Partial Balayage Hair Before and After

Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep.”

It is a hair coloring technique whereby the color is applied to the hair with a free-hand technique creating a graduated, natural-looking effect.

It is different from traditional highlights since balayage can be done on hair of any length, be it short to very long.

Sometimes, a partial balayage is the perfect solution for your hair problems.

Partial balayage is a hair-coloring technique that uses painted-on foils and bleach to highlight only a few sections of the hair.

It is referred to as half-head balayage and is the best choice for anyone who wants to go blonde but doesn’t want to commit to full highlights.

The rest of the hair retains its natural hair or is dyed to a different color altogether.

The technique creates a more natural-looking highlight since it creates room for a gradual transition of color.

A partial balayage means less damage to your tresses, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair.

20 Most Popular Partial Balayage Hair Ideas

Here are the 20 most popular partial balayage hair ideas you can try:

Partial Balayage on Straight Hair

If not for the subtle blonde streaks that appear here and there, your light brown tresses would seem too flat and boring. Additionally, the combination of warm and cool hues enhances the complexion beautifully.

Beach Blonde Style

A sandy-hued partial balayage reminds you of the lovely summer days you can feel every time you look in the mirror. This delicate blonde shade exudes aristocratic style.

Long Wavy Look

By getting a partial balayage in blonde tones, you can set the mood for romance. You’ll always be the center of attention, thanks to the flirtatious and alluring contrast between the bright, wavy hair and a darker background!

Brunette With Light Brown Highlights

Women with dark hair frequently worry about getting highlights that are a different color. If that applies to you, don’t worry! Your mini-transformation would be ideal with a subtle face-framing balayage!

Partial Balayage on Cool Blonde Hair

By getting a partial balayage in blonde tones, you can set the mood for romance. You’ll always be the center of attention, thanks to the flirtatious and alluring contrast between the bright, wavy hair and a darker background!

Black to Brunette Hairstyle

If blonde isn’t your thing, another brilliant suggestion worth trying is to add some reddish undertones to a deep black base. You can choose brighter, coppery shades or keep the highlights closer to mahogany brown. It’s a great way to wear black hair with highlights.

Balayage Black Brown Hair Colors

Photo @adamehair

Ashy Blonde Curls

Adding a lovely ashy hue to your balayage hairstyle is a fantastic idea. The smooth transition between the dark and light tones a great stylist achieves will make you the center of attention.

Dirty Blonde With Beach Waves

Suppose you incorporate a little bright blonde into the color scheme; golden or ginger locks sparkle with vibrant hues. The hairstyle shown below has platinum highlights scattered throughout the face-framing tresses. You can also look up other dirty blonde hairstyles.

Dark Hair Partial Balayage With Curls

Many balayage ideas suit you if you like to wear curly hair. How adorable is the variation with the subtle gradient from the front to the back? It’s one of our favorites.

Chunky to Golden Blonde

The beauty of partial balayage lies in its versatility, enabling you to achieve various effects without significantly harming your hair. These thick blonde ribbons combined with finer pieces create a stunning contrast and add depth.

Long Brown Locks With Partial Highlights

When worn in a messy bun, brown hair with a partial balayage looks amazing. Regardless of the length of your hair, it is a hot trend that adds volume and texture while making your beauty look effortless and cool.

Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

On light brown hair, a partial balayage can serve as a stunning accent you’ll love including in your outfit. Choose a color like caramel, cinnamon, or chestnut, and watch how much better you look! A caramel balayage style is to die for if you do it right.

Caramel highlights look excellent on red hair, as well as on brunettes that literally glow when wearing it. This is just one of those hair colors that instantly improve any haircut and require minimum maintenance, hair care and hair styling.

Your partial balayage style will stand out thanks to the lovely shade of cinnamon. We adore how it gives off a fall vibe no matter the season by grazing the dark brown hair.

Balayage on Brown Locks

A layered cut and a partial balayage look fantastic together on dark brown hair. Your hair will not only appear textured, but it will also showcase your kind nature.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

Sometimes, a different-than-usual shade of blonde might be just what you need. Try platinum blonde highlights and marvel at the beauty you create.

Curled Auburn Hair With Highlights

How about an auburn partial balayage on your curly locks? This style screams confidence and your willingness to be the room’s star.

Purple on Black Front Highlights

You can also sport a purple-on-black front partial balayage and look so good in it. Imagine the beautiful contrast between the purple and black hues. Who wouldn’t want that?

Black Hair With Purple Highlights

Loose Waves With Balayage Top Layers

Do you want to look effortlessly beautiful but don’t know how to wear your hair? This styling option has the ideal “money piece” highlights, quirky shaggy ends, and irresistible waves you’re looking for.

Bob With Partial Balayage

Thanks to expertly placed highlights that blend in with the seamless color transition flowing to the bottom, this adorable bob with delicately thinned ends looks natural. You can ask your colorist to help you pull off this look.

