Young Man With eBoy Haircut

The way trends are shipping these days is that we are getting a lot of eBoy haircuts. It is actually a modern take on an old-school style that has been redefined and modernized. Most younger crowds request this type of haircut, which comes in various shapes and forms.

Styling them is not at all easy. It requires special care and skill. If you are interested in trying one, it will do you good to read what we have to say about it and learn how to create a fantastic new eBoy look.

15 Most eBoy Popular Hairstyles

Curtains With Colored Hair

The curtains are the essence of an eBoy look. If you want to take things to a new level, adding a bit of color to it looks good. Consider the best hair dyes and make your unique combo.

Broflow eBoy Haircut

A broflow haircut is a laid-back look that allows your hair to take its own natural shape. You can look for inspiration at Bradley Cooper, for instance. You also need some medium-length hair and not a lot of styling on your part.

Curtains With Long Hair

Curtains hair got a breath of new life with the emergence of eBoy haircuts. Growing your hair long gives off a bit of grunge or rebellious vibe. You don’t require as much maintenance as you would with other hairstyles, as the idea is to keep it carefree.

Young Man With Long e boy hair

Curtains With Curly Hair

Curly hair is perfect for an eBoy look. You have to add length to your hair to achieve the curtain look and then decide on either a middle part or a side part. Your natural curls are what look its flare.

Middle Part With Wavy Hair

To frame your face and accentuate the features of your beautiful face, it is best to go for a middle part. The longish hair will help to put your face right into focus and the middle part with wavy hair will perfectly complement everything.

Short Fringe With Bleached Hair

The Slim Shady look is making a comeback with eBoy hairstyles. Fringe haircuts with bleached hair are trendy and help to bring your face into focus more than before. A short fringe also has the advantage of being very easy to style.

Swooping Fringe With Colored Hair

For a more dramatic look, try a swooping fringe. Fringe hairstyles can be made more extravagant if you keep the top longer than it usually is and adds some color. Sweep it on the side that works best for you and you are ready to go.

Fringe With Straight Hair

Fringes are not in style, especially for an eBoy appearance. You can also have one if you have straight hair. It gives off more of an emo vibe, but it can be masculine and stylish if you keep it to mid-length or even a bit shorter.

Fringe With Textured eBoy Hairstyle

Combining a fringe with textured hair gives you a very versatile style. You can actually go anywhere you like and retool your hair to go in any direction you wish. Be sure to have some of the best hair clays and you can shape it any way you like.

Undercut With Short Textured eBoy Hairstyle

Going from a long hair undercut to a short with textured hair is the way to go if you are an eBoy. It best complements angular features but can go with all face shape styles. This one is probably the least dramatic look you can get and is quite suitable for many occasions.

Young Smiling Man With Long e boy Hair Undercut

Curtain bangs With Short Hair

The curtains style is very versatile for an eBoy look. Here you need to keep it shorter than usual, but keep the back and the side short. Leave the top longer and style it with a part or sweep it to the side.

Side Swept Fringe With Wavy Hair

Things get sexy with a side-swept fringe, particularly if you have wavy hair. You need to play off the vibes of your naturally wavy hair and style a nice fringe that you can sweep to the side and emphasize your good side.

Caesar eBoy Haircut

The Caesar look is a fantastic eBoy haircut that is relatively easy to maintain. It is stylish and perfect for modern kids. If you want to make a winning combination, pair the caesar with a fringe to take things to a new level.

Side-Swept Curly 

Enhancing the texture of your curly hair is best done with a side-swept style. Never keep the curls short; you need to let them loose but also keep them tamed and manageable. It will highlight the top part of your head while giving you a cool look.

Asymmetrical Fringe

Getting an asymmetrical fringe may be more of an emo thing, but it can also be great parking for eBoy hairstyles. You can even modify shaved sides haircuts to add an asymmetrical fringe on top and truly get the best out of your appearance.

Surfer eBoy Hairstyle

A surfer hairstyle lets you do anything you wish. You can grow it long or keep it to mid-length. You can add hair highlights as well. As an eBoy haircut, you still need to add the curtains, but not much maintenance goes into this one.

Young Surfer Man With Messy eboy Blonde Hair

What Are eBoy Haircuts

eBoy haircuts actually draw inspiration from the 90s hairstyles. The ones we see today are what some used to call curtain hairstyles with a modern twist added.

Lately, they have been redefined to go all kinds of ways, so you are forgiven for not being able to recognize these hairstyles as being old school.

The term eBoy is derived from the phrase “electronic boy.” It refers to someone who uses the internet or electronics and various appliances.

We can say that the culture and the aesthetics for an eBoy look started from TikTok, as many things that young people like these days.  The hairstyle has to match the clothing and can sometimes even include nail polish or similar forms of makeup.

How to Style and Maintain eBoy Hairstyle

To turn Edgar’s haircuts into an appropriate eBoy style, you are going to need to follow a few of our styling tips:

Step 1 – Pick the haircut you wish to get

You should always play on your strengths, so choose one that goes with your natural hair.

Step 2 – Grow a bit, depending on the style

Depending on the style, you might need to grow your hair a bit. It works best if you leave it at least to mid-length. Also, keep the curtains as the main part of the hairdo. The point of eBoy hair is not to style it too much; you should allow it to go its natural way.

You can do a little bit by sweeping it to the side or creating a part where you need it.

Step 4 – Use some clay or gel

Since not much styling is needed, you will save a lot on hair products. You may need some clay or a little gel to style the fringe. You need a good shampoo to keep the hair strong and appear as natural as possible.


What is the eBoy haircut called?

The eBoy haircut is also referred to as a curtain hairstyle.

What is the TikTok guy haircut called?

Usually, this haircut is referred to as the Wet mop haircut.