Jet Black And Red Ombre

You are thinking about sprucing up your image but are unsure which hair color to choose.

Highlights in black hair sound like a good idea, but we have an even better one for you – red and black hair.

The combination of a dark and scarlet color is very attractive and can allow you to make all kinds of exciting combinations.

However, taking things into your hands and not consulting an expert is never a good idea.

For that reason, we want to give you the best possible advice about combining red and black hair, as well as which styles you can choose.

Hair colors and products can make a massive difference in the brightness and shade of the hair.

So, we want to give you the exact ways for ladies to implement red hair dye according to the latest trend.

26 Most Popular Red and Black Hairstyles

The red and black combination is popular due to these colors always being in season and due to their versatility. You can’t go wrong with either of them and will always find some clothing to match.

Which hairstyle to go for is an entirely different story. So, we provide you with many examples of hair color ideas to try.

Red Highlights in Black Hair

A cool way of doing your hair is having red highlights on black. Magenta goes best, and the vivid color that breaks out of the darker black hue is excellent for almost any occasion.

Multi-Colored Flaming Ends

Instead of adding just a single read tint to your hair, you can use multiple hues. It works best by adding them to the ends of your hair. Your color will have a flaming effect, giving you a very hot hairstyle.

Jet Black and Red Ombre Hairstyle

You can spice things up with flaming hot ends if you already have dark hair. The red ombre will add the missing element to your jet-black hair and give you a complete look.

Half Black, Half Cherry Red Haircut

You can go for a red hue variant, cherry red, which is a tone that is in style these days. Instead of mixing things up, simply part your hair in half red and half black. It is an exceptional take that works perfectly on long hair.

Half Red Half Black Hair

Scarlet Red Hair Color

Scarlet hair on its own is in style. The combo of black and red parts will make it even more distinguishable. You can set it in blocks or chunks of scarlet red, your choice.

Black Hair With Red Dip-Dye

Girls with long luscious hair and warmer skin tones can emphasize their hair with a bit of red added. Dipping the ends in red will help you get the look you need for your straight hair, and there is not a lot of maintenance that goes with it as well.

Curly Red Hair With Black Ombre

A very good to preserve your curly hair is getting an ombre. We also propose creating a red and black curly hair ombre that you don’t get to see often. A gradual transition works best for curly hair as the tones shift from dark the red.

Shiny Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair

Amp up your black hair with some highlights. If you are not ready to go to the extreme of coloring your hair bright red, the rose gold highlights are exactly what you will need.

Two-Color Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetric hair also deserves an extravagant color choice. A style like a simple bob can become very aesthetically pleasing if you throw in a dash of a two-tone color combo combining red and black.

Black Bob With Crimson Highlights

You can make your bob hairstyle unique if you throw in some reddish parts. The crimson highlights will break out sharply from the black base, giving the bob an element that it has been missing.

Auburn Streaks in Black Hair

Brunettes can also make the red color work very well in their look. Auburn hair can be combined with a little less intense red color for excellent results. Better to add it in steaks, so it does not disrupt the hair pattern altogether.

Black to Copper Ombre Hairstyle

Going with dark roots and transitioning throughout the hair toward the most vivid tips, this ombre hairstyle is perfect for every occasion.

Due to the dark light transition, the middle part of the hair will have a copper hue which makes the hair very attractive.

Two-Tone Black and Red Hair in Balayage

You can’t go wrong with a balayage and certainly can’t miss a red and black variant. The two-tone combo of the vivid red color and the darker shades of black can genuinely make you more distinctive than others.

Bright Red in Black Peekaboo Straight Hair

We all know that peekaboo hair is fun, but it can become even more entertaining when you sprinkle a bit of bright red pieces into it. The base should be ash black, which will help the red strands come to fruition when emerging from it.

Bright Red In Black Peekaboo Straight Hair

Ginger Highlights on Black Hair

You don’t need to make bright red additions when using simple ginger highlights. It fits black hair well, but we propose toning down a bit on the black, so it complements the ginger part in a better way.

Burgundy Highlights on Short Black Hair

Embellishing your black hair with burgundy highlights will give you a sort of regal feel to your look. It will shirt you off to an entirely new dimension and can be made to work exceptionally well with various short hairstyles.

Maroon-Red in Black

This combination first has mid-length hair that can be further embellished with waves. The deep red color looks soft when patched in with black tones. It will need a lot of maintenance to preserve the original shine.

Black and Burgundy Hair Ombre

Creating a unique Ombre can be made by combining black and burgundy. You don’t have to make a sharp transition; instead, you can go for a fade that is not as distinguished from other ombre hairstyles. Mainly for long straight hair.

Red and Black Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a cute option for younger girls, but the red and black colors will give it a bit of a mature vibe, especially if you go for more vivid and darker tones.

Dark Black Hair With Bright Red Strands

It is a contrasting type of style where you will hit the sharpest opposite ends of the color spectrum. Your dark black hair can become very vivid, with some bright red strands throughout its length. Perfect for shorter or mid-length hair.

Bright Red Partial Balayage

Consider partial balayage hairstyles instead of going for a full one. The bright red hue is the way to go, contrasting the darker tones perfectly. You can style it any way you want, but it goes best with waves.

Red to Black Ombre Hair

Pulling the old switcheroo on your ombre hairstyle and starting with red is something no one will expect to see. The bright red color will seamlessly transition to black as it moves toward the tips of your hair.

Black With Red Streaks

Black and red streaks are an excellent combo. The red tint will give some life to your darker hair and make it appear more vibrant. To create it, look for some bleach-free hair lightening first.

Burgundy Sew-In Extensions

Burgundy is the color of choice for many girls that want to change their regular hairstyle. However, some sew-in extensions will work if you can’t grow your hair as fast as you need. It also allows you to switch to a different style in no time.

Light Mahogany Streaks

Sometimes the color transition can be made to be far less noticeable. The mahogany hue is the one to go for if you don’t want things to get too extreme. You can also color your dark hair in mahogany streaks and style it for everything to fit together.

Red Balayage On Black Hair

The darker roots of a balayage combined with red hair will make things look mystifying. The colors in this example are supposed to merge gradually and offer a set of hair that is both attractive and glamorous looking.

How to Style and Maintain Red and Black Hair

The red and black hairstyle variant will blow the heads off many people if you get the style and the color correctly.

You can do the following if you want to get the best results:

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Pick one of the hairstyle choices that we provided you with above.

Step 2 – Pick a black and red shade

Decide on a color variation that you want to get.

Step 3 – Mixing up the dyes and base

Create a clean base and mix up the dyes.

Step 4 – Apply the dye

Work the color in the desired parts of your hair.

Step 5 – Use a toner

Once the hair is dry, add toner to create extra depth between the red and black tones.

Each stylist will advise you not to use strong shampoos on your locks and curls after coloring your hair if you want top results.


Can I dye my black hair red without bleaching it?

It depends on the style and the hue that you want to add. If the color is vivid enough and contrastive to your dark hair, you can do it without bleach.

How long will the red and black hairstyle last?

Even though the color combo looks good, it is not a long-lasting color combination. It will start to fade after a few washes.

How do I know if red and black hair will suit me?

You never know until you try it. This color variant can be a great way to experiment with your hair and see how it might look.

Is it hard to maintain red and black hair?

Yes, since the color combo is prone to fading quickly. The color will stay intact as long as you can use a good conditioner and don’t shampoo your hair as often as you should.

What are the most common problems with red and black hair?

The most obvious problem is not getting the desired outcome. This may be due to the natural pigment of your hair. So you should try the dye out on a small hair sample first.

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