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The mullet hairstyle is a peculiar choice. A curly mullet is even a stranger one.

Nevertheless, it can really look good if you are capable of pulling it off.

Although it doesn’t take long nor is it hard to create a curly mullet, it requires taking some really specific steps.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, you better stop and think about it for a second.

First of all, you’re probably not sure which style to choose.

Secondly, you have to make sure that you have all the right tools for the job.

Finally, there is still a certain level of skills required. 

For that reason, we bring you the best advice for making curly mullet for men.

40 Most Popular Curly Mullet Hairstyles

Short Curly Mullet

Shortdrop fade curly hair mullet
faded short mullet
good curly mullet

Photo @midou.hdm3

This is a mainstream look that has a lot of layers. This style makes room for curls and waves if you have long hair. Your hair will have a lot of texture and a beard looks good. Get a premium beard balm and you’re all set.


Browncurly hair short mullet men
curly haired mullet man
curly modern mullet men's

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

This one is for those who have round faces and a redneck hairstyle. The high top makes your face look long and slim. But you want to keep the curls low.

Mexican Curly Mullet

Mexicancurly hair drop fade mullet
curly hair faded mullet
curly hair mullets men

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

These are fashionably round and you can add glasses and a high top to enhance the look.

Black Men’s Curly Mullet

Black Men’s Curly Mulletsmall mullet fade
black guy mullet
curly hair boys mullet

Photo @jayblendedit

This one is for people with coarse hair. You don’t have to style it much if you keep it short. But a little jam will help those coils get texture.

Curly Modern Mullet With Fade

Curly modern mulletshort mens mullet
short mullets fade
short wavy mullet men

Photo @shrunknheads

This one has a taper fade on the top and is a modern mullet variation. It’s for punk rockers because you can keep the roots dark and dye the ringlets.

Curly Modern Mullet With Fringe

Modern Curly Mullet With Fringemullet wavy hair man
permed mullet
short hair mullet fade

Photo @jayblendedit

This style is for teens and young men who have made it a trend. Short curly bangs in the front add character to the look.

Curly Mullet With Beard

With Beard
mullet curly hair boy
mullet haircut black men
mullet short hair

This is for those who want a mullet with a retro appeal. You can shave or fade the sides to make it very 2022. But don’t forget to use the product. Optimal usage of hair wax can add texture.

Messy Black 

Messy Black Curly Mulletmens mullet styles
mens short mullet haircut
molette haircut curly

Photo @enzo_m3

This is for you if you want a relaxed look and have natural curls. Let them air dry and don’t put any product. A hair relaxer might help. And a full beard looks great with it. Check out the world’s best foods for beard growth to make that happen organically.

Curly Modern Mullet With Enhanced Curls

With Enhanced Curlsmale short mullet
mens curly haircuts mullet
mens modern mullet curly

Photo @shrunknheads

On the other hand, if you want to enhance your curls, get gel for curly hair and ensure your beard is shaved. It’s a neat look. And there’s nothing wrong with getting professional nose hair trimmers while at it.

Curly Mullet With High Fade

With High Fadelow fade curly mullet
low mullet curly hair
low taper mullet wavy hair

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

This means you have a high fade on the top of a classic mullet. It’s modern, but you’ll have to remove facial hair immediately.

Curly Mullet With Short Bangs Hairstyle

With Short Bangs
curly mullet short on top
high mullet fade
long curly hair mullet man

This combines a classic mullet with short bangs in the front. It’s unique and the front needs to be trimmed regularly.

High Volume Curly Mullet Haircut

High Volumeblack men with mullets
black person mullet
curly hair mens mullet

Photo @negoreyart

If you’re not into wearing unprofessional hairstyles for men, this is a good pick, but you’ll need volume and it goes well with stubble.

80s Curly Mullet

80s Curly Mullet
taper mullet fade short
afro mullet men
black men mullet

This is rebellious like it was back in the day. The sides are short and the top and back are long. You can also keep sideburns without a mustache or beard.


Blonde curly mullet hairstyle
mullets for guys with curly hair
short curly modern mullet
short mullet for curly hair

Get rid of the sides entirely and dye your curls blonde. Let the roots be dark and you’ve got the contrast you want.

Long Curls and Mullet

Long Curls and Curly Mullet
mullet for wavy hair
mullet haircut in curly hair
mullet haircut with curly hair

If you have ringlet curls, pair them with a regular mullet. It will stand out and look retro. Pick a powerful hair oil for men and add some shine to it.

