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Kurt Cobain was the cultural icon of the 90s. With his band Nirvana, he epitomized and popularized grunge and became one of his leaders regarding the music and the look.

Beneath all that grunge and fame, he was a pretty boy.

Many people wanted to copy his look back then, and many still try it today.

We can’t say that it is easy to do as the way sometimes Kurt did it was by simply crawling out of bed and going his way, not giving much effort to style the hair.

Kurt Cobain will always remain the grunge icon for all times.

So if you are getting into his music now and want to get a unique grunge hairstyle, there is no better way than starting with the greatest one ever.

3 Most Popular Kurt Cobain Haircuts

Apart from his voice and lyrics, Kurt Cobain’s hair was one of the most recognizable things about him. Cobain had blonde hair and wore it long and unkempt. For some unknown reason, his hair always looked stylish, as if he spent hours making it look that way.

Those who knew Cobain knew he probably spent half a second caring about his hair. Most would say that his shaggy look was inspired by Iggy Pop and his wild rocker look.

Kurt has never gone on record to say that he viewed him as an idol or wanted to copy his hair. For the most part, Kurt allowed his hair to do its own thing, as his music did.

Even though we are used to seeing Cobain with his signature shoulder-length hairstyles, he did experiment a bit and ventured into the unknowns of hair styling at specific parts of his career.

Kurt’s Choppy Bowl Cut

As a youth, Kurt Cobain sported an excellent bowl cut. The Beatles popularized it, and he wore it as a kid and in his teenage years. As he grew, Cobain started to express his rebellious nature, so his regular and neat bowl cut became choppy.

It is where you notice that Kurt started turning towards the grunge style of life. He dressed and looked the part.

Thanks to his natural blonde hair, he could blend an innocent look into a rocker appearance which came out as something that no one at the time was thinking of doing.

Mullet Hairstyle

Although not a classic Cobain looks, a mullet hairstyle is the one he experimented with as a replacement for his fantastic long hairstyle. You can see him wearing one in pictures with his wife, Courtney Love.

There are also several live appearances where he went for a mullet. He eventually got bored with it and grew his hair long again.

He appeared with shaved sides for a while until his hair grew and at one point, he even opted to add hair dyes and colors and had red and even pink hair.

Cobain’s Blonde Grunge Haircut

What we were most used to seeing Kurt wear were his interesting curtain haircuts. He made the look his own and no one could wear it better.

He grew his hair long and allowed the bangs to grow to a lever that framed his face, something that is called curtain hair these days.

He would often have it brushed back and tucked behind his ear or downright messy and all around the place after headbanging and playing his guitar.

The most iconic picture of Kurt Cobain with his signature grunge look has to be the one from Nirvana Unplugged, which debuted on MTV in 1994.

Kurt Cobain With Blonde Grunge Hairstyle

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How to Get and Maintain Kurt Cobain Hairstyles

The iconic Kurt Cobain hairstyle is the most suitable hairstyle for men with straight hair. If you already have naturally straight hair, you are halfway there.

To get the iconic 90’s hairstyles Kurt had, you are going to have to do the following:

Step 1 – Grow your hair long

It might take a while to get to the needed length, but patience is required to get it right.

Step 2 – Trim the ends on both sides

Make sure that they don’t get past shoulder length. Also, leave the hair in the back a little longer than the one up front.

Step 3: Part the hair with a comb at the center

You can also do it slightly off the center at the side you prefer. Be sure that your hair falls on your cheeks.

Step 4 – Use a wide-tooth comb

Comb the hair and make it a little bit messy. Some hair serum will help you add some shite to it.

You get a messy but very attractive look that requires minimal maintenance. It is just the way Kurt liked it.


What is the most iconic Kurt Cobain haircut?

Kurt’s most iconic look is the long hair curtain hairstyle that went slightly above his shoulders.

How do you get a Kurt Cobain hairstyle?

Kurt didn’t have bleached hair; his hair was naturally blonde. You need to allow your hair to grow long and trim the ends to shoulder length. Use a comb to part it in the middle and combe the sides. Wear one part of your hair behind your ear for a dramatic effect.

Who cut Kurt Cobain’s hair?

You might think that Kurt cut his hair, but it was, in fact, Tessa Osbourne who did it and she did it as early as 1989 before the breakout of the legendary Nevermind album.

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