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Getting to that ripe old age does not include only your body changing, but your hair s well. For most men, the mark of masculinity is having long, sturdy, dark hair. But when all those features leave us, we are left with thin, gray hair that we’ve always feared ending up with.

You never know when the silver hair look will strike you. Some get it when they turn 30. Others get it even before. But if we are lucky, we will start getting gray in our 60s. It is a fear that all the men have but should not be looked upon as such.

The silver hair look is getting back in style. If you’ve never noticed, it is time to start looking around you and we promise that you will see a lot of gray dudes and some youngsters who have deliberately dyed their hair silver. Also, a silver hair look goes exceptionally well with a salt and pepper beard.

We decided to put your fears to rest about going gray and show you just how fabulous a hairstyle it can be. Just look at George Clooney. He’s been gray forever and doesn’t seem to mind it. Let’s take a look at how you can style your silver mane.

What Is It

Some consider the silver hair looks like the grandpa’s look. Some call it white hair; others refer to it as salt and pepper hair, but it means going gray. Having your hair change color is a natural phenomenon and occurs when we start getting at that senior age as we get older.

Our hairs grow out of follicles, each containing cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are known for producing two types of colors: eumelanin, the darker color, or pheomelanin, the reddish-yellow one. The combination of the two is referred to by dermatologists as melanin and is what essentially gives us our natural hair hue.

However, when melanocytes in follicles start to die out, the melanin becomes more transparent, giving the strand of hair a whitish, gray hue. When you see white hair, you should know that this type of hair does not have any melanin at all. As the melanocyte cell dies, there is no turning back as it will never produce melanin ever again. It will preserve its white color for the rest of its existence.

Scientists are not sure why the process happens, but it is mainly related to getting old. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, as some start getting white hair much earlier than others. Others speculate that it also relates to genetics and how we live.

16 Hairstyles for Men With Silver Hair

There are a bunch of silver hairstyles for men that can look good on you, no matter the age. Many of them allow you to wear a white beard with confidence. Here are some of the primary picks we’ve chosen and popular silver hairstyles that you can consider next.

Classic Comb Over

A comb-over is a classic style that looks good on all kinds of hair. But it gives the gray hair a rugged and professional look. Creating this look requires you to comb your hair back as further as possible. The sides should be clipped in a pompadour style to add weight to the haircut.

Comb-over Silver Hair

Side Part

The side part is an excellent choice for both younger and older men. Adding a side part can also create a bad boy look regardless of age or if you have natural or dyed silver hair. You will need some of the world’s best hair clays to style it as meticulously as possible.

Textured Waves

Textured waves combined with gray hairs can allow you to create a bold look with a statement. It may be a little bit difficult to tame for those that have straight hair, but some hairspray for men might help. Perfect both for everyday occasions or formal gatherings.

Short Chop

A short chop can look very intimidating on a guy with white hair. You need to cut the hair to mid-length and style it flat while keeping the sides short. Add some product to your hair to make it a bit messy and you will look exceptionally well.

Slicked Back

A slicked-back hairstyle for men is a timeless hairstyle and one that should look good on a guy with silver hair. The gray slicked back pairs well with some mustaches. A handlebar works best. If you can combine it well, you will create a very classy and gentleman-like look.

Buzz Cut

A silver buzz cut works best for dyed hair and younger men. It only requires you to buzz the hair short and dye it silver. It is a perfect option for younger generations. It also does not require any styling, as the only thing you will need to do is refresh it from time to time.

Longer Waves

Longer waves are perfect for those that want to age in style. The hair is kept longer while the tips are gray or white. This one can also be a bleached hairstyle to try for younger men as they only need to bleach the tips and keep the root in their natural color.

Brushed Back Undercut

An undercut can look awesome on silver hair but better on dyed hair and younger people. The hair must be short on the sides and kept longer on top so you can brush it back. This is a classic look, but combining it with gray hair gives you a modern approach to both.

