Keanu Reeves With a Patchy Beard and Long Hair

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It seems that Keanu Reeves is simply one who found the Fountain of Youth and is not telling anybody about its whereabouts.

Keanu looks almost the same today as he was some 20 years ago. He seems exceptionally cool and attractive.

Not only that, but he is also one of the most down-to-earth celebrities and an overall nice guy that you won’t believe.

When people see Keanu now, they can’t get past his tremendous hair paired with an excellent Keanu Reeves beard.

He is almost 60 and people still think he hasn’t reached 40.

Most of it has to do with the hair.

We want to tell you more about Keanu Reeves’ haircuts and how to style them.

This is a story that might inspire everyone to look as cool as Keanu does.

26 Most Popular Keanu Reeves Haircuts

Keanu is not one of those actors with receding hairlines. At his age, he still has a complete set of hair and looks magnificent. He can also pull off several looks that many other actors can’t even dream about doing.

Long Length Young Hairstyle

When he was young, Keanu sported long hair. Combined with his youthful look, his natural good looks opened many doors for his upcoming career.

Textured Clean Long Length Hair

Even though you mostly remember Keanu for his long hair, he cut it a bit at around mid-length at a certain point. He had clean and textured hair, which is suitable for formal dinners.

Pretty Long Hair

Thanks to Keanu’s natural surfer wine, he can easily rock long hairstyles for men. You could see him with really long hair when he was much younger. His natural solid hair has never left him since.

Buzz Cut 

Keanu appeared with a buzz cut for the first time in the role of office Jack Traven in Speed. Everyone loved him for that, as he showed that he could simultaneously rock shorter hairstyles and look very attractive.

Medium Length Hair and Beard

Reeves’ signature look now is his beard. He started with stubble but grew it longer and now has a perfect and preserved one which pairs magnificently with medium-length hair.

Keanu Reeves With a Disconnected Beard and Medium-Length Hair

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Top Knot With Framing Sides

In a role for 47 Ronin, Keanu tied his hair up in a top knot while letting some strands loose fall around his face. It is not an attractive man bun, but the top knot actually works a lot better on him.

Relaxed Side Part

Being cast as Neo in the Matrix franchise was a life-changing choice for Keanu. He captured everyone with his look and invited them to the Matrix. You can see him sport some exquisite side-part haircuts in the sequel movies.

Medium Length Shags

Keanu is a child of the 90s, so it makes sense for him to rock a haircut resembling that age. A shaggy medium-length hairstyle is an appealing choice when you are as good-looking as he is.

Outgrown Faux Hawk

You would never see Keanu wearing a faux hawk today, but as a youth, he did while playing a role. The outgrown version that he wears is a bit subdued compared to the original, but he did make it work quite well.

Glazed Brushed Back Hair

When Reeves goes neat he goes out of his way to do it. You might say that he looks devilishly good with glazed slicked-back hairstyles. You do have to look the part when advocating for the devil.

Regular Cut

Reeves is very down-to-earth and does not want to draw so much attention to him. So when he is not in front of a camera, you can see him sporting a plain regular cut that does not require much effort to create.


This one reminiscences Keanu’s surfer personality and look. Jumping out of the sack and getting to it is mostly how Keanu Reeves looks.

Polished Flattop

Due to several swab roles, Keanu wore a very polished flattop style. It may not be your favorite Keanu moment, but it should go down in the books.

Long Length Middle Part

We are more used to seeing this look from Keanu nowadays. Long hair and a middle part are one of the best hairstyles for men he can rock. 

Glossy Textured Quiff

Another style that came out of the Matrix. Neo had a very nice textured quiff followed by mandatory gloss, thanks to some hair wax. Since it was the 2000s, you need some gloss on your hair.

Keanu Reeves With a Messy Hair

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Soft Bro-Flow With Lengthy Sides

A very formal style, especially when paired with a stubble beard. A look that deserves a good suit and nice shoes.

Subtle Curtains

A very youthful-looking style that a very young Keanu used to wear. He did have curtains a lot during his lifetime, but the subtle approach is the one we like the most.

Short Hairstyle and Messy Spikes

Keanu can have an equally good messy short hairstyle and a long one. In this case, he opted to have shorter hair but added the spikes on top to help elaborate more on the haircut.

Wet Slicked Back Hair Long Length

Long hair is sexy. It is even sexier when you slick it back and add some product that gives you a wet look. It is tenfold sexier when Keanu Reeves wears it.

Messy Layers of Textured Hair

Thanks to Keanu’s natural hair, he can combine textured hair with a messy style that fits perfectly well.

Matrix Hairstyle

This one needs no introduction. You know it, you love it, you want to have one. Just wear a pair of sleek shades and get ready to fight for Zion.

Mustache and Beard 

Keanu is not often mentioned when people talk about celebrities with epic mustaches. He is more of a beard guy and undoubtedly has one of the most recognizable ones.

The mustache is an important part of the setup and helps him achieve the complete facial hair look.

Beard With Long Hairstyle

This is the John Wick we all know and love today. Keanu Reeves didn’t only make a massive comeback with this franchise; he also made it with his new look. He looks very many and rugged and oozes sex appeal.

Butterfly Look Long Hairstyle

The somewhat comeback long hair paid with an impressive beard and mustache combo that Tony Stark would be jealous of is what defines this look. Perfect for a nice dinner or a formal occasion.

Gentleman Hairstyle

Keanu’s youthful look is what allows his multiple styles to look good. He can even pull off a gentleman’s cut when he needs to. Add a nice blazer and you are good to go.

Messy Wings Haircut

Theodore Logan Esquire used to have some tremendously messy hairstyles during his trips to both the past and the future with his friend Bill. We can say that Keanu looked most excellent here and sported the wings with radical excellence.

Young Keanu Reeves With a Matrix Hair and Short Beard

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How to Get and Maintain Keanu Reeves Hairstyles

Creating a Keanu Reeves hairstyle can be easy and challenging, depending on how you decide to go about it. Getting one is not so hard, but maintenance can be a bit hard.

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Go through all the Keanu Reeves looks that we proposed here. Choose the one you think will suit you the best. If you have a good beard, you are halfway there.

Step 2 – Grow to a specific length

You should aim for mid-length hair, but if you really want, you can also go for a longer version.

Step 3 – Shave and trim a bit

But not too much. You might need some wax if you like slicking it back and parting it. In all fairness, it works even as a bedhead style.

Step 4 – Wash regularly

It helps if you use conditioner on both the hair and the beard, as it will nurture them both and allow them to grow strong.


Does Keanu Reeves wear hair extensions?

No, he doesn’t. Keanu Reeves has utterly natural hair.

What is Keanu Reeves’ hair color?

You might say that he has pitch-black hair, as it is how he appears in most of his movies. A better description is that he has dark hair.

Who is Keanu Reeves’ hair stylist?

The stylist who helps him prepare for his roles is Jeanne Yang, who does most of Keanu’s hair and hairstyles.

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