Emo Man With Punk Hairstyle and Make Up

The emo haircut tends to symbolize one’s lifestyle in its entirety. It possesses a thought-provoking, slightly unpredictable, and melancholy nature.

Born out of the punk subculture, you will notice the emo haircuts and hairstyles having similar crazy and sporadic elements in punk fashion. The emo haircut is also one of the 90s hairstyles that are now coming back in terms of hair trends.

Similar to gothic hairstyles, the emo cut is also wide and flexible. This means you can style emo locks how you want to, provided it showcases the signature themes of the movement while demonstrating your unique personality.

15 Most Popular Emo Boy Haircuts

Short Emo Haircut

One of the most common men’s haircut names in this category is the short emo, which integrates a more modern flair to a traditional hairstyle. What’s great about this style is that it is versatile and fits various dress codes with its business casual look.

Medium And Spiky

If you are interested in an emo haircut, note that your options are not limited to long hair. You can also go for other lengths, like the medium hairstyle. This mid-length cut suits you perfectly if you have no plans to grow your hair long. To make it spiky make sure to use a lot of hairspray.

Emo Hairstyle With Blonde Hair Color

Men’s emo haircuts also give you a wide range of options in terms of colors. If you want your look to be more appealing while being unconventional, your hair should be dyed blonde rather than the usual black.

Black Emo Hairstyle

The primary black color for the hair is a good choice if you favor the classic look. You also have the option to integrate light or vivid streaks of color to hair tips instead of just sticking to full black.

Wishy Bangs For Emo

Even if you go for the emo vibe, you don’t have to stick to the edgy and sharp jagged bangs. Choose the softer alternative by wearing the wispy bang, which can help keep the emo fringe’s aesthetics while adding a bit of gentleness or softness to it.

emo haircuts for men

Thin Emo Hairstyle

This is an incredible choice if your strands fall under the thin side. The good thing about this style is that it prevents you from overemphasizing what your hair lacks, specifically: body and volume. 

Emo Bangs With Beanie

The emo bangs are as adorable as Victorian hairstyles that many men love. Adding prominent bangs to your hair can provide it with a much better touch of being emo. Your bangs should, therefore, be the center of this entire look.

Casual Emo Hair With Makeup

The good thing about emo haircuts is that you can’t expect all of them to be informal. You can also add a slight touch of being casual to it, making your hairstyle look more suitable for several occasions. You can also find simple summer hairstyles with an emo vibe.

Blue and Curly Punk Hair

Do you want your emo haircut to be as unique as the short sides long top hairstyle? Then make it blue and curly. What you should do is style your hair in tight curls. Use bright blue to dye your hair and make it look distinctive.

Shoulder-Length With Rat Tail

You can grow your emo hair at shoulder length, then pair it up with a nice-looking rat tail. This style is good if you have a short and medium emo cut.

Swept-Up Bangs

You can also style your short emo hair by adding swept-up bangs. Simply integrating bangs in your short hair will give it a touch of being emo.

Flipped Ends And Undercut Hairstyle

This style allows you to flip the ends of your emo haircut instead of styling them inside. This is good if you want your style to look effortless and unusual. However, ensure that you still style your bangs in a way that they cover your forehead.

Long Rock Emo Hairstyle

Whether you are looking for emo hairstyles for men with straight hair or wavy hairstyles, sticking to the standard longer version is an incredible choice. This is perfect for you if you have long hair that you do not want to cut short.

You can make this look even better with the signature emo fringe.

Emo Man With Long Blue Hair

Asymmetrical Shag

This hairstyle proves that it is possible to combine the emo cut with other famous styles, like the shag. Get this look by having an asymmetrical cut and then styling it with a shag.

How to Style and Maintain Emo Hairstyle for Guys

Choose a hairstyle

Choose an emo hairstyle that creates mystery and gives your overall personality an edge. The reason is that it is what the emo cut or style is all about. It is edgy and dark, so choose which one can help you represent that while still looking good on you.

Add the signature elements

The usual ones are the bangs that can demonstrate pristine layers to your hair and the jagged and long fringe. Another common element in emo hairstyles is a cut that covers a part of your face, providing your entire look with a more enigmatic aura.

Do the required maintenance

Among them would be straightening your hair, using a hair dryer, and blow-drying it. Make it a part of your routine to visit your barber, as this is needed for guiding, trimming, and maintaining your hair.

Use styling products

Hair gel is probably the most important hairstyling product you have to use to maintain your emo look. It will help keep your style securely in place.

If you want to pair up your emo haircut with a beard, ensure that you use a beard balm to keep your facial hair looking nourished and moisturized.


What is the emo haircut called?

The emo haircut is also called the emo shag. You can often see it characterized by bangs that you can wear in a long fringe. It is also brushed to a single side of your face, which can cover an eye.

Is emo hair coming back?

Yes, it is now a returning trend. This style is even more popular among the younger men population.

What is the difference between goth and emo haircuts?

Goth and emo haircuts are entirely different. One significant difference is that the goth style is darker and heavier than the emo style. The goths often wear heavier shades, like black, dark blue, dark red, and purple.

Emo hairstyles often involve lighter colors, like baby blue or pink, combined with dark hair.

How long is emo hair?

Emo hair often comes at a length of medium to long. You can also see it frequently featuring bangs, layers, and a deep part at the side. Most say that the ideal length for emo hair reaches close to the chin and shoulder, often around 7-inch to 1-foot long.

Do all emos wear black?

Wearing black is not the standard requirement to sport emo style and fashion. However, black is still the most commonly used color in this category. You can choose your own depending on your unique style and individuality.

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