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There are many simple and easy updos; the messy bun is the king. It is the ultimate low-key hairstyle for the woman looking for a wash-and-go style. It is enough for a gym session and looks equally good when worn to a dinner date.

It’s also a perfect hairstyle for when you are on the move and looking for ways to get rid of flyaways and frizz. If you are researching how to do a messy bun, you’ve come to the right place.

Compared to other hairstyles that appear effortlessly thrown together, the messy bun doesn’t require as much work or precision to perfect.

It’s one of those easy hairstyles you can throw together on the go and still look incredible. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on perfectly doing the messy bun and popular hairdos you can try when you want an effortless hairstyle.

5 Most Popular Messy Bun Hairstyles

Many hairstyles saturate women’s grooming world; some are complex, while others require the least effort. The messy bun is a popular hairstyle because it takes little to style.

Here are five of the most popular messy bun hairstyles you can copy:

Classic Messy Bun

To create the classic messy bun, you must start with second-day hair. Work your tresses with a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb to eliminate the tangles. Splash dry shampoo at the roots and a drop of oil to the ends to refresh your strands and add volume.

Then pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hooked elastic. You can pull down a few strands around your face and use a curling iron to create haphazard, polished waves.

After you’re done, use wax or pomade to tame down any frizz and then split your ponytail into two and twist each section before wrapping the two sections around the base of your ponytail and securing it with hairpins.

You can either make the bun big or keep it tight. Use a little texture or light-hold spray to finish off the style. The classic messy bun is perfect for women looking for easy hairstyles.

Low Messy Bun

The messy bun is created by pulling hair into a low ponytail and then separating it into two sections, twisting and wrapping them around the ponytail. Loosen a few thicker strands from the bun to make the messy, undone look.

To help tame the frizz, spray hair on a large makeup brush and then brush the flyaways around them, ensuring you don’t destroy them.

Top Knot Look

Bring your hair into the crown and secure it with an elastic into a high ponytail. When you do that, ensure you leave two thick strands hanging loosely to frame your face. Wrap the ponytail to create a bun, then fasten it with pins.

Take the two strands and pin them beneath the base of your ponytail. You can keep them loose or pull them back tighter but remember the goal is to have that messy-undone finish.

Double Messy Bun

If you have short hair that you can’t pull into a ponytail, you can still enjoy the convenience of the messy bun by creating two messy buns.

To start:

  • Use dry shampoo or texturizing spray, and then center part of your hair to the back to create two sections.
  • Bring one section to a ponytail on the side of your head, divide it into two sections, and wrap them around the base of the ponytail in an untidy way.
  • Do the same for the other side.
  • Finish off with a little texture spray.

Girl With a Double Messy Bun Hairstyle

Bun With Curtain Bangs

Use a middle part and sweep the hair to the back, bringing it to a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Take the ponytail and twist the hair around its base before fastening it using a hair elastic.

After that, twist the ponytail clockwise into a rope, then take one hand and push it towards your hair shaft to create some flyaways for a messy finish.

How to Make and Maintain a Messy Bun

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for peekaboo hair, the messy bun isn’t it. As you know, any hairstyle tied into a bun or ponytail isn’t the best when you want to show off your rainbow highlights.

However, the messy bun is a go-to hairstyle for women who prefer to spend less time styling their hair. So, how do you make and maintain a messy bun?

Here’s how:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

There are many messy bun hairstyles you can choose from. You can either go for a messy volumized bun, a sleek messy bun, or a messy braided bun.

You can also choose from popular hairdos, like a classic messy bun, a bun with curtain bangs, or a top knot look.

The choice comes down to your personal preferences and how much time you have on your hands. If you want a hairstyle that you can put together effortlessly and still look chic, go for the classic messy bun.

