We know George Clooney from a variety of highly prized Hollywood roles.

We also know him for his legendary style and that five o’clock shadow that he always wears that drives the girls nuts.

Recently, he decided to grow a full beard that, if it’s possible, looks even better on him.

Styling a beard like Clooney is immensely hard.

A lot of the appeal goes into the facial features that are unique to George.

Although most of us would love to have a chin like him, it is impossible to style our facial hair in the same way.

Never say never, as we looked into Clooney’s grooming routine and did some digging around to find out the best way to create the same look as him.

If you are interested to find out all those details, now’s your chance.

Sophisticated Salt-and-Pepper Beard

It has been established by gossip outlets and fashion magazines alike that Clooney’s salt-and-pepper beard is among the best beard styles for sophisticated, seasoned men.

While all goatee styles require frequent grooming, Clooney’s elegantly casual goatee beard leaves space for extensive growth and complete coverage.

George Clooney’s beard is relatively thick and of medium length. He can easily shape his beard to fit into any beard type – a chinstrap, a goatee or a full beard.

While being flattering on most facial structures, the medium length full beard is also complimentary to most colorings, dressing styles, and beard densities.

It simply requires careful upkeep using a couple of efficient beard care products to convey the same sophisticated edge as Clooney’s.

How to Achieve and Maintain George Clooney’s Beard Style

Growing a George Clooney beard will require 4 to 6 weeks of patience, and the use of the best natural beard oil. Argan and castor oil encourage follicle development, which speeds up beard’s growth.

Once you have grown your facial hair to the desired length, depending on your coloring, you may dye your facial hair to match Clooney’s silver fox strands.

To trim your beard into the perfect full beard like George Clooney’s, you will require a trusted beard trimmer or a see-through beard shaping tool.

How to Achieve and Maintain George Clooney's Beard

Most men find that the most challenging part is neckline trimming. The confusion is often created when men need to determine where their neckline is in the first place.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with this problem anymore. The perfect neckline is just two fingers above your Adam’s apple, or in the place where a crease is formed when you tilt your head down.

Choosing the right beard trimming equipment comes down to choosing the most appropriate beard trimmer and the best beard grooming kit that fits your needs.

It is advised that when trimming your beard, you start from the top of the cheeks and work your way down, shortening the hairs on the side of your cheeks evenly to achieve the George Clooney effect.

Keep your mustache relatively long and the length of the strands constant throughout the beard. To avoid making a mess use a beard bib.

To maintain the desired beard shape and to prevent the hairs from tangling, consider using a beard brush or a specialized wooden beard comb.

George Clooney’s beard may be among the most desired beard styles for beardoholics.

While George has an entire team at his disposal for his grooming, with the few tips mentioned above, you may very well attain your own Hollywood trim with very little effort.

Vinnie - Barber

About the author: Vinnie – Barber

Vinnie is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team. He’s also a barber and hairstylist for 15 years now and he has a kick-ass beard of his own, so he surely knows what makes a magnificent beard and hair and how to achieve them. He’s our go-to guy for all the latest beard and hairstyle trends and he always has a tip or two on how to grow and style a thick beard fast.

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