Man With Long Blonde Undercut and Full Ginger Beard

Regarding retro hairstyles, the undercut is among the most iconic. You can achieve it with either medium or long hair. The long hair undercut is one of the classic men’s hairstyles that is easy to achieve without sacrificing the length of your hair.

The undercut features sides that are shorter than the top. With that in mind, you can opt for a long undercut or an undercut fade. That’s the good thing about the undercut and other 50s hairstyles – there’s always plenty of room for experimentation.

21 Most Popular Hairstyles

Side Swept

The side swept is one of the top hairstyles for men with straight hair. This 50s hairstyle features longer hair on top and a semi-shaven side part or undercut.

Messy Top

For men who like looking a little messy at the top, the messy top undercut is a subtle style you might want to consider. It pairs well with a low undercut and a full beard and is one of the ideal long hairstyles for older men.

Half Undercut

The half undercut is a quirky and edgy style. It is achieved by demarcating the hair towards the back. The one half falls freely towards the back while the hair on top is tied into a high knot.

Slick Back

The slick back is combined with a high skin fade that makes the hair easy to manage.

Side Part

When it comes to trendy curly hairstyles, the side part has a unique appeal to it. Like a surfer’s hair, it adapts the conventional undercut.

Long Bangs

If you want an edgy and unique look, try long bangs with a high skin fade on one side. The bangs are concentrated on one side of the head. Feel free to use hair relaxers if you don’t have straight hair.

Man Bun

The man bun never goes out of style. If you have long hair, you can shave the sides clean and then tie the remaining hair into a top knot.

Men With Bun and Undercut

Mohawk Braids With Undercut Sides

If you are a fan of the French braid, then the mohawk with undercut sides is an effortless hairstyle bound to turn heads. The sides are faded, and the remaining hair is tied into a French braid.


The pompadour is a retro hairstyle with long hair on top that is styled a few inches above the forehead.

Side Shaved 

The side shaved hair is a conventional undercut style with a faded side. For an edgier look, you can dye the remaining hair.

Mohawk With Undercut

If you have medium hair, skin fade the side and dye the remaining hair for an edgier and unique look.

Rugged Undercut With Beard

The sides are shaved short, and the hair on top is styled in rugged waves. It’s an effortless look that is easy to maintain.

Mohawk Dreads

Dreadlocks are easy to maintain, but if you don’t like a full head of dreadlocks, you can fade the sides and back and tie the remaining dreads on top into a French braid.

Tapered Undercut

The tapered undercut features a low fade and long hair on top that you can style in any way you like.

Comb Over

The comb-over features a quiff on top with a neat side part on one side and skin fade on the sides.

Braided Mohican Undercut

The braided Mohican undercut is one of the most stunning long wavy hairstyles. It features a disconnected undercut that combines the braided styling with a Mohican cut.

Undercut With Hair Design

The undercut with hair design is a classic undercut with a few neat and artistic lines at the back or sides.

Men Undercut With Hair Design

Long Wavy Haircut

Long wavy hairstyles always look good, especially with long hair, and the long wavy haircut is no different. To achieve it, fade the sides and style the remaining hair in tousled waves.

Textured Long 

It features a textured undercut and long hair swept to the sides. For a unique style, consider adding an ombre and shades to create a contrast.

Curly Hair Undercut

Long curly hair is versatile when it comes to styling. One of the most flattering hairstyles is fading the sides and leaving curly bangs on top.

Curly Faux Hawk

This hairstyle combines length, curls, and an undercut to make heads turn. It’s a good choice for men who have curly locks.

How to Style and Maintain 

Step 1 – Choosing the right style

If you have long hair, there’re many undercut hairstyles to consider. But here’s the thing; not all styles will suit you, so consider your face shape and what you want the style to communicate.

Step 2 – Styling options

To style a long undercut, you need to get a buzz on the sides first but ensure the hair on top remains long. Usually, the length of the hair on top varies from 2″ to 6″ and the undercut from 4″ to 5″.

Step 3 – Maintaining the style as you go

The undercut is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain. All you need is to ensure you trim the sides regularly.

Step 4 – Best products to use

An undercut looks good when the hair on top has volume and shine. Invest in quality hairspray, hair clays, hair wax, gel, and shampoo. Use hair gel and hair wax to style the hair. 


How long should your hair be for an undercut?

Your hair should be 4-6 inches long.

Will an undercut make my hair look thinner?

When done right, the hair on top has an excellent volume but can look sparse if you overdo it.

Are undercuts still cool in 2022?

Yes, undercuts are still excellent and don’t seem like they are going anywhere.

How do you wear a long undercut?

You can comb it back, tie it into a top knot, sweep it to the sides or finish off as a French braid.

Are undercuts good for long hair?

Yes, undercuts are excellent for long hair because you can style your hair in so many ways.