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A beard brush is a vital tool in a man’s arsenal. Whether you’re just starting out with some peach fuzz or your chaotic beast has a mind of its own, a beard brush is great for beard maintenance.

Especially for men who wear a long beard style, using a beard brush correctly is crucial to taming the wild beast.

These brushes come in a variety of materials, styles, sizes, looks, and prices.

Figuring out the proper way to use your beard brush requires as much time and dedication as figuring out which brush is best for you.

The luxurious new look you’ll achieve is well worth the time spent learning the proper ways to use this new beard shaper tool to your beard grooming kit.

Kinds of Beard Brushes

There are two types of common brushes that men use for their beards: a standard beard brush, and a beard comb.

Beard comb and beard brush

Each of these tools has their uses. Beard combs are important for detangling the hairs and removing large bits of debris; beard brushes are intended for cleaning out smaller bits of debris and helping with beard styling.

Beardoholic’s Beard Brush of Choice

We’ve worked to compile all of our favorite brush traits into one penultimate Beardoholic beard brush.

Our beard brush is manufactured with completely natural and real boar hair bristles, which are the perfect stiffness for controlling and untangling your beard without damaging it.

The ergonomic shape of the brush is designed to fit snugly in the hand for the most comfortable experience.

These bristles reach down to through the hair to stimulate the skin underneath, encouraging proper growth as they clear dandruff and contaminants from your beard.

Beardoholic Beard Brush

Beardoholic beard brush



These cruelty-free brushes are not tested on dogs or cats, and are safe for men with thinning or thin beards.

Now that you have your beard brush, it’s time to learn what you do with it.

How to Use Beard Brush and Oil

Using a beard brush with beard oil correctly is a six-step process:

1. Make sure your beard is dry and room temperature; avoid using a brush right after using a hairdryer on your beard.

2. Brush through once to try to remove any debris that your beard may have collected, such as dust or crumbs.

3. Apply your beard oil of choice using the following steps:

Place about 3-5 drops of beard oil in the palm of one hand.

Rub your palms together to spread the oil between each hand.

Thoroughly massage your beard using the oil, being sure to rub deep into the beard and each the follicles and the skin.

4. Brush with the grain of the hair. Start at towards the bottom of your beard with short, slow, but fairly strong strokes, transitioning up the face towards the cheekbones or ears. This will better distribute the oil.

5. Brush the cheeks and sideburns. The brush fibers will absorb some of the beard oil, so brushing the sideburns and cheeks after the other parts of the beard will help spread oil to those hard to reach sections.

6. Now, use the brush to coax the beard into the shape you desire. The more you brush your beard, the more willing the hairs will be to go in the direction you choose.

For more stiff and exact shaping, you can apply some beard wax, and quickly brush the beard into the desired shape before the wax dries and stiffens.

How to Use Beard Brush and Balm

Using a beard brush with balm isn’t too different from using a beard brush with oil. In fact, the steps are the same, save for step 3.

To apply beard balm, press a fingernail into the balm, and drag your finger through the balm to accumulate a small wad of balm approximately the size of a fingernail.

Rub the balm between your palms to warm it and make it more spreadable.

Then, spread it through the beard as you would the oil, making sure to apply the balm to the skin and follicles.

How to Clean a Beard Brush

Keeping your beard brush clean is important to avoid spreading debris back into your beard.

Without care, it can seem like your beard brush accumulates more hair than you’ve ever had on your face.

Regular cleaning keeps your beard brush operating at peak performance and ensures that it says useable for as long as possible.

Here are the steps to cleaning a beard brush:

1. Run a cotton-tipped swab in the valleys between the bristle bunches. This will help loosen the beard hairs that have found themselves trapped in the brush, as well as accumulated dead skin cells.

2. Now that the hairs are loosened, you can push them out with the swab or pull them with your fingers.

3. Fill a bowl large enough to fit your brush with warm tap water. Squeeze a bit of disinfectant soap or shampoo into the water, then stir to make the water soapy.

4. Dip the brush bristles into the water. Use a spare toothbrush to run through the bristles, loosening any leftover debris. Then move the toothbrush through the valleys between the bristles.

This step is also important for removing excess oil from the bristles and extending the lifespan of your brush.

5. Dry the brush as much as possible using a towel, then leave the brush bristle-side down on the towel to air dry any remaining water. If you need it to be dry sooner, you can use a blow dryer.

Beard Brush Overview

Finding the best beard brush or best beard comb is a difficult and individualized process.

Our experts have met to bring together years of beard ownership and maintenance experience to craft an ultimate Beardoholic beard brush to fit the needs of most beard styles and types.

No matter what beard brush you have, learning how to use it properly is vital.

Beard brushes can be used with beard oil or beard balm, and the processes are relatively similar. Be sure to clean your brush regularly to extend its lifespan.

Leave any questions or concerns you may have in the comments section. Until then, enjoy using your beard brush to create your luxurious dream beard!

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