Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Dyeing your hair blonde can overhaul your entire look.

Becoming a blonde with dark roots will change your appearance and add a dose of sexiness like no other hairstyle before.

Blonde hair with dark roots is not only a trendy appearance, but it also helps with the maintenance and extends the self-life of your hair.

You will not have to recolor it whenever your roots start to show because they are a part of the hairstyle.

If you are a natural brunette that wants to become a blonde use the shadow root method to your advantage.

Ladies, you don’t have to go to a salon to get your locks colored according to the latest hair colors trend.

There are ways and technique options where you can become blondes with the necessary upkeep.

Here is how you are going to be able to do it:

26 Most Popular Blonde Hairstyles With Dark Roots

To get us started, choosing the color variant and the style to match is best.
There are many sophisticated hair color ideas, but you must be sure before coloring your hair blonde.

Messy Long Hair With Dark Brown Roots

Having your long hair a bit messed up and showing some dark roots is trendy.
It looks absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for long and textured hair.

It is always best to consult your hair colorist about how close you want the blonde color to seep into the scalp.

Hand-Painted Highlights With Dark Roots

Here you have a perfect way to transition back to your natural color.
The colorist can hand paint the roots of your blonde hair and tip out the ends.

The transition back to your natural hair color will be smoother and you get to look exceptional during the change.

Above the Shoulder Blunt Blonde Bob

The above-the-shoulder hair looks quite sassy, especially on a blonde.
If you want to go beyond this look, showcasing the darker roots is the way to go. Avoid over-highlighting though.

You want to add a soft blended color that will look more natural on a bob hairstyle.

Blown Out Blonde Hair Color

Finally, getting that blonde look you craved can make things quite relaxed for you.
A blown-out blonde look is quite good for the style to stand out.

The darker roots will add their part to the formula that you can restyle any way you like.

Blown Out Blonde Hair Color

Stunning Long Blonde Hair With Darker Roots

Long blonde hair can be very captivating and feminine for a woman. Getting things to go above and beyond is by adding the darker roots. You will not have to color all that hair over and over again and will save a few bucks as well.

At the same time, you will look as stunning as ever.

Long Straight Blonde Hair With No Bangs

When you have long hair, eliminating the commitment that comes with root-touch-ups is a massive advantage.

Becoming a blond with long hair can be a very long and hefty process, so a balayage style without any bangs should get you to where you are planning to go.

Asymmetric Pixie Bob Hairstyle

A pixie bob is a very cute style. It becomes even cuter when seen on a blonde and even hotter if your roots are showing.

The hot roots bring all the needed sex appeal to this style while making it asymmetrical, creating an added dose of intrigue that will make things feistier.

Jaw-Length Sleek Blonde Bob

Going for a classic look is often the best answer. A nice little bob looks really cute and will appear even better with straight, sleek hair.
The darker roots are the cherry on top of an already classic style.

Polished Mid-Ponytail

When the roots start to show a ponytail comes to the rescue. Tie a mid ponytail that stands on the lower part of your head and get the darker roots to spread out evenly and tightly across the hairline.

Dark Roots With Caramel Blonde Hair

If you want to shape things up get a caramel balayage. To really get an outstanding look emphasize the darker roots.
The caramel-blonde hair will do the rest and you will look fabulous no matter where you go.

The base color of the root shadow will provide you with the warmth you need to make a statement.

Ash Blonde With Brown Roots

Ash blonde hair is what’s trendy now. It is also an excellent way to transition to blonde hair, mainly if you are a brunette.
Leaving the brown roots will help with the transition and work wonders on your budget, as no regular touch-ups are needed.

Warm Blonde With Small Dark Roots

Get some true beach vibes and a boho look with warm blonde hair.
This is perfect for girls with lighter brown hair, as the smaller roots embellish the hair without an added dose of extravagance.

The brightness of your hair and beach waves also look good on lighter eyes.

Elegant Low Ponytail

Don’t be overwhelmed if you miss your touch-up appointment. Leave the roots be and allow them to show, and tie your hair in a low-hanging ponytail. Getting it to be a bit lose also evokes a lax atmosphere around you and accounts for laid-back vibes.

Champagne Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

A nice bob fits well with champagne hair. It is also a style that can fit many face types and make your appearance formal and casual whenever you need it. The darker tones in your roots set this hairstyle from all the rest.

Champagne Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Dark Roots on Sun-Kissed Blonde Hair

The perfect hairstyle for the summer or when lying on the beach. Your sun-kissed blonde hair will match the tan you are working on and the dark-toned roots will make things really sexy.

Silver Blonde With Brown Roots

Your natural dark roots can blend in seamlessly with a suitable color. However, getting a sliver blonde style will create a contrasting appearance that you’ve never seen before.

