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Generally, the side-swept hairstyle requires cutting the hair short at the back and sides while keeping the top longer. It has different variations, but one thing that makes them common is that the sides, back, and top have to be prominent all the time.

It typically encompasses the famous short sides and long top haircuts. Most side-swept hairstyles are ideal for men who prefer low-maintenance haircuts. The style is also for those who are incapable of taming their hair or wish to conceal some flaws.

30 Most Popular Side Swept Hairstyles

Fresh Cut

If you want something fresh, go for one with the right height balance on top and then the volume at the bottom. There is also a sleek undercut in the middle. This side-shave undercut hairstyle also goes well with a beard, preferably trimmed short.

Fringe Side Swept Haircut

This style features an undercut on the side and a sleek fringe, which you must comb to the side. It allows you to have a clean but long hair undercut, which is good for you if you are fond of your long hair but prefer to make the cut cleaner.

Side Swept Blow-Dry

Do you know that simply blow-drying your hair can give you a nice-looking side-swept hairstyle? It is often enough to give your hair a straight and smooth effect but with volume.

Brown Highlights

Lighten up your side-swept hairstyle with some brown highlights. It can make your entire look brighter and more interesting.

Brushed Effect Side Swept Hairstyle

This requires you to carry a more disheveled look. It simply involves drying your hair roughly right after washing.

Side Swept Quiff

The simple quiff can make your side-swept hairstyle more voluminous. It gives the top more volume, which nicely contrasts with any shaved sides hairstyles, thereby providing your look a more dramatic effect.


The hipster-inspired look gives a classic variation, similar to the 1920s hairstyles and the famous 60s hairstyles, to the side-swept undercut. All it takes is showing the front a side-swept look and pairing it up with a bit of beard.

Undercut Featuring a Mohawk

This requires you to smooth down your mohawk to the side. Use a hair pomade for that purpose.

Undercut Office

This is one of those wavy hairstyles featuring a side-swept undercut with a polished and dapper look. This makes it suitable to wear in the office.

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Sharp Side Part

If you are fond of side-part haircuts, then choose this style. It simply involves styling your hair so that there is a side-part undercut. It should be a challenging and sleek part to make the look more intentional and bolder.

Short Brushed Waves

This style has layers that add movement to thinning or naturally thin hair. Wash your hair with a quality product that can further thicken your hair strands for more volume.

Side Swept Side Brush Hair

To get this style, give your hair a gentle brush-up. It is easy to style and maintain, making it great for daily wear.

Side Part Undercut Fade

Get this style by blending the side part and the natural fade. It is an excellent way to soften your look and prevent hard and harsh lines and cuts.

Curved Side Part Undercut

Add a curve to your side part to make the style look more rounded. Ingest more fun to the style with the help of an undercut.

Side Swept Pomp Undercut

This style requires you to give your pompadour a more modern touch. It combines classic and modern and blends well with an undercut.

Sleek Comb-Over

This side-swept style looks clean and polished. You must make sure you use a pomade or gel for this purpose.

Spiked Undercut

If you prefer a messier and edgier look, give the spiked undercut a try. It looks creative and edgy as it does not have the usual sharp edges and smooth and soft lines of the undercut.

Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

Get this look by adding texture to the front. It comes with waves or curls and requires hair gel to make the style more defined.

Curly Pink Undercut

This fun and unique style come with curls. It has a bold and striking color, giving the style an edge over the others.

Undercut Dreads

This is ideal for those with dreads. Just sweep your hair or locks to the side, so you will have an easier time styling your undercut.

African American Man With Side Dreads

Side Bang

This style requires your hair to be mid-length. It gives you a more put-together look, which is also good if you can’t fully commit to caring for long locks or an undercut.

Overgrown Side Swept Hair

It requires a cleaner and subtler undercut. You also have to make your top grow since it gives the style an undone, sexy, and irresistible look.

Chaotic Side Swept

Integrate a bit of mess or chaos into your side-swept hairstyle. Just comb your hair using your fingers to get that messy or chaotic look.


The side-swept hairstyle also works well with a bearded look. Go for a closely-shaved beard, providing the right balance of being put-together and laidback.

Pompadour Side Swept

Wear clean pomp to add class to your looks. All it takes is to keep your locks neat.


A style that is as interesting as the Edgar haircut is the comb-over. It requires you to comb your hair to one side, giving it more volume. It makes your strands look thicker.


Do you prefer a bolder look? Then choose the over-exaggerated style. Just make sure that you are ready to sport it.


Put an easy hold and structure to your hair with a soft side part. It lets you add volume to the side-swept undercut.

Groomed Man Bun

This requires you to wear your man bun a bit to the side. It also requires you to keep the sides shorter while the top should be longer.

Short Undercut

To sport this look, you have to keep your side-swept undercut short. Put on some gel to continue making this look neater and more polished.

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How to Style and Maintain Side Swept Hair

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose a side-swept hairstyle depending on your facial shape, features, natural hair type, and texture. Consider whether you want to pair it up with a beard, too.

Step 2 – Wash

Use quality shampoo to wash your hair, then towel dry it roughly. You should then comb through it to keep it knot-free and neat and prepare it for styling.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain your chosen style through regular washing and conditioning. It also helps to give it a trim now and then.

Step 4 – Apply the right styling products

One product you can use is a hair wax that can give your style shape and provide a more secure hold the entire day. You may also apply hair gel and pomade.


How to style side-swept bangs?

You can get this style by using an undercut or a fade and keeping some length in front. It is also possible to style it with an angular fringe, which is known to blend well with every hair texture, length, and style.

Are side-swept hairstyles in style in 2022?

Yes. It is one of the recent trends in hairstyles that won’t be going away anytime soon.