Men With Takuache Haircut

Takuache may have started as a meme but has transitioned to hairstyles like you would not expect. Also known as the Edgar haircut, Takuache is a very edgy and modern type of hairstyle that has made it into the mainstream faster than you would imagine it would.

You either love a Takuache haircut or hate it; there is no middle ground here. Some even refer to Takuache haircuts as a lifestyle or how one should live.

It is one of the Mexican haircuts you should try at least once in your life, as it will be a head-turner no matter where you go.

To help you learn how to go Takuache and get a proper haircut, we have devised a list of some of the most popular ones and added specific explanations for getting one. Here we go.

20 Most Popular Hairstyles

To help you learn all the proper haircut names and how to style them, we have created a list of some of the most popular Takuache haircuts currently in trend. We assure you that one of your future hairstyles is right here.


The classic Takuache is most suitable for those with thick and voluminous hair. The sides and the back should be trimmed to impart the high fade. The front and center part is the one that keeps the volume, especially the short blunt at the front.

Wavy Blunt

A blunt style goes perfectly with wavy hair. The short waves are excellent in breaking the monotony of your hair and can tweak your appearance relatively high. Some guys decide to taper the fades at the back and sides, making it look marvelous.


You can never go wrong with spikes if you are young and in your 20s. Pairing it up with a Takuache only elevates things even further. Don’t forget about using good hair creams to style the hair properly.


Believe it or not, a Takuache haircut is suitable for a formal occasion. The high and tight Takuache is one of the short haircuts for thick hair people and corporate occasions. You can brush it easily and maintain it better than those long ones.

Uneven Fringes

This type of Takuache haircut incorporates a thicker cover on top and a classic fade on the sides. But the part that distinguishes this haircut is the uneven fringes or fangs, as some call them. Perfect for those that like to experiment.

Men With Uneven Fringes Hairstyle

Photo @yeganebarber

Contrast Fade Highlights

Adding color to the mix is a fantastic option for your Takuache hair. Highlighting the top and keeping the fade on the sides makes this hairstyle attractive. Start with a standard black or brown and continue by brightening the tones as you go upwards.


A mullet Takuache can work as an excellent hairstyle for gay men. This one involves combing a perfect blunt with some longer hair that goes in the back. The faded sides only make the entire look sharper and increasingly appealing.

Haircut for Curly Hair

If you have curls, you should embrace them to create a cool-looking Takuache style. A long curly fringe accounts for a highly fresh take. You can even spice things up by adding a contrasting color at the top.

Hood Bowl

This one is called a hood bowl, as it parallels putting a bowl over your head and tapering it all around. We also call this a mushroom cut; it looks exceptionally well on younger boys. It only needs a perfect skin fade on the sides to complete it.

Low Taper

A low taper requires you to have well-trimmed hair at the back and sides. It may look effortless, but it requires more maintenance than others. You are also going to have to add a hair tonic into your grooming routine as well.

Tighten Fade

With this one, you will pair some shaved or trimmed edges with just a little volume up top. It is a relaxed yet very formal style that goes with a tuxedo and a well-pressed suit.


A Takuache haircut and fades like peanut butter and jelly go hand in hand. The very essence of a Takuache is getting a fade on the sides and keeping the volume on top. You can style it and even create a drop fade haircut.

Dark Defined Fades

With this one, you will have to bulge the hair up top while you blur some of it to the sides. Layered trimming is required towards the edges as you go to create the blur as needed. It works best for mid-length hair.

Dark Fades

This one requires you to flaunt some fringes on your forehead. But the edges towards the side need to be kept darker, making them fuller simultaneously — perfect haircuts for men with diamond faces.

Bald Fades

A bald fade is for everyone that does not feel comfortable going full Takuache. It even goes perfectly with a bead, no matter if you have a thick one. Add some extra textures to the fade if you want a sharper look.

Curl Fringes

This is done by giving the blunt fringe a light curl over the eyebrows. It dramatically affects the existing hairstyle and can pair well with short and long waves.

Men With Ombre Takuache Haircut

Photo @yeganebarber


Try this layered cut if you want something that will make you stand out. It features a unique textured design that should add more life to the haircut alongside the existing volume. But this one is only suitable for those with thick hair due to all the layers.


We already mentioned that adding color to a Takuache is a great idea. But going two-tone like two-face is something that not many people dare to do. A grey and black combination with some chopped and textured fringes is the perfect way to go.

Feather Design

Feathered hairstyles are all the rage right now; creating a Takuache version of it can work out tremendously. A feather combined with blunt fangs and a high fade is what you need to go with. Pick a color to distinguish the feather and you are on your way to go.

Designer Haircuts

A Takuache hairstyle fits in perfectly with a designer haircut. You can go a variety of ways when it comes to this one. Go all out with this one, pick a design that nobody else has, and become the one in charge.

How to Style and Maintain

Consider a change and step out of the shadow of those old-school haircuts and go for a Takuache. It might look hard to create, but it is pretty easy once you have somebody with experience helping you. Here are the main steps that you are going to take.

Step 1 – Pick the style you wish to create

The first step is perhaps the hardest. You need to pick the Takuache style you wish to create, and with so many good ones, it can be hard to determine which one to choose. But we suggest browsing the choices we exclaimed and we are sure there will be one for you there.

Step 2 – Styling

Styling is a particular part. You are going to have to utilize the help of a variety of trimmers, tweezers, scissors, and other shaping tools. Each style requires a different approach and it can take 30 minutes or up to an hour to do everything right.

Step 3 – Regular trimming

Once your Takuache style is excellent and ready comes the maintenance part. You may need to go to the barber for some touch-ups, but we suggest doing regular trims and removing parts as soon as they grow out.

Step 4 – Use emollient and hair gel

A Takuache hairstyle is going to need some products to stay still. You will need some quality emollient and hair gel to keep it still. Luckily, not so much, but you will have to style it every day when you wake up.


Why is the Takuache haircut so popular?

A Takuache or the Edgar is the hottest new thing regarding hair. Since it is unique and many people want to try it out, it has garnered enough attention to make it one of the most popular new haircuts.

Who started the Takuache haircut brand?

It is believed that a guy called Adam Meis started this trend inadvertently when he posted a picture of some teenagers who stole his truck. The guy driving the car was labeled as Edgar and his hairstyle was Takuache, which was enough for the internet to do its thing.

What are other names for Takuache haircut?

It is usually referred to as Edgar, but some call it the Mexican version of a Caesars cut. There were instances where it was also named a Dumb and Dumber haircut. 

Should you get a Takuache haircut?

The choice is up to you. If you want to try something new and radical, the Takuache is the way to go. If you don’t like experimenting so much, this one could be too much for you.