However, if you want something a little more sophisticated, consider the messy braided burn or the sleek messy look. The whole point of a messy bun is to look good without putting too much effort or time into styling your hair.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

One of the essential steps that apply to all messy buns is that you will need to pull your hair into a ponytail first unless you are doing a double messy bun. Use a volumizing or texturizing spray to give your bun volume for that messy finish.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen style

Messy buns usually require a lot of teasing and scrunching to create a messy look. Because of that, it can damage your hair and leave you with annoying split ends if not done well. So, hair maintenance is essential when you want to rock a messy bun.

First, you must consider your hair texture and pick a style that matches that. For instance, if you have curly hair, you are better off with a curly messy bun. To keep your messy bun looking new, use the right styling products.

We always recommend investing in good hairspray. Finally, use a hair conditioner to keep your messy bun looking shiny and ensure it lasts longer. If you experience hair damage even after doing all that, that’s a sign to stop wearing a ponytail and let your strands recover.

Step 4 – Best products to use

So, what are the best products to use when you have a messy bun? First, if you like dyeing your hair, get salon-grade hair dye and consider washing the hair after coloring. If you are okay with your hair as it is, well and good.

You only need a few products to create and maintain your messy bun. Essential products in your grooming kit are dry shampoo and texturizing spray to help you add texture and volume.

Pro Tips for Styling Messy Buns for Each Hair Texture

As mentioned, you must pick a messy bun style based on your hair texture.

Below are crucial tips for styling messy buns for different hair textures:

Thick or Curly Hair

If you have thick or curly hair, you can’t just go straight to pulling your strands together into a ponytail. Before that, use a leave-in cream to tame frizz and flyaways.

The standard twist-and-wrap technique may not work so well in the case of dense curls, so use a hair elastic specifically made for curly hair, like a donut sponge.

Place it around the base of your ponytail and then wrap the rest of the hair around it for an effortless messy bun. If you don’t have a donut sponge, loop your hair through a regular hair elastic and then leave out a few stray curls from the ponytail for a cute messy finish.

GIrl With Curly Bun

Straight Hair

Straight hair is easier to work with, but you must add texture to your locks, so the messy bun stays in place. If you have fine hair, collect your hair into a ponytail but use a strong hair spray as your style and twist your ponytail.

Follow that up with a texturizing spray for a soft textured finish.

Medium-Length Hair

If you have medium-length hair, all your need to rock a messy bun is a little dry shampoo, hairspray, and a few bobby pins. Adding a little volume is the secret to a stunning-looking messy bun for short hair.

Follow the usual messy bun method but use a volumizing dry shampoo to add some oomph to your dry hair. Next, gather the stray strands that didn’t make it into the bun and tuck them under the other strands to hide them. Finish off with a hair spray to hold it all together.

Extra-Long Hair

If you have very long hair, the trick is finding a way to fit all the strands inside your messy bun while keeping them from flopping around on top of your head. Follow the steps when creating a messy bun but use a strengthening hair care product for extra support and grip.

Use a scrunchie to keep the topknot from moving around or hanging too heavily. Lastly, use bobby pins to smooth out any extra bumps and fix the flyaways.


What kind of brush and comb works best for styling messy buns?

You only need your fingers and hair elastic for a quick, simple messy bun. If you have more time, you will need a soft brush and a wide-tooth comb to create a messy bun.

How can you add volume to your messy bun?

Priming your strands with dry shampoo is the best way to add volume to your messy bun unless you have thick and curly hair.

How can you avoid flyaways?

Since flyaways result from dry hair, a good hydrating conditioner will help eliminate them. Also, limit the number of times you shampoo your hair since it strips the hair of moisture, leaving it dry.

Instead, bump up your hydration by incorporating a conditioning mask into your hair care routine at least once a week to nourish and strengthen your tresses.

Which hair types do messy buns suit best?

The messy bun looks effortlessly put together and is an excellent choice for women with naturally straight hair who can’t hold a high bun in place and those with coarse, curly hair. It also works for women with short, medium-length and extra-long hair.

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