The stylist can make it, so it is difficult to determine where the natural hair ends and when the dye starts.

Voluminous Teased Hair

Blonde hair looks quite natural when it has lots of volume. Allowing darker tones to creep out will get things to a different level.
You only have to miss an appointment or two and style the hair to fit the occasion.

The thick hair creates a depth that turns heads, especially with chic lowlights and icy blonde makeup.

Blonde Balayage With Melted Dark Roots

Whenever a girl starts having doubts between a balayage or foil we always say it is better to go for the former.
The balayage will make it seem like the color has melted in your hair, and you can do the same for the roots.

It will look like mixing milk and chocolate.

Dark Blonde With Black Roots

The dark blonde hue creates mystery, especially when paired with black roots.
This is a dynamic combo that guarantees success for your hair and can overhaul your appearance, so it helps you get a really trendy look.

Golden Blonde With Blonde Shadow Roots

Juxtaposing the shadow roots with golden blonde hair is a perfect match.
You will probably stand there and wonder – What haven’t I thought about this before?

Now that you know, it is time to appoint an excellent stylist to mix things.

Dirty Blonde With Darker Roots

Dirty blonde hair, more often than not, evokes some rocker vibes. You will see what we meant if you pair the color with some darker roots.
The combo looks absolutely stunning and is suitable for when you go to work and not only to a concert.

Strawberry Blonde With Darker Natural Roots

Having strawberry blonde hair is something unique. It takes a little time to mix in this color and get it right.
The layers and the softness of tones create a subtle atmosphere not toppled by the dark natural roots that show on the top of your head.

Strawberry Blonde With Darker Natural Roots

Platinum Blonde Hair With Naturally Dark Roots

Platinum blonde hair is a bit whiter than other hues of blonde. It may look unnatural, but a good stylist can throw in some warmer tones and make it appealing. You can’t have light without dark and some subtle darker shades on top will make this one appear genuinely captivating.

Luxurious Dark Roots White Blonde Hair

Try on a dark-rooted blonde melt that combines ash blonde hues with dark-toned roots.
The darker shades of blonde will make it appear more natural with the toned-up roots.

Not only that, but the style can seem very luxurious on mid-length hair.

Honey Blonde Hair With Dark Brown Roots

You can create an intense and contrasting color when combining dark roots, brown roots and honey-blonde hair.
This color combo makes things appear very dramatic, and the colors’ offset does not make things too unnatural.

The undertones give this look a shiny edge that not even an ombré cut can provide.

Curly Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Embrace your natural curls and leave the darker roots showing. The waves of blonde hair make women appear absolutely stunning and the low maintenance of the style will make it more appealing for you to try.

The ease of this style is not the only advantage, as it is also almost always in season and perfect for taking Instagram photos almost anywhere.

How to Style and Maintain Blonde Hair With Darker Roots

Getting this kind of hair is a bit difficult to manage on your own and can be equally challenging as getting a dyed butterfly haircut.
It is always best to let a stylish handle this, but there are occasions when you can do it yourself.

Step 1 – Choose the blonde hue that you want

Depending on your natural hair color you can get a lighter or a darker version to match.

Step 2  – Prepare the hair for dyeing by washing it and combing

Spread the color evenly on the hair but don’t start at the roots, instead, go a few inches off them.
If you have to lighten your hair, think about hair lightening with no bleach methods first.

Step 3 – Rinse the hair

Do not wash it for about 24h after dyeing it.

Step 4 – Style

Once your hair is dry, style it as you’ve planned to wear it. The contrast between the shade of your base and the rest of your hair can vary. You can pick from various beauty ombre or bronde styles that look glamorous for your skin tone complexion.


How difficult is it to maintain blonde hair with dark roots?

It is much easier than having to deal with hair that is completely dyed. You don’t have to go for regular touch-ups as the roots start showing and you can do it much less often.

Is blonde hair with darker roots damaging to the hair?

It depends on the type of color you are adding to your hair. Bleaching the hair can be damaging, but the very act of coloring may depend on whether you use a permanent or semi-permanent dye.

A good hair care shampoo can help with the regrowth of your hair and make it look healthy and it is the thing that you have to give lots of attention to.

Which celebrities have this hairstyle?

There are tons of celebrities who managed to get blonde hair to work with dark roots.
Some include Blake Lively, Rihanna, Margot Robbie and Gisele Bundchen.

Will blonde hair with dark roots suit me?

It depends on various factors and you never know until you try it. The biggest advantage is that you will not need to maintain the style as often as when coloring the hair completely. It may also depend on the lengths of your strands and the dimension of your face shape.

The combination of many variables and pieces will provide you with the results you need and the effect it may have on your overall appearance.

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