Bearded Man Holding Stylish Fringe Hair

The fringe is a versatile haircut that you can find several styles capable of flattering your facial features. You can surely get your preferred style with the many fringe hairstyles for men with straight hair or curls.

You have endless styling options, whether you want a polished and refined one or an effortless and tousled style. In the next section, get to know more about the trendiest fringe hairstyles today.

20 Most Popular Hairstyles


Brighten your hairstyle with an angular fringe. Perfect for men with sharp jawlines, you can get this style by covering half of your forehead. The sides should also be shorter.


For a messy look, go for the textured fringe, which you can sport with a French crop, or by sweeping your hair to one side. Add more texture to this style and put on some matte clay, pomade, or hair spray to your tips so that you can enhance the look.

French Crop

One of the best hairstyles for big foreheads and a known classic (among the most popular 60s hairstyles that are now coming back), the French crop features short hair on your side, like the undercut or taper. It also sports a long fringe.

Side Swept

The side swept is an elegant hairstyle for men that is easy to maintain. Make it more interesting by featuring side-swept fringe bangs that can accentuate your facial shape and best features.

Faux Hawk 

This style combines the fringe, taper fade, and forward spiky hair on top, an excellent variation to the classic fringe. Apply some wax while pulling the hair’s ends upward. This can volumize the topmost part of your head.

Caesar Cut

This versatile fringe hairstyle fits those with wavy, curly, or straight hair. It works well for young boys and those into sports and other activities requiring a lot of energy.

Mop Top

Resembling a mop, you can make variations of this style with fringe and twists. It consists of straight hair with some texture, short bangs, and some hair covering your ears.

Curly Low 

Keep a neat fade or taper on the sides, then allow your natural curls to fall on your forehead. It features textured curls that serve as perfect contrasts for your short sides.

Man Curly Fringe Hairstyle

Front With Mid Fade

Similar to chili bowl cuts, this style looks unique. You can pair it up with a mid-fade and add volume on top of your head and the crown. Give it more height and texture by using dry shampoo and matte pomade.

Asymmetrical With Undercut

Get this contemporary style by having one side of the head shaved while the other should be longer. Style it with a deep part on the side to emphasize the short-shaved asymmetrical cut.

Shoulder Long With Full Fringe

This style is for you if you want to keep your hair long. Incorporate the fringe into your natural hair texture to look cool and hippy. For naturally straight hair, control the texture by flat-ironing it.

Short Layered 

For this style to work, you can get short and textured bangs. Mess up your locks to add some twist to your hair texture with a matte pomade. The short-layered fringe is perfect for those with wavy or straight hair.

Short Choppy 

If you are searching for a low-maintenance cut, this edgy, clean, and straightforward style is for you. It is suitable for those who have straight hair. You can choose to get an undercut or Caesar cut, then make the front of the fringe a bit undone and messy.

Short Afro

Add bangs on your Afro, which helps frame your face while adding more height to your entire look. You may also let your natural curls grow or maintain their neatness and a short length.

Straight Neat 

This does not require any texture. If your hair is naturally straight, just let your locks usually fall. If you have curls or some texture, use a flat iron to sweep them. Lock them in place with the help of some oil, too.

Messy Bowl Cut

Add some texture to the traditional bowl cut to have a more unique and fresher twist. This cut seems to look great for straight hair and one with a slight texture.

Messy Fringe Haircut for Man

Side Part 

Make the side-swept bangs look professional with this style. You can also integrate a taper fade or hard part to it. It is versatile in that it suits all types of hair. It is also one of the most suitable haircuts for men with diamond faces.

Brush Up 

This can add volume to your hair. The main appeal of this style is the height noticeable in front of your head. Like blowout hairstyles, you can apply wax or gel to your hair to spike it up. You may also use a pomade to have a brushed-up and textured look.

Curtain Bangs

A trendy hairstyle for a few years now, the curtain bangs are flattering to almost all men who wear them. It can make you look fancy and chic.

Two-Block Haircut

Two-block haircuts feature shaved or trimmed sides and back. It is also advisable to leave the top part long and style it based on your preference.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Choose a fringe haircut based on the shape of your face, color, type, and texture of your hair, and length. It also helps to check out some of the best silver hairstyles that are versatile enough to work for everyone.

Step 2 – Put on some gel or wax

It is also advisable to wear textured bangs if you prefer to style your fringe cut for a formal environment. You need such products to tame and polish rugged and textured styles, like Viking hair.

Step 3 – Pay attention to the weather

The reason is that excessive heat, heavy rain, and strong winds may affect your fringe. Prepare your hair for the harsh weather before going out.

Step 4 – Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Apply pomade, gel, or any other product that can keep your style in place. A hair spray is also an effective product for securing the fringe.


How long does it take to grow a fringe?

Around 4 to 5 months for those with a buzz cut. In general, though, the fringe often requires a change in style instead of growing additional length.

How often should I trim my fringe?

Trim your fringe every 3 to 4 weeks so it will continue to look sharp and less untidy.

Will fringe suit me?

Yes, you have to pick the most appropriate style from the many fringe haircuts that are popular now.

Should fringe be cut wet or dry?

Cut it when dry. Style it before cutting, too. This makes you see where the fringe sits precisely.

How do I keep my fringe in place?

Keep your fringe in place, do not touch it, as doing so may only make it limp and unmanageable. Do not load your fringe hair cut with some products before styling it to avoid making it look greasy and out of style.

You may also blow-wave it in various directions. It could be right, straight down, or left. This flattens out the fringe and works well for those with side-swept bangs and full fringe.

Which product is best to use on the fringe?

Use supplementary products, such as clay, wax, or pomade, to give your fringe some texture or add some shine. You can also shape your fringe with the aid of a blow dryer. Hairspray will also hold your fringe securely in place, which is good, especially during harsh weather conditions.