Brush Up Long Top

This one is a pretty modern style aimed particularly at contemporary young men. It looks fantastic and only requires you to brush it up at the front and keep it long. Be sure to trim the sides a bit, so you make everything trendy.

Messy Spikes

Messy spikes look a lot better on shorter hairstyles. It’s a daring look for all of the youngsters out there. Combine it with gray or silver hair and you get a bonified bad boy demeanor.

Angular Fringe

A regular angular fringe involves keeping the top somewhat longer and the sides relatively shorter. But what sets it apart from similar haircuts is the fringe left hanging on the front of your forehead. Now imagine that look in gray hair and picture how cool it looks.

Retro Mop Style

A retro mop style is a legendary look that has seen numerous variations and changes. Even though many additions make this haircut look fantastic, the most recent one is wearing it on gray hair. Even the kids are doing it these days.

Gray Braids

Gray braids

Braids are usually the go-to style for black men. But they can be even bolder by adding some silver color. Silver braids and dark skin contrast are exceptional and look fantastic in all age groups.

Silver Fox Quiff

Believe it or not, a quiff looks very stylish on gray men. The quiff on its own is a simple style that is easy to maintain. The added twist of combining it with gray hair makes it look even better and don’t forget to add a beard for some bonus style points.

Silver Highlights

If you are still unsure whether silver hair is for you or is not as stylish as everyone says, why not take things slow? Start with silver highlights to accentuate the top of your head. The style looks a bit reserved as you are still not going all silver fox, but it is edgy due to the highlighted tips on top.


A silver hair mohawk is a daring look and can come out as badass. You don’t have to keep the mohawk long and don’t shave the sides of your head all the way; keep it short. Add some silver dye to the mohawk and you are all done and ready to go.

Pros and Cons


  • A cool silver hairstyle can make you look younger.
  • You will be taken more seriously as a silver fox with a suitable style.
  • You don’t have to hide your gray hair anymore.


  • Some styles can be tough to maintain.
  • Getting a suitable silver hair dye can be somewhat problematic.

Types of Silver Hair

There are two ways to get silver hair – natural and dyed. The first scenario happens whether you want it or not, while the second one is a style choice you can create on your own.


Natural Silver Hair

Getting natural gray hair does not mean the end of cool hairstyles. It is a new beginning as there are myriads of hairdos and facial hair styles that you can combine to create your unique look.

Also, gray hair does not happen overnight. It is a slow process that starts with a few strands of hair and can even end up in you going utterly white head. Nevertheless, you will be able to maintain your hair and create suitable styles throughout it, no matter the coloration of your silver hair.


One would assume that nobody would want silver hair unless they are forced to have it. This is entirely wrong as silver hair looks cool and can be made even better with a suitable hairstyle. Make sure to use premium hair dyes for men to get the quality coloration you need.

We are seeing youngsters left and right these days with silver hair. You don’t have to color it all the way; you can highlight some parts and make them stylish. Pick an excellent design and you are off to the races.

How to Get

Step 1 – Visit your hair colorist

One and the most secure way is going to your hair colorist to dye your hair. They will use the most appropriate hair dyes to color your hair evenly and mix it up to make the coloration right. You could do this yourself, but it would be hard to reach all the places on your head and spread the hair dye evenly. Also, you may not be able to create the color tone you want by yourself.

Step 2 – Use bleach

Another way of getting silver hair, which we don’t recommend doing at all, is using bleach. Especially trying to bleach your hair on your own should be avoided. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might damage your hair and not get the desired results.

You can also use temporary hair dyes that only coat your hair’s outside and not change it altogether. However, these wash out very quickly and are quick solutions, but they will also not damage your hair.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Avoid washing often

Try not to wash your hair often so the color can stay longer.

Step 2 – Start using a shampoo for colored hair

Start using a shampoo for colored hair or an SLS-free one that will not fade the color in your hair.

