using rubber bands to secure the hair in place.

This will give you a half-shaven look that is quite trendy. Also, keeping your hair out of your face is easier.

Half Up Half Down Braids

This hairstyle was quite popular in the early 2000s, with pop stars like Janet Jackson wearing this hairstyle quite often.
You braid the front of your head and leave enough loose hair to tie in a bun.

As for the sides and back of your hair, it is advisable to leave them hanging down.

Colorful Rubber Band Look

This is just styling your hair using whatever style was listed above or any style you come up with. However, instead of using a one-color rubber band, you will use a dozen shades.

You may choose any braided rubber band hairstyles and add more personality to your hair pattern selected by adding colorful rubber band accessories.  No matter your hair length, it also helps create patterns through rubber band sections.

You must section your hair through rubber bands or hair clips, then add braids for proper contrast. Also, do not forget how important it is to use colorful rubber bands, as they will bring out the vibrancy and beauty of this style.

How to Create and Maintain Bands

Step 1 – Consider your hair’s length

Before you pick a style, consider how long your hair is, what texture it has, and how it is. You should also factor in the color of your hair, like if you have black hair with highlights.

With this information on hand, you can narrow your list to just a few viable styles, from which you can make a final choice.

Like when choosing the best hair color for blue eyes, you must select the hairstyle that complements your looks rather than working against it.

Step 2 – Go to a hairdresser

If you choose band styles that require weaving and intricate braiding, I suggest you do it with an experienced hairdresser.
The result will look better.

On the other hand, if you will be doing simple designs, like box braids, use a hairstyling comb, one with a pointy end. This will make it easier to section off your hair.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen rubber band hairstyle

Some of the intricate band hairstyles take a lot of time to make, and if you are going with a stylist, they can be expensive too.
For instance, wash cornrows with water and use a leave-in conditioner if you get cornrows.

Also, since the rubber bands can get brittle over time, have them replaced weekly.

Step 4 – Maintain

Look for appropriate products to maintain your chosen band hairstyle. You will need a leave-in conditioner if you choose the intricate weave band styles. This will keep your hair clean and moisturized even when not using shampoo.

Also, when you are getting band hairstyles, make sure you are using quality rubber bands that are shiny and durable.

Accessorizing Band Hairstyles

When doing band hairstyles, you can use a single color of rubber bands, alternating colors, or as many bright colors as you want.

On the other hand, you can also use black or clear rubber bands if you want just the styling of your hair to stand out and not the distracting colors.

Things to Avoid

It would be best if you did not use the same rubber bands you get from the stationery store. Those kinds of rubber bands are pretty rough and can damage your hair.

Instead, use the small rubber bands that are meant for use on hair. These are smooth, so they can glide over the hair strands without damaging them.


Is it bad to put a rubber band in your hair?

If you are using the right elastic band, then there is no risk of damaging your hair. However, you should not pull your hair too tight when styling. If the hair is too taut, it is more prone to breaking. There is also a risk that you pull them straight out from the roots.

How do I get the elastics out of my hair?

You do not need to save the elastics as they are pretty cheap. Just get a small and pointy pair of scissors (preferably hairstyling shears) and carefully snip the elastic apart. Be careful not to clip your hair while cutting the elastic bands.

How do I style short hair in a rubber band hairstyle?

One way is to use small rubber bands to make cornrows. Also, you can section off your hair into squares and triangles.
Gather your hair towards the middle of the shapes and then hold them together using elastic bands.

How do I keep my band hairstyle looking fresh?

The first thing that you should do is keep it clean. If you have cornrows or tight braids, rinse your hair thoroughly and apply a leave-in conditioner. This will keep your braids shiny but not greasy.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it looking fresh, have your favorite hairdresser retouch your braids or weave and replace the old rubber bands.

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