Sharp Bald Fade


A bald fade is one of the most trendy and versatile haircuts every modern man should know about. The versatility of this hairdo means that there’s a style for almost every man. The bald fade ranges from low to high, depending on your liking.

Let’s delve in to learn more about this haircut. 

40 Most Popular Bald Fade Haircuts

Taper Bald Fade

Taper Fade


To achieve this look, your barber will use electric shavers for hair, scissors, razors, and brushes. The haircut leaves a bit more hair near the top of your head.

Drop Bald Fade

Drop Fade

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This style borrows its name from the way it drops behind your ears. You can achieve this look with a low, high or mid-skin fade. You can wear the drop fade with any long, short-sides hairstyle you prefer.

Textured Bald Crop

Textured Crop

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A bald fade allows you to achieve a more textured and pronounced look on the hair at the top of your head. It adds the contract and definition you need. You only need toad a few layers and define them with wax or pomade.

Buzz Cut Bald Fade Haircut

Buzz Cut

Photo @mexican_talent

The buzz haircut is simple and is liked by men who like to keep a low profile. If you want to add a cool look to your style, you can combine it with a bald fade.

Bald Fade Pompadour


Photo @pjabreu

The pompadour has become quite common, and you need to stand out stylishly. Use the bald fade haircut to achieve the look you need to stand out.

Bald Fade High Top

High Top


The high-top haircut has been popular since the ’80s. You only need to add some detail to look good in this haircut. How about wearing it with a bald fade to make the top hair stand out even more?

Bald Fade Side Part

Side Part


A side part always gives a man a polished and classic look. All you need s a good comb and hair wax, gel, or clay to help you part the hair to the side. Combine this look with a bald fade and ace the classic man look.

Afro Bald Fade



A zero fade haircut might look best on you if you have an afro top. It creates a sharp, edgy look and helps to tame your kinky tresses. It also gives you room to play around with your top. You can complete this look with a lineup along your front hairline.

Bald Fade Brush Back

Brush Back

Photo @sami_barbershop

If you like to brush back your top hair, you can complement it with a bald fade. It helps draw focus on the neat mane on top of your head.

Bald Fade Dreadlocks



Some people don’t believe a bald fade can work well with dreadlocks, but how wrong could they be? You can gather your locks and shave the sides to a bald ade. This draws more attention to those beautiful locks.

Bald Fade Faux Hawk Hair

Faux Hawk


The faux hawk is common with cool guys because it vibrates masculinity and sex drive. You can wear this haircut with a bald fade and stand out from your peers.

Bald Fade Curly Top

Curly Top

Photo @barbeariachoice

Taming curly hair can be difficult, especially with a full head. However, you can make it more manageable and stylish by combining it with a bald fade on the sides and back to be left with a curly top.

Bald Fade Mohawk


Photo @barberclipsbr

You can create more detail for your mohawk with a bald fade. The more conspicuous skin draws attention to the hair on top of your head, making this look more edgy and classy.

Full Bald Fade

Full Bald Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

This is a cut for really daring men. Instead of shaving your hair with clippers, you’ll use a straight razor. This hairstyle requires regular upkeep to maintain an edgy look.

Bald Fade Quiff

Bald Fade Quiff

Photo @pjabreu

A quiff looks almost like a pompadour with a different length. The pompadour is longer than the quiff. The quiff is ideal for men who want to grow just a few inches of hair. You can combine this look with a bald fade, style it back, or add some volume to the hair and wear it up.

Bald Fade Bangs

Bald Fade Bangs

Photo @kalin_barber

If you like wearing bangs on your head, you can still combine the hairstyle with a bald fade. The fade will accentuate the style on your top hair, making you look more stylish.

Messy Bald Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

Hard Part Fringe


Sidewinder Bald Fade

Photo @vbodnarr

Dyed Spikes

Photo @isaac_sosapro


Photo @jhonky2_barber

Fade And Quiff

Photo @isaac_sosapro


Photo @isaac_sosapro

Bald Undercut

Photo @erickgomezz1


Photo @barberhiroshi

Bald And Side Top

Photo @barberhiroshi

Sideline And Pomp

Photo @barberhiroshi


Photo @barberhiroshi

High Bald

Photo @yankitoz_thebarber

Fade Design

Photo @yankitoz_thebarber

Perfect Bowl Bald Fade

Photo @yankitoz_thebarber

Elypsed Cut Line

Photo @pjabreu

Curve Mohawk

Photo @vadim_shifrin_barber

Bald Fade Blow Back

Photo @kalin_barber

High Bowl


Samurai Bald Fade


Hard Line Bald Fade

Photo @shrunknheads




Photo @dynasty_barbers

This is the least severe style which starts just above the ear. It increases in length gradually until it connects with the hair top. This is the best level to start with if this is your first time.



Photo @kalin_barber

This level offers a more noticeable style. It stars slightly higher up than the low fade, an inch or so above the ear, and helps to accentuate length on top if you are wearing a quiff or a flat top.



Photo @jhonky2_barber

If you want a sharp contrast in your hairstyle, this is the level to choose. Your barber will take the hairless area two inches north of the top of the ear. From there, the stylist makes quick graduation until the back and sides meet with the hair on top. High-top fades add volume to your hair.

How to Get

Stylish Man With Bald Fade

Step 1 – Remove the bulk

Use the best balding clippers to run the clipper attachment towards the parietal ridge to remove the bulk and set up the next step.

Step 2 – Clipper over comb blending

Use your comb to lift your hair at a 90-degree angle from the parietal ridge. Cut the hair with ideal clippers for fades to blend with the longer hair on the top.

Step 3 – Create a blend line

Cut the hair away from the natural hairline. Cut the hair on the nape area about 2 inches from the natural neckline. Leave the hair at the temple and behind the ears to about half an inch. Remove the hair behind the ears and dip down towards the neckline.

Step 4 – Blending or fading

Lower the clipper to the shortest setting and run the blade into and above the hair. Blend the area and remove the shadowy areas.

Step 5 – Finish the blend

Blend the hairstyle to look clean and smooth on the scalp.

Step 6 – Apply the design

If you want to add a print or design to your fade, here’s where you do it.

Step 7 – Final touches

Shampoo your head and apply an excellent pomade or gel to finish the look.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Clean

Wash your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo at least once every week to keep it looking clean and healthy.

Step 2 – Use quality products

Insist on using the best products for your hair. Source the world’s best pomade, wax, or premium hair gel to oil your hair. Hair powders improve the texture of your hair. You can also use creams for natural hair.

Step 3 – Regular trimming

Your bald fade needs regular trimming to maintain its sharp and edgy look. Visit your barber as regularly as you need to.

Bald vs Skin Fade

The bald fade and skin fade are often used interchangeably because they mean the same thing. Use either, and your barber will understand what you need.


How long does a bald fade last?

Depending on the growth rate of your hair, a bald fade can last p to a week without trimming it.

How do I ask for a bald fade?

Explain to your barber the look you want to achieve and the hairstyle you want to complement with the bald fade. Look up the taper vs fade debate to determine what you want.

Will a bald fade suit everyone?

With the three levels of bald fade to choose from, a bald fade will suit every man.

What kind of fade should I get?

This depends on the look you want to achieve. Hoose from the high, mid, and low fade haircuts.

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