Curly Mulletcurly short hair mullet
faded mullet haircut
modern mullet short back

Photo @jayblendedit

Fade Hairtattoo And Mulletmullet fade short hair
very short mullet
curly male mullet

Photo @jayblendedit

Hair Signature And Mulletshort faded mullet
curly hairstyles men mullet
mid fade mullet

Photo @negoreyart

Curly Mullet And Hairtattoomens mullet fade
mens short mullet
mens short mullet fade

Photo @negoreyart

Casual Slick Wavy Hairtaper short mullet fade
black mullet
haircut for men mullet

Photo @alan_beak

Mullet On The Backmullet wavy hair
short mullet haircut men
taper mullet fade

Photo @midou.hdm3

Longer Hair Mullet
black man mullet
modern mullet short hair
modern mullet wavy hair

Mid Man Hairstylefaded mullet short
molette hair
wavy mullet male

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Short Curly Haircutboys curly mullet
wavy hair mullet
mullet high fade

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Messy Mid Hair Mullet
mullet haircut short hair
short fade mullet
modern short mullet

Short History of Curly Mullets 

The modern mullet, as we now call it, has an undercut or a fade on the sides. But the front is still kept short and the back can be long with a style of your choice.

Look at David Bowie in the 70s or Andre Agassi in the 80s and you’ll get an idea. These big names made it a fashionable hairstyle back in the day, making it a mainstream choice for many other A-listers.

And while the mullet might have vanished a bit, it has come back. And come back it has, with a vengeance.

The uninitiated will be fascinated to know that the mullet has an interesting backstory. From rebels to rockstars, it has touched many lives for more than just fashion reasons. Here’s a brief look at that glorious past.

The mullet was first mentioned in literature by Homer, the Greek poet of excellent reputation when he wrote The Illiad. But the term itself came into existence around 1994 when the Beastie Boys wrote a song called Mullet Head.

But long before the hit song, it was sported in ancient Rome by bands of hooligans. It was called the Hun cut and was a popular look in the 6th century BC.

Then in the 18th century, it was seen again when Ben Franklin brought it back and called it the skullet. When powdered wigs were considered a status symbol, Franklin broke all norms. And this, despite his cosmopolitan upbringing. His intellectual status gave the skullet validity. He could even charm the French into giving newly formed America diplomatic and financial support sporting this look.

Then in the 1800s, it became a sign of political protest thanks to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe. He and his crew kept their hair traditionally long in a waterfall fashion. But they fashioned the front hair into spikes and braided the sides. They did so in the face of pressure from the missionaries.

According to author Daniel Sharfstein, this defiance was meant to signal to everyone that there was no one right look for Americans.

And how can we forget David Bowie in the 1970s? Ziggy Stardust’s orange mullet was a defining moment of relief for a decade plagued by crises like Watergate and the gas shortage.

His look reigned over the decade, with many rock bands and actors emulating it at the top of their game. And that happens even today. Just look at Jacob Elordi when he was on a break between the seasons of Euphoria.

There is bound to be a backlash when you go against the tide with such a strong statement. Even today, mullets strongly divide public opinion. While some are heavily into it, others dismiss it as tacky.

And if that isn’t enough, Iran banned it in 2010 because they labeled it a “Western invasion” and wanted to curb its spread in their country.

So, in a way, the mullet is a sign of rebellion, even today.

How to Grow and Style Curly Mullet

Man With Mullet Touching His Hair
wavy hair mullet male
wavy mullet men
molette haircut

Step 1 – Trimming the back

You need to let it grow for length. Comb it downwards and trim it in sections away from the head. Cut in layers or leave it long.

Step 2 – Blending the rear sides

Make sure there are no sharp corners on the sides. They should blend into the back seamlessly for a tapered look. You could add layers for a shaggy look but don’t leave it thick. And don’t get into the taper vs fade debate—both work depending on the style.

Step 3 – Shaving the sides

If you want a modern mullet, you can shave the sides completely. You can keep the top long if you keep it classic.

Blend the top into the back such that it looks like a mohawk. You can style it as slicking into the back.

You can also try a pompadour on the top. In that case, slick the hair forward and let the back blend into the sides.

If you want to keep it short, a buzz cut on top is a good look. This works well with curls.


There are lots of ways to grow and style a mullet. This piece has only explained some of the top styles.


What do you call a curly mullet?

It’s still a mullet but with curls.

Why is a mullet hairstyle called a mullet?

It was meant to define deep thinkers and comes from “mull,” meaning “think deeply,” and the Polish suffix “et,” meaning “eternally.”

Can you get a mullet with curly hair?

At this point, you should know that the answer is yes.

Are mullets in 2022?

Very much so.

How do you cut a curly mullet for men?

Let the hair grow and pick any of the styles mentioned above.

What is a Mexican mullet?

The Mexican mullet, a hairstyle characterized by short hair on the top and sides with long hair in the back, gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.

This bold fashion statement has continued to be a trend among some individuals who wish to embrace a unique and edgy look.

What is a Mexican mullet taper fade?

The Mexican mullet taper fade is a popular hairstyle that features a longer length of hair in the back, reminiscent of a traditional mullet, while the sides and front are smoothly tapered to create a clean and modern look.

This unique hairstyle has gained popularity among individuals looking for a bold and trendy style that combines elements of traditional mullets with modern hair trends.


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