Surfer Hair for Men

Having a surfer’s haircut is awesome.

There is something about the cool long locks that absolutely breathe confidence in a man.

It will make even the most uncool person look like a world beater.

At least that’s what everyone thinks before actually trying it out.

Although we agree that a surfer’s hair looks cool, not everyone can pull it off.

At least not without proper tips and tricks.

What most achieve is a weird look or, worst case scenario, they mess up their hair so bad they have to chop it off. 

But, there is a way of creating a surfer haircut just the right way.

It requires time and patience, but you can certainly do it.

Here you’ll find all you need to achieve the coolest surfer hairstyle.

35 Most Popular Types of Surfer Hair for Men

Wavy Texture With High Volume

Wavy Texture With High Volume

Photo @shrunknheads

If you have natural, wavy and thick hair, you will not need to do a lot to make this style. Growing it and combing it from time to time is more than enough. You don’t even have to comb the hair; slick it back with your fingers and put on some sunglasses to enjoy the sun.

A beard is an optional choice here, but it does look really good. But don’t grow it too long; a stubble will suffice.

Messy Bun and Highlights

Messy Bun and Highlights

Photo @martin.risteskii

A man bun can look incredible or can be the absolute worst thing for your style. There is no in-between with this one. Luckily, it does not look half bad on a surfer, bro. But avoid the neat and tight one, keep it messy and add some highlights.

This should create an immaculate and suitable surfer style. It looks very laid back and appropriate for any occasion. If you have the face type for it, you can grow a beard to complement the man bun.

Messy Curls Lying Around

Messy Curls Lying Around

As mentioned a few times already, longer hair looks a thousand times better on a surfer dude. But add some curls, make it a bit messy, and allow it to fly all over and you get a perfect dude look.

Imagine getting out of the water and slicking your hair back. Let it dry and you are ready for anything that the day gives you. This style looks exceptionally well on wet and dry hair and does not require any special maintenance.

The messy curls are the defining property that makes this style work. As with most of these styles, a beard can be added based on personal preference. But for this look, be sure to keep a short to medium beard.

Surfer Messy Hairstyle

Surfer Messy Hairstyle

Photo @anthonythebarber916

The free-flowing nature of a surfer’s hair is the main attraction of any surfer style. The surfer’s messy hairstyle epitomizes what being a surfer is. Being free and going with the flow, or in this case, the waves, are what being a surfer is all about, and so should your hair be like.

Shoulder-length hair works best. But with some practical usage of a hair trimmer, you can add a fade or even an undercut. As long as you keep the top messy and long, you are good to go. A stubble beard will look fabulous in this case, especially with messy hair.

Surfer Tousled Hairstyle

Tousled Hairstyle

Photo @ffalfoul

If you are not that crazy about long hair, a tousled hairstyle will work best for you. A tousled hairstyle is a modern twist on the classic surfer look. It’s shorter on the sides but longer on the top and much easier to maintain than other classic surfer haircuts.

The cropped sides allow for a much cleaner and defined look, which is perfect for various occasions, even formal ones. The sun-bleached hair on the top exclaimed this being a surfer hairdo.

Undercut Surfer Hairstyle

Undercut Surfer Hairstyle

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Surfers can also manage an undercut well. Adding an undercut on a classic surfer style hair allows the look to evolve. This is yet another modern take on an addition to a surfer look which works very well for most occasions.

Adding a quiff on top that you will slick back further emphasizes the charm of this haircut. You can make the quiff even longer, which will add the surfer vibes to it even more.

Surfer Curly Medium Hairstyle

Curly Medium Hairstyle

Photo @jayblendedit

Curly hair also counts as a surfer’s hair. You may not have seen too many afros out there, but they work perfectly well on surfer dudes.
Some curly medium afro hair will do the trick in making you look like an actual suffer homie.

But don’t make it too long as you risk making it too retro. The hair still has to be long and free enough to count as a surfer’s hair. Be sure to spice things up with some sunglasses. It will make a great choice for a nice, relaxing evening.

Wet Iconic Surfer Style

Wet Iconic Surfer Style

Photo @sir_chris_hudson

The iconic surfer look has to include wet hair. Just imagine Keanu Reeves hitting the waves and then coming out of the water, slicking and splashing it back, as he goes to enjoy a rest on the beach. The wet iconic suffer style look is a laid-back variant suitable for a relaxed day.

It does not require so much maintenance, but you have to have medium or short hair. You can go to work sporting it or enjoy the rest of the day adventuring with this iconic style.

Surfer’s Medium Straight Hair

Medium Straight Hair

Photo @shtter_bug

Your hair does not have to be wavy to be called suffer hair. One can enjoy a surfer look with straight hair as well. But it is better if you keep it at medium length. Of course, you can keep it as unkempt as you want, or better yet, let the wind do its thing and stylize it anyway it goes.

Alternatively, if the hair gets too long, you can pull it back in a ponytail. That way, you can change between these two styles whenever you wish or feel like it. In this case, we would avoid facial hair and go with a clean-shaven look.

Surfer’s Shorter Curly Style

Shorter Curly Style

Photo @anthonythebarber916

As you wait for your hair to get longer, you can still enjoy your short curly style. It is not an afro, but it is close to one. If you have curly hair, you can perhaps keep it shorter and not let it grow out too much.

