Asian Man with Two Block Haircut

A two-block haircut is a very popular choice nowadays.

There are a lot of hairstyles for men that have emerged recently and immediately garnered a lot of attention.

The two-block haircut is one of them and it deserves tremendous attention for a reason.

First of all, yes, it is very popular among Asian men, but it is not true that guys of other ethnicities can’t wear it and look good.

In fact, if done correctly it stands to be a very attractive look.

However, it is very easy to make a mistake when copying this style.

First of all, the very choice you make can be your downfall.

Secondly, you may not be able to pull it off as you think.

There’s still hope, don’t you worry.

Our team of experts has gathered all the info you need about this amazing haircut and you’ll want to read it thoroughly.

40 Most Popular Two Block Hairstyles

The two-block hairstyle is one of today’s most popular and iconic styles that every man should try.

The good news is that you can get the haircut at home with just a pair of the best hair clippers recommended by barbers.

Even better, there are so many styles you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular two-block haircut styles you can choose.

Messy Two Block Haircut

The messy two-block haircut is a classic style you can try if you like maintaining medium-length hair.

Ask the barber to style your hair in layers and give the top part a messy, just-out-of-bed appearance.

To maintain the look, it would help if you used the world’s best hair oil. It’s a great haircut when you want to style and add volume to already thinning hair.


Photo @whale_0ne

Dyed Two Block Haircut

The two-block haircut looks better when dyed, and there are several ways to achieve that.

One of the styles is the effortless brunet two-block haircut. If you are not the kind who likes spending too much time styling your hair, this style will work perfectly for you.

For a bold, natural look, dye the top hair two shades lighter than its natural brunette color. This will give your hair more depth without too much effort from your side.

If you want to turn heads, a silver color will do that. This works best with a longer two-block cut.

Another two-block hairstyle you can try is the Korean two-block cut with red highlights. Rather than specific hair color, reddish hues or a shade of red and blonde will do on a two-block haircut.

Likewise, you can go for the effortless brown hairstyle for a relaxed, casual look. Finally, if you have naturally brunette or black hair, a brown shade with a side part will look great on you for a subtle and effortless look.


Layered Two Block Haircut

You can do many things with a two-block haircut, like layering the crown and leaving a fringe.

If your hair is thick, many-layered hairstyles will look good on you. However, if your hair is thin, you want to be subtle with the layering. To complete the look, color or highlight the hair with a light blue shade for a livelier, more fashionable look.


Straight Two Block Hairstyle

Most Asian hairstyles look flattering when styled sleek. With good hair texture, you won’t have to put too much effort into your side to straighten it.

All you need are the right hair products and a fine-toothed comb to straighten the hair.


Photo @whale_0ne

Two Block Haircut With Fringe

Keep the sides and lower back trimmed short or shaved for the two-block with a fringe hairstyle.

Style the remaining hair into an extended fringe for an adventurous look. A fringe with a choppy layer covering the entire forehead and eyes looks even better.

With Fringe

Short Two Block Haircut

The best thing about the two-block haircut is that you can vary the length to what suits you best.

If you want a haircut that is easy to style and maintain, go for a short haircut. The edgy and short two-block haircut is worth a try on short hairstyles.

This hairstyle features trimmed sides with abundant hair at the back and top of the head.

For a fancy twist, push the front section to the side. For a bold look, dye the locks on top into a dirty blond color.


Wavy Two Block Hairstyle

If you have wavy or curly hair, a few styles will work. You can keep it short and wavy or medium and wavy.

For the short and wavy two-block haircut, keep the sides trimmed but leave some volume at the back and top of the head. Style the hair on top into short-layered waves.

On the other hand, the sides remain trimmed or evenly shaved for a medium and wavy look. The top of the head remains wavy, though. To rock this hairstyle, leave enough length to show off your defined hair texture.


Long K-Pop Two Block Hairstyle

To make the two-block hairstyle stand out even more, you might want to go for the long K-pop hairstyle. Keep the sides and back trimmed to pull off the look.

