Textured Mushroom Hairstyle

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Also called the bowl cut, the mushroom haircut is one option for men looking for easy, quick, and simple hair styling.

This haircut has short hair on all sides and a long, even length on top.

This creates a similar look to the head of the mushroom.

The mushroom haircut is also one of the 60s hairstyles returning to the men’s fashion scene.

It has many variations – the chili bowl haircuts, curly mushroom undercut, and bowl cut taper fade, so picking one that makes you look fresh and unique is easy.

25 Most Popular Mushroom Hairstyles

Modern Blonde Mushroom Haircut and Low Fade

One excellent option is the modern mushroom cut dyed blonde. Make this style more appealing and exciting, especially to the opposite sex, by styling it with a low fade.

Mushroom Top and Low Taper Cut

Style the top of your hair with a mushroom cut. You should add more flavor to this hairstyle with the aid of a low taper cut guaranteed to win the attention of many.

Curly Mushroom Bowl Cut and Taper Fade

Choose the curly mushroom bowl cut if you have curls and want to have an easier time styling it. One advantage of this style is that it adds volume to your hair. It is perfect for men with a strong jawline.

It is also one of the best hairstyles for men with big foreheads. You can integrate the taper fade style to complete and polish the look.

Undercut Bowl Cut

Bearded Old Man With a Bowl Haircut Cutting His Bangs With Scissors

The undercut bowl cut is the key to giving your mushroom cut more edge. Whether you choose the short or long hair undercut, you can expect this style to keep your hair neat from the neck while giving an entire look a better shape.

Mid-Skin Fade and Textured Mushroom Hair

Another great choice is the mid-skin fade, which has a textured top in the form of a mushroom cut. If possible, form a soft wave by swooping up the hair in front.

Bowl Cut for Boys

Different bowl-cut variations suit many young boys, especially those in their elementary and teen years. One version is a clean-cut style for boys featuring short layers at both ends. You can also integrate a clean and polished undercut at the back.

Bowl Cut Fade

One version of the bowl cut fade, an easy-going men’s hairstyle, is to trim the sides, exposing a few layers of your soft hair. This, therefore, makes it one option for those who prefer shaved sides hairstyles.

You should then brush it into a smooth finish downwards. Choose a medium-length cut for the top and part it on one side. Each half should fall to the sides.

Mushroom Fade Cut

You can go for the mushroom fade cut, which often requires the addition of a blunt cut surrounding your head’s midsection. You should then put a fade starting from the middle part down.

You can also grow a beard to make it look more mature and masculine.

Short Layered Mushroom Top

If you prefer layered haircuts, choose this short-layered mushroom top and pair it with a low taper fade. It is a hit for young men as it is easy to maintain and carry.

However, ensure that you commit to having the sides styled into a taper fade every three weeks or so.

Long Hair Bowl Cut

A long hair bowl cut is also an incredible choice for a men’s haircut. You can have this style along with bangs. Pair it up with a short beard to enhance the look even further.

Modern Bowl Cut With Low Taper Fade

The modern bowl cut is probably the best choice for those with a thin face. Trim the sides a bit, as it is the key to emphasizing the shape of a mushroom on top. Make this style edgier and more unique by incorporating a low taper fade.

Mushroom Haircut for Curly Hair

You can also use your curls to your best advantage by getting a mushroom haircut designed for those with curly hair. You have the option to keep your cuts grace your forehead. You may also tie up your cuts in a ponytail.

Wavy Mushroom Cut

Another fantastic option is the wavy mushroom cut, which features layered wavy strands, not the usual blunt cut. It is a good choice for those with thin hair who prefer to see the body and volume in their hair.

Messy Mushroom Head

Choose the messy mushroom cut if you want your hair to look beautifully messy. It is a low-maintenance haircut that does not need regular trims. It is a laid-back or casual style, but you must apply some hair oil regularly to ensure your waves stay healthy.

Thick Mushroom Bowl Cut

Bearded Indian Man With a Thick Black Mushroom Haircut With Bangs

The thick mushroom bowl cut resembles that vintage and classic style that most people know. It features your thick hair designed to provide shape and volume to your mushroom bowl cut. It is a good choice if your hair is thick and you are fond of the vintage look.

Long Mushroom Cut

This style works for you if you have natural curls. Allow the length of your curly hair to reach your eyebrows and ears. You can then use a styling cream to shape your curls.

You may want to compare pomade vs. wax vs. gel vs. clay to determine which styling product to use for your curls.

Side Swept Bowl Cut

Go for this style if your hair is coarse. You can wear it quickly, along with semi-formal, casual, and formal outfits.

Mushroom Top Haircut

The mushroom top is, of course, the classic style for this particular haircut. It requires you to put the mushroom style on top.

Long Bowl Mushroom Cut With Taper

You can also choose the long bowl mushroom haircut and pair it up with nice bangs and a short beard. Boost your appeal with a taper.

Layered Mushroom

Add some layers to your mushroom cut. This can make you look edgier and more masculine. It can even give you more personality, similar to what Edgar haircuts provide.

Short Bowl Cut and High Taper Fade

What’s great about the short bowl or mushroom cut is that it can give your eyes more attention. Let it feature a high taper fade or give it blonde highlights to make it even more unique.

Very Short Mushroom Cut and High Bald Fade

You can also have your mushroom hairstyle cut very short. What’s good about making this cut straightforward is that it promotes ease of maintenance. It also tends to fit with every facial shape or cut. It looks even more attractive when paired up with a high bald fade.

Wavy Mushroom and Low Cut

If you are looking for a more unusual style, choose the wavy mushroom and pair it up with a low cut. It lets your hair show natural waves that promote a fuller and bolder look. The cut should also be low to make it look clean and not that wild.

Shaggy Bowl Cut

This style is usually perfect for those who have oval and long faces. It features ragged edges rather than being completely blunt. It makes the style more modern. You can also choose to have your hair layered.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose a haircut

Choose a mushroom haircut based on the size and shape of your face. Find out what suits your face the most so it will look good on you.

Step 2 – Style your haircut

Style your mushroom haircut based on the type of hair you have. For instance, if your hair is curly, style it to keep your curls together and further away from the face. An example would be with the help of a side part.

Young Asian Teenager with an Emo Mushroom Hair

Straight hair is more versatile as you can style it in various ways, including a comb-over, side part, or quiff.

Step 3 – Have it trimmed regularly

This means having regular visits to a salon or barbershop, preferably once every six weeks, for trimming. This is necessary for making the bowl cut or mushroom haircut look neat and polished.

Step 4 – Apply shampoo and conditioner

If you choose a mushroom haircut with color, ensure that you apply shampoo and conditioner that are color-protective to ensure that the color remains intact. It also helps to use a gel on your hair to make it look more polished.

If necessary, use safety razor blades if you selected the shaved styles.


What is a mushroom top haircut?

It is also called a bowl cut. It requires keeping the top long and cutting your hair short on the back and sides.

Is the mushroom haircut the same as a bowl cut?

Yes. The mushroom haircut is also otherwise referred to as the bowl cut. This particular style has many variations, though.

When was the mushroom haircut popular?

It started to become popular during the 60s and 70s. However, it seemed to peak in popularity during the late 80s.

Is the mushroom haircut back?

Yes. Right now, its popularity is starting to come back. You can see the mushroom cut becoming a trend again.

How would I look with a mushroom cut?

This will depend on your facial features, shape, hair type, and style. It looks suitable for those with heart, square, and oval faces.

If you have a round face, you have to be more careful when choosing a mushroom haircut and ensure that the style you picked works for you.