Choppy Cut With Mixed Highlights

You can use mixed highlights on your hair to get that extra edgy look. For example, you can combine ashy blonde with platinum or golden with copper highlights.

Red-Haired Semi-Balayage

If blonde isn’t your thing, another brilliant suggestion worth trying is to add some reddish undertones to a deep black base. You can use brighter coppery shades or keep the highlights closer to mahogany brown.

How to Style and Maintain Partial Balayage Hair Color 

Here are a few actionable tips to help you style and maintain your partial Balayage hair color:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

Pick the best partial balayage hairstyle. Ensure the hair color you choose complements your style and lifestyle. You can even try a pink ombre look.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Ensure you only work with the best styling products and tools to get the best out of your hairstyle. You can also work with a professional colorist to help you style your hair. Avoid using heat styling tools; if you use them, use a heat protectant.

Step 3 – Maintain it

The best way to maintain your partial balayage hair is by keeping it healthy. Shampoo your hair as regularly as required, but don’t overdo it.

A few days a week is more than enough. While at it, make sure to give your hair deep conditioning treatment once in a while by using quality shampoos.

Finally, ensure you get regular trims to keep your hair looking healthy and stunning. 

You can do it on your own, but it’s better to go to the salon and let your favorite hairstylist touch up the roots and dye them occasionally. Professionals have specific techniques you probably don’t know about.

And let’s face it, which woman doesn’t love some good touch-ups from time to time?

Step 4 – Best products to use

If you are considering rocking a cool partial balayage, consider investing in color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when working on a partial balayage:

Painting From an Incorrect Vantage Point

Apply the product from the proper vantage point, especially if you’re painting toward the scalp or the ends. Painting from the appropriate elevation will also help you maintain the proper tension throughout the process.

Not Keeping the Proper Tension

It’s crucial to keep the same tension throughout the balayage application when performing the technique. If you don’t, the hair might “buckle” while applying the product, which could cause you to use the product in unexpected places.

Additionally, it may cause product bleeding and a less-clean overall appearance.

Using the Brush’s Tip to Paint

When stylists first begin applying balayage, they frequently experiment with using the brush’s tip instead of the brush’s body to apply the product.

The issue with this is that you’re more likely to force the bristles between the hair strands when painting with the brush’s tip, giving the appearance of less definition. Avoid this at all costs because balayage is all about surface painting.

Using Short Strokes

Because it makes them feel like they have more control over the process, beginners frequently prefer to paint their balayage with shorter strokes. However, this might result in a subpar application.

It doesn’t just make the application process faster if you widen your stroke and use longer strokes. Additionally, it aids in distributing the product in a nice, even stream along the length of the hair.

Working With Unsaturated Hair

Ensure you adequately saturate the hair with the product if you want to achieve a significant amount of lift with your canvas. If not, there won’t be enough product to transform the hair and work its magic

. Generally speaking, you will only experience one to two levels of lift if you can still see hair strands through your product.

Wrong Product Consistency

Each person has a different preference for the consistency of lightener they prefer to use when painting. However, this consistency must be changed to best suit the canvas on which it will be painted. Different product consistencies will be needed for different hair types.

For instance, a looser consistency can facilitate application because the product naturally adheres to coarser hair more readily. However, a thicker consistency will be necessary to keep the product where it needs to be on fine hair.

Although a thicker consistency might not provide as much lift, it will give you more control over the hair’s transformation.

Full Balayage vs. Partial Balayage

A full balayage typically entails applying highlights throughout the entire head of hair. However, a partial or half-head balayage only covers the very top layer of hair. A balayage is one of the best ways to jazz up your hairdo.

Many women, though, might not be as bold regarding hair experimentation as others—especially the females with virgin hair, which has never undergone bleaching or chemical treatments.

Therefore, we advise getting partial balayage highlights if you’re uncomfortable coloring your entire hair. It’s a fantastic option to consider if you want to change your appearance without committing to a complete reshaping.

Additionally, partial balayage gives you a more natural appearance. If that’s a concern for you, it’s also less harmful to your hair. There are numerous benefits to partial balayage over full balayage.

One is that there is less bleach used, which means that your gorgeous locks are less likely to sustain damage. For those who have never colored their hair before but want that trendy look, it is, therefore, a wise choice.

Another benefit of fewer highlights is that more natural hair will shine through. You can experiment with unusual and bright colors without having them overpower your hairstyle. You can try many other available hair color ideas for a partial balayage.


Is balayage and ombre same?

No, balayage and ombre are different hairdos.

Why is balayage so popular today?

Because people love experimenting with colors.

What is the difference between partial balayage and partial highlights?

Partial balayage is a hand-painted technique, while highlights are more strategic and are created with foils.

Is a partial balayage worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it!

Is a partial balayage damaging?

Not if they are done right.

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