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The Beatles had a long and illustrious career, and their music will live forever. Aside from their music, the Beatles will also be remembered for their iconic and trendy textured haircuts.

4 Most Popular Beatles Haircuts

Shaggy Mop Tops Hair

After the release of their first album, the Beatles still retained their basic bowl cuts that are among the popular shaggy hairstyles for men but with a couple of style tweaks.

The most notable changes include longer fringes and they also grew their hair longer. This was the epitome of the mop-top haircut, which is still quite popular today.

Long Fringe Hairstyle With Sideburns

With the release of their hit comeback album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, the Beatles also came back with new hairstyles. This time, their mop tops are much longer with long fