summer haircuts for men

When the mercury rises during the summer, the last thing you need is to feel sweaty and hot because of your hairstyle. Summer hairstyles should keep you cool and make you look stylish at the same time.

10 Most Popular Summer Hairstyles

Crew Cut With Side-Swept Fringe and Fade Summer Haircuts For Men

The crew cut means short hair, so you know you won’t be bothered by your hair during the summer. Ask your barber to cut the sides and back in a gradual fade to make it more stylish.

Leave a fringe at the front and keep it side-swept. This will ensure that the look has texture and contrast and at the same time, it keeps the hair from falling over your forehead.

Messy Quiff With High Fade and Beard

A very high fade ensures that you stay cool while the quiff on top looks great and adds detail to your look. To compensate for the high fade, keep a beard and balance out the whole look.

A premium beard comb will make sure your beard is on point. Using a straight razor helps style it better if you go for a unique or complicated pattern.

High Razor Fade With Curly Hair

This look is for men with naturally curly hair. Ask your barber for a high razor fade. The hair will be cut very close to the scalp with a razor and the top will be left longer.

You can leave the curly hair as it is for a messy look. Some men love to go for that curly mullet fade look.

Spiky Hair With Low Fade and Beard Summer Haircuts For Men

This is another basic but chic style for summer. The beard will balance out the low fade and it is perfect for round or oval faces as it gives the appearance of a sharper jawline.

Bearded Man With Spiky Haircut

The hair on top needs to be styled in spikes using gel or hair wax. Having an unkempt beard or not maintaining your fade properly are grooming mistakes you must stop making.

Textured Crop With High Bald Fade Summer Haircuts For Men

A bald fade has to be one of the most comfortable haircuts for the summer. It is paired with a textured crop on top to balance out the look. You can leave short bangs in the front if you wish or have choppy layers on top and leave them messy.

Problems like dandruff will be very visible in a bald fade, so tryshampoos to get rid of dandruff to combat this problem.

High Skin Fade With Hard Part and Slick Back

This hairstyle will keep your hair completely off your face. The sides are in a high skin fade to keep you cool and the longer hair on top is parted and slicked back away from your face.

Spiked Side Part With High Fade Summer Haircut For Men

Get a high fade from your barber and have him go over your side part with a razor. Style the hair in spikes to the side. This is a very distinct look. It has modern elements while retaining a no-fuss, low-maintenance vibe.

Low Fade With Hard Part Comb Over

This is a new variation on the classic comb-over look. Get a low fade and pair it with a hard side part. Style the comb-over using gel or pomade and you won’t have to worry about your hair all day.

Mid Fade With Brushed Up Hair

You can also go for a medium fade and brush up the longer hair on top. It takes very little styling and you don’t need to spend more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror every morning.

High Fade With Textured Hair on Top

This works well for men with wavy or curly hair. Get a high fade as usual and have the longer hair on top cut in soft layers to add texture. Leave it messy to emphasize the contrast in your hairstyle.

What Are Summer Haircuts For Men

Other hairstyles might be more unique or striking, but summer hairstyles focus on keeping you comfortable and relaxed. They look good and help you beat the heat at the same time.

Most summer hairstyles are short. It is pretty apparent that shorter hair means you will be more comfortable, but not everyone can pull off short hair. We’ve put together a list of the best summer hairstyles for men to help you pick a style that suits you.

Best Hair Products for Summer Hairstyle

  • Dry Shampoo: Everyone showers more during the summer, but you can’t shampoo every day because it will strip your hair of natural oil. Dry shampoo is a good alternative.
  • Pomade: Pomade has good hold and gives your hair the perfect sheen. It will make sure your hair stays put throughout the day.

Men's Plastic Comb and Hair Pomade on White Surface

  • Hair Wax: Wax is great for styling hair. You can get a water-soluble wax and it will just dissolve away when you wash your hair.
  • Hair Cream: Hair cream doesn’t have a good hold, but it locks in moisture and doesn’t let your hair get frizzy.

FAQ About Summer Haircuts For Men

What haircut should I get this summer?

A crew cut or textured crop with a fade is perfect for the summer. It will keep you stylish yet cool.

What is the hottest haircut for guys for summer?

This summer, a crew cut with a side-swept fringe and fade is the hottest haircut for men.

What is the easiest haircut to maintain during the summer?

Crew cuts and buzz cuts are the easiest to maintain during the summer.

Is short hair better for summer?

Short is better for summer as it will keep you from getting too sweaty and is much easier to maintain.


Summer hairstyles are all about comfort and style. They are typically very short and incorporate a fade or taper to help keep you cool in the summer heat.