The volume of hair on the head speaks masculinity and explodes with youthful energy. It works very well for younger people looking for a new style that they can find a suitable one in the surfer dude appearance.

Messy Surfer Hairstyle

Messy Surfer Hairstyle

Here we have another very attractive shoulder-length surfer style. The messy mop with some curls at the bottom looks nice and attractive. This look is also very flexible as it can work on various occasions.

You can easily sport the longer hair on a t-shirt and some sunglasses. Alternatively, you can go with a modern but laid-back suit style as well.

Casual Surfer Hairstyle

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Wavy Casual Hairstyle

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Quiffed Messy White Top

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Curly Top Fade

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Blow Dried Medium Heat Low Tension

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Blonde Highlights

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Very Long Freestyle Surfer Hair

Photo @martin.risteskii

Medium Surfer Hair With Long Bangs

Photo @alitheebarber

Brow Flow With Straight Hair

Photo @alitheebarber

Fade Haircut Bleach Top Ponytail

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Long Bangs And Comb Over surfer hair

Photo @shrunknheads

Surfer Bleached Long Hair

Photo @silverwolf_70

Short Top And Many Braids On The Back Side

Photo @silverwolf_70

Angular Fringe

Photo @alitheebarber

Surfer Medium Hair And Casual Ponytail

Photo @sir_chris_hudson

Casual Surfer Slick


White Medium Hair With Quiff surfer hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Man Bun And Skin Fade surfer hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Long Blunt Cut And Middle Part surfer hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Surfer Fade And Long Top Ponytail

Photo @nour.badran_official

Short Hair And Casual Top Bun surfer hair

Photo @mr_beardo_beard_boy

Ruffled Wings Flow Hairstyle

Photo @ffalfoul

What Is Surfer Hair

Most of us will picture Keanu Reeves or Patrick Swayze from Point Break when defining surfer’s hair. As far as Keanu goes, he also has the mannerisms of a surfer besides the hair.

But what ultimately sets this style apart from others is that it is a laid-back version of some regular hair. It can be short, medium, and long, but the best way to describe it is tousled. Surfers intentionally make their hair look disheveled and unkempt.

The seawater, the sun, and the sand are all the defining elements that help them achieve this look. While most people will use conditioners, surfers don’t. But if you are not a surfer and want a surfer’s hair, you will have to pull a few tricks and start using some products.

How to Get One

Step 1 – Grow your hair out

Getting a surfer dude look will require some patience and persistence, at least initially. You will need to grow your hair out, which is the defining element of a surfer’s hair.

Of course, there are some shorter styles, but the one with longer hair looks better and feels more natural for a surfer, bro.

Step 2 – Use a moisturizer

Your hair has to be neck-length at the back, eye-length in the front, and chin-length on the sides. Men who want healthy and moisturized hair will need to use some moisturizer products to keep the hair healthy.

But you don’t need to do anything special to add the waves. These will come on their own with length.

Step 3 – Make it look messy

Those who prefer shorter variants can go with short sides and a long top version or add a fade or an undercut on the sides with short or medium hair on the top.

After you achieve the length you wish, it is time to make your hair look as messy as possible. Sometimes it is pretty enough to let nature do the work for you.

Step 4 – Grow stubble or thicker beard

You can grow a thicker beard or a simple stubble to finalize the look. A stubble looks better, though and pairs perfectly with long messy hair.

How to Style It

How to Style Surfer Hair

You don’t need to do much to style surfer hair. The very essence of it is keeping it messy or unkempt, so any lengthy attempts of stylizing it will ruin the look and make it seem unnatural.

Growing the hair to a required length is the hardest part, as you do have to wait for it to grow as long as you need it. After that, you can go with a “bedhead”.

You don’t need to comb or arrange your hair. You wake up, wash your teeth, grab a surfboard, and off you go in your case, minus the surfboard.

But what you can do to style surfer hair is the following:

Step 1 – Wash your hair and towel it dry

Use a salt-infused product with a matte finish on your hair. Let it air dry or blow dry it with a diffuser; either way works.

Step 2 – Use some pomade to add a shine

This part is optional. Keep it as messy and laid back as possible.


How can you get surfer waves in your hair?

The simplest way is growing your hair and allowing for the waves to appear naturally. Alternatively, you can use some pomade and scrunch it in your hair, after which you can apply some wave spray or seawater.

What is the best hairstyle for surfing?

There are a few exciting hairstyles that are suitable for surfing. Most guys enjoy the messy hairstyle with both longer and medium hair.

Can surfers have short hair?

Yes, they can. There are a few surfer styles that involve them having shorter hair. Modern versions include having it shorter on the sides and longer on the top.

What is surfer hair called?

Surfer hair is usually called tousled. It is a term used for hair that is messy or windblown.


When describing a surfer guy, one can usually do it with a single word – Cool! The way they behave, carry themselves, speak, and look is simply cool. A lot of that is due to the hair and it defines their laid-back nature and free-spiritedness

No one can deny the fact that the surfer’s hair looks awesome and, in turn, makes you notch a few levels up on the excellent meter.

Surfer’s hair is not only swell for everyday occasions; it can even work for some more serious stuff. All in all, it is a look that can redefine your style altogether and help you get much more relaxed.

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