Long K-Pop Hairstyle

Middle Part Two Block Haircut

The middle part two-block hairstyle is reminiscent of the ’90s hairstyles. To pull off the look, keep the sides and back trimmed, the top long or medium, and then part the hair equally in the middle.

Middle Part

Two Block Undercut

The two-block haircut is just an upgrade to the undercut hairstyle. The undercut is versatile and gives one a youthful look.

It also works for all kinds of hair, from straight, curly to wavy hair types, and can be styled in various ways.

If you want a minimalistic yet modern look, go for the standard undercut and style it any way you want.


Slicked Back Two Block Hair

The slicked-back two-block haircut doesn’t require a specific cut. However, the two-block haircut provides the perfect base for this hairstyle.

The sides and back are trimmed short, and the hair is slicked back with hair pomade or gel. You can even part the middle for a bolder look. Hair clay might be helpful to keep the hair in place.

Slicked Back

Photo @whale_0ne

Side Part Two Block Hair

There are different side part haircuts. You can give your two-block haircut an elegant, formal look with a simple side part.

To pull off the look, ensure that the hair on top is long enough to hold the shape.

Usepremium hair wax for a strong hold and ensure you part the hair to the side, making it look more flattering.

Slicked Back

Photo @whale_0ne

Spikey Two Block Haircut

The spikey two-block haircut is ideal for men who love voluminous messy hair. Use styling products like clay or pomade to achieve a voluminous look.


Extended Fringe Two Block Hairstyle

The two-block hairstyle is famous already, but if you want to stand out, adding a new element to the look like a fringe will do.

Fringes add a fashion-forward touch to any hairstyle. For this look, maintain the trimmed and shaved back and sides, then style the top hair into an extended fringe that covers the eyes and forehead slightly.

Extended Fringe

Two Block With Rounded Bangs

For a casual or professional look, go for the two-block haircut with rounded bangs. The hairstyle looks like a longer version of the Caesar undercut.

The rounded fringe should cover your entire forehead but only partially cover the eyes.

Rounded Bangs

Side Swept Two Block Hairstyle

The first step to pulling off a side-swept hairstyle is ensuring that hair on top is long enough, so the hair parting goes well with the shorter sides of the haircut.

To pull off the side-swept two-block haircut, ensure you part your hair correctly. The part should not be as clean as a side part, though.

A textured fringe gives the hairstyle a modern twist. That, combined with highlights, will make head turns.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain since all you need is regular trimming to keep the look.

Side Swept

Asymmetrical Two Block Haircut

The best thing about the two-block haircut is that there are so many hairstyles you can choose from, like the asymmetrical haircut.

The asymmetrical two-block haircut goes well with shaved sides and back and a stylish and defined top. Apply hair pomade to achieve the look.


Disconnected Two Block Undercut Hair

A disconnected undercut relies on the contrast between the hair on top of your head and the shaved sides.

The disconnected haircut gives the two-block haircut a modern twist. To make the haircut look even more elegant, push the locks on top to the side and secure them with a quality hair spray.

If you prefer longer hair, grow out the hair on top. This enhances the contrast and creates a bolder look. However, keep the sides trimmed short to avoid a shaggy look.

Disconnected Undercut

Photo @midou.hdm3

Tousled and Thick Two Block Haircut

Most Asian men’s hairstyles often appear thick and heavy. When styling thick hair to give it a light and airy touch, go for a tousled medium two-block hair.

This hairstyle allows you to make the most of thick locks stylishly.

Tousled and Thick

No-Style Two Block Haircut

The no-style haircut is a bowl cut. This hairstyle doesn’t require any styling, although you can style it.

Styling is, however, not necessary since the shape is already well-defined. Ensure that the sides and top lengths aren’t too contrasting to pull off the look.

