George Clooney With a Salt and Pepper Hairstyle

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16 Best George Clooney Hairstyles


This is one of the most stylish side-swept hairstyles anyone can wear. George Clooney looks excellent in it as it combines a fresh and clean shave with the classic parting on the side. It nicely highlights his best facial features.


The classic hairstyle worn by Clooney is a gentleman’s haircut. It is one of the top haircuts for men that only requires minimal product for shaping and styling.

Close Crop

Get this look by visiting a professional barber and requesting a close crop. Make sure to inform him that you prefer to give the top part some length. It perfectly suits middle-aged men.

Hard Part

The hard part significantly affects almost all haircuts and styles George Clooney wears. It helps balance the shape of his face and maintains the harmony of his entire look.

Salt and Pepper

This salt and pepper hairstyle is a fantastic way to showcase your gray hair confidently. With this trendy cut, it is possible to make your gray hair look elegant and sophisticated.


You can also go for attractive military haircuts such as this particular style by George Clooney. He wore this for a role in Catch-22, a famous mini-series. It is a short cut that you can quickly get by using size 4 in your clipper guard.

Faux Hawk

This is a famous faux hawk style, as it looked great on Clooney. It is a spiky haircut that brings out Clooney’s handsome features.

Caesar Haircut

One of the most attractive hairstyles worn by George Clooney is the Caesar cut. It has sides that are a bit shorter compared to the side-swept top. This polished style also features some stray strands on his forehead.

George Clooney In a Medical Scrub With a Ceaser Haircut

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Hoary Charm

This style made George Clooney look several years younger. It features a top of medium length, then combined with clipped sides. Comb the top over and let a strand curl inwards on your forehead. Use a thin mustache to top off and complete the look.

Sharp Side Part With a Comb-Over

This is a charming and sexy hairstyle that will surely leave a good impression on both men and women. It features a nice gray color that makes it even more charming. Maintain this cut with the help of a quality styling gel.

Spiked Front

In this style, you can see Clooney brushing down the sides of his hair smoothly. This contrasts the spiked-up front of his top that is grown longer. Highlight this by wearing stubble.

Short and Sexy

Another famous haircut of George Clooney is this short and sexy style composed of an outgrown buzz cut and strands grown evenly. It is as good-looking as the trendy textured haircuts that many sports right now.

Slicked Down

This slicked-down hairstyle has a more formal vibe. It features a short scissor cut and back and sides that are nicely trimmed. The top is also long enough to brush it to one side.

Slicked Over Cut

This style is also as nice-looking as the famous layered haircuts. Get this style by preparing and then bleaching your hair. After that, cut your hair to the point where you can make a puff.

Short Quiff

In this style, Clooney can be seen sporting hair that graduates subtly at the sides and back. Apply a bit of hairstyling cream to part your hair perfectly.

Haircut With Beard

Are you also fond of the George Clooney beard? Then you can follow his short haircut and add more personality to your style by growing a beard.

George Clooney in a Suit Wearing a Goatee and Grey Hair

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How to Get and Maintain George Clooney Haircut

Step 1 – Cut your hair short

The reason is that most of George Clooney’s hairstyles require a short haircut. Ask the barber to keep the length of the upper part of your hair long and the sides a bit shorter than the top.

Step 2 – Apply the right hair color

Adding hair color can further amp up your chosen George Clooney hairstyle. As much as possible, choose a light-gray hair color, as it usually helps bring out the beauty of the style.

Step 3 – Wash your hair regularly

It also helps to schedule your visits to your barber to maintain your chosen look and style for your hair.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

Just like other hairstyles, you need some hair products to help you maintain the shape and smoothness of your hair. They are hair gel, pomade, wax, and soft styling cream.


What haircut does George Clooney have?

George Clooney has already sported different kinds of hairstyles, but the most recent is the one wherein he cuts the sides and back short in a traditional manner while giving the top a bit of extra length.

His hairstyle is good because it is not too extreme, blending well with naturally gray hair.

How long has George Clooney had gray hair?

Since 1998, George Clooney has already been seen making his hair go gray. It looked good on him; many people embraced this style and looked at him.

Does George Clooney use hair pomade?

Yes. Most of his hairstyles likely require a wax-based hair pomade to maintain the shine, polish, and shape.

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