Step 3 – Use color-depositing products

Use color-depositing products from time to time as they will help diminish the yellow-brass color that can happen due to oxidation.

Step 4 – Use silver UV protection 

Try using a silver UV protection shampoo and conditioner.

Step 5 – Include toning kits

Include toning kits that can neutralize faded patches in your hair.

Quick Styling Tips

Man With Graying Hair Looking in Mirror

To help you get the best out of your gray hair look, it is important to style it correctly. Maintenance is key, but so is styling. It can even be much more important than you think. The secret to every silver hair or gray hairstyle is to keep to a formula that will help you style your hair long-term.

Matte Finish Products

Try using products that have a matte finish. That way, you will ensure the best quality and won’t get that yellow tone that can creep out due to oxidation—the better the products, the grander the results, of course. But ultimately, you will be able to keep the silver hair results for much longer.

Oil-Based Hair Spray

Avoid using styling clay and switch to oil-based spray products or pomades. This will ensure that your hair has more texture and does not look so greasy. This simple fix is best for short hairstyles as it will keep them together and bring much better results.

Hair Dryer

Do not disregard the fact of hair drying your hair often. Using a hairdryer will not only help you keep your hair neat but will allow it to be fresh and tidy. It is especially worth doing for long silver hair; the more you do it, the better your hair will look and the results will stay the same.

Do’s and Don’ts

When you have your silver hair all ready and have finally decided between taper vs. fade, it is time to keep it that way for as long as possible. This means that there are some practices that you will have to let go of to get the best results for your hairstyle.


  • Be sure to use quality dyes to color your hair.
  • Better go to a hair colorist to get the color evenly everywhere.
  • Dry your hair as often as you can.
  • Follow the maintenance and styling practices thoroughly.


  • Try not to wash your hair so often, so the color doesn’t fade too quickly.
  • Use oil-based products as opposed to clay.
  • Don’t try to color your hair by yourself.
  • Better not use bleach to turn your hair silver.


Should I dye my hair silver?

The choice of dying your hair silver is yours and yours alone. But if you decide to do it, you should still follow some best practices. For instance, don’t use bleach alone; go to a hair colorist to mix the color and dye your hair evenly from every angle. Silver hair can look good, but the choice should be made by none other than you.

Is gray hair popular today?

Yes, it is. Very much so. Tons and tons of silver hairstyles are getting more attention and are requested in hair salons. Even the people who start going gray tend not to cover their natural hair with various colors and decide to keep it natural. All in all, this may be the best time for getting a silver hairstyle.

How can men dye their hair silver?

Various dyes can help you turn your hair silver. You can choose lighter and darker tones of silver-based on your preferences. It is best to use quality products, so you don’t damage your hair. The best way is to go to a hair salon and have it dyed by a professional, as doing it yourself may result in mixed results.

Can gray hair be reversed?

Man With Graying Hair

If you decide to dye your hair, it is just a matter of time before it becomes its natural color. Using a temporary dye fades faster as it will fade away after a few washes. If you decide on a permanent solution, you will have to wait for your hair to grow. However, if your gray hair is natural, a way to reverse the effect does not exist. Going gray happens at a certain point in your life and depends from person to person; there is no way of bringing color back to white hair.

Can I dye my hair silver without bleaching it?

Yes, you can. Multiple hair dyes can work quite well and help color your hair silver. Bleaching your hair can have a damaging effect on it. So it is best to avoid it, particularly by yourself. Finding and getting a professional to color your hair silver is the best possible solution.


Going gray does not have to be a tragedy. Many men start getting a silver fox look early in their lives and chances are that all of us will be sporting a grandpa look or an all-white head someday. But we can quickly turn silver hair into an advantage by styling it to match our age and personal style. It isn’t so hard, nor does it requires a lot of time to od. All in all, going gray is just another way for us to try out a new hairstyle and new things.

Anthony Giannotti

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