No Style

Photo from: s_bukley/depositphotos

Blow Side Slick

Photo @alan_beak

Wet Bangs


Blow Messy

Two Blocks Short Page

Longer Bangs On The Side

Fade And Messy

Photo @whale_0ne

Two Block Hair

Photo @whale_0ne

Blow And Comb Top

Photo @whale_0ne

Classic Haicut Profile

Photo @whale_0ne

Classy Man Shorcut

Photo @whale_0ne

Fringe Back Side

Photo @whale_0ne

Shadow Fade

Photo @whale_0ne

Two Block On The Back

Photo @whale_0ne

Fade And Slick Side

Photo @whale_0ne

Casual Slick Back

Photo @whale_0ne

Fade And Sideline

Photo @whale_0ne

Comb Over

Photo @whale_0ne

Rough Hair

Photo @whale_0ne

Section To The Middle

Photo @alan_beak

Yellow Connecticut

Photo @alan_beak

What Is Two Block Haircut

The two-block haircut is an upgrade of the undercut hairdo with the sides and lower back trimmed to a short length or shaved off.

The top part can be long or medium, depending on what hairstyle you are going for.

Ideally, the main difference between the undercut and the two-block haircut is an evident contrasting change.

The pattern and structure of the two-block haircut take the shape of a sharper and more disconnected undercut.

That is the first block. The second block of hair, which sits at the crow of the head, is left longer.

The two-block undercut creates the illusion of an elongated facial structure and is therefore ideal for people with round face shapes. The style also creates a cleaner and chick look.

It is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that works for almost all face shapes and can look good on young and older people.

It’s a great hairstyle that you can spice up with many Asian beard styles you might want to try or any other beard style of your choice.

So, should you try the two-block haircut? Absolutely! For one, the haircut is very versatile in that there are so many ways you can style it.

Things to Consider Before Getting Two Block Haircut

Requires Regular Trims

The two-block haircut requires regular trimming to maintain the look. Why? The hair at the top grows quickly, but the sides and back are the trouble areas.

The strands on the sides and back grow even more quickly, making your hair look unkempt.

As such, you need to keep the sides and back regularly trimmed. The good news is that you can do all the necessary trimming at home with the right hair clippers.

Finding an Experienced Hairstylist Can Be Hard

The two-block haircut is a South Korean hairstyle. While it is pretty popular, you will have difficulty finding a specialist who can easily replicate the style you want.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the style if you are not from South Korea. Like with many other sophisticated hairstyles, you can always go with a picture of the hairstyle you want and ask your barber to replicate that.

Limited Styling Options

The two-block undercut involves trimming a lot of hair on the back and sides. As such, that leaves you with minimal styling options.

There are a few options you can play with, like slick back with pomade or hair gel, use different partings, tie the hair into a man bun or ponytail, braiding, or coloring the remaining hair.

The fact remains that whatever style you go with, a considerable part of your trimmed sides and back will show, but that’s okay.

Might Take Some Time to Grow Out

If you like having long hair but decide to change your look with a two-block haircut, growing it out will be difficult. The trimmed sides and back might take months to catch up with the top locks, so be sure that this is your hairstyle before you pick a pair of clippers and begin trimming away.

Styling Takes Time

The two-block haircut works best with full and bouncy locks or naturally curly and wavy hair because styling is easy.

If you have flat or thin hair, one thing you need to remember before you get the hairstyle is that you will need a few extra daily minutes to style it. The two-block haircut looks better if the hair is voluminous, which means using a lot of styling products to get the volume right which can take some time.

How to Ask Two Block Haircut 

The two-block haircut is of Korean origin, and your barber or hairstylist may not know what you mean when you tell them you want a two-block haircut.

So how do you ask for a haircut at the salon or barber shop?

First, here are things you need to remember to tell your hairstylist before they begin trimming away at your hair:

  • Fade the sides and back with a #6 guard and a #2 guard at the end.
  • Cut the top locks like a bowl cut but let the hair fall downwards. Don’t cut the top too short.

Step 1 – Go with a picture(s)

Man Satisfied with Two Block Haircut

The best way to ensure that you leave the barbershop with the look you want is to go with as many pictures of the hairstyle as possible.
Every barber or hairstylist has their cutting style, so the easiest way to get a two-block haircut is to show them pictures.

Step 2 – Ask for a bowl cut undercut

The two-block haircut is simply a bowl cut with an undercut, and that’s what you should tell your barber. Never be afraid to ask for exactly what you want because you are spending money to get that look.

But here is the thing; there is a difference between an undercut and a two-block cut. So, ensure that whoever is cutting your hair understands that.

Step 3 – Request a hair perm

The two-block haircut is a little harder to maintain, especially if you don’t have thick hair. To save you time when dealing with messy out-of-bed hair, ask for a hair perm.

A hair perm will keep the long hair straight and sleek giving you a more edgy look that is much easier to style.

While at it, ensure that the barber knows precisely the kind of length you want and your expectations regarding bangs.

Step 4 – Choose a suitable style

The two-block hairstyle goes with most face shapes, which means it wouldn’t work for others. So, choose a style that suits your hair structure and head shape.

How to Get Two Block Hairstyle

Step 1 – Wet the hair

The first step to achieving the best two-block haircut look is wetting the hair. You can use your hands or a hairspray.

You can even choose to wash your hair altogether by using hair products like the best hair loss shampoo if you have thinning hair.

Step 2 – Separate

With a two-block haircut, the hair at the top remains longer while the sides and back are trimmed short. So, separate the bottom hair from the one on top.

Step 3 – Trim the sides and back

Attach a 1/8-inch guard to your hair clippers and start trimming from the hairline, working your way up to the parietal ridge. Trim all hair on the sides and lower back.

This is the most crucial step, so take your time.

Step 4 – Cut the hair above the ears

Cut the hair above your ears using scissors for a clean, sleek look. Cut the strands to a length you are comfortable with but ensure that you don’t cut too much.

Step 5 – Use thinning shears

Use thinning shears to lighten up the ends to add volume and texture, which is common with most Asian hairstyles, including the two-block haircut.

Step 6 – Style

Once satisfied with the look, you can style the hair to a style that suits you best.

How to Style Two Block Hair

Step 1 – Experiment with the length

The length of the two-block haircut varies from short to long and almost shoulder length.

The shorter version is ideal for working people and those who don’t like spending a lot of time styling their hair.

Asian Man with Short Two Block Haircut

Step 2 – Use hair styling products

If you don’t like styling thick hair, you can wash and blow-dry it. However, if you fancy different styles, use hair products like hair wax to mold it into the kind of look you want.

Step 3 – Experiment with different styles

Once you have cut your hair, there is so much you can do with it in terms of styling. So, don’t be afraid to try different styles until you find one that suits your personality best.

For short and medium hair lengths, you can slick it back or leave it as it is. One thing to remember is that different styles suit people with various face shapes.

For instance, the slicked-back style is ideal for people with elongated or oval face shapes.

For those with round face shapes, letting the fringe fall to the side or front creates the illusion of a longer face.

The best thing about the two-block haircut is that you can alter the style to suit your face shape, personality, and whatever you are doing at the time.


Can I give myself a two-block haircut?

Yes, you can give yourself a two-block haircut at home. You are better off doing it at home since finding a barber who can replicate the look you want can be challenging.

How can I grow out my two-block haircut?

The best way to grow out your two-block haircut is to leave it be. It will take months to grow the hair, especially on the sides and back, to the length you want, but it will happen. While growing out your hair, you may experiment with different hairstyles to avoid looking unkempt.

Is a two-block haircut the same as an undercut?

No, the two-block haircut is not the same as an undercut. However, you can look at the two-block haircut as an updated undercut version.

How long should my hair be for a two-block haircut?

Your hair should be about six inches long. Ideally, the two-block haircut features longer hair on top and crown (about 6 inches), contrasting sharply with the shaved-down lower back and sides.


There are so many Asian hairstyles that you can try. Most look fashionable, but very few are as iconic as the two-block haircut. Popular with K-Pop stars and Korean celebrities, this hairstyle continues to grow in popularity even outside South Korea.

Thanks to its relatively low maintenance and versatility, the two-block haircut continue to be a favorite for men who want that K-Pop look. The hairstyle works for most face shapes and can be ideal for young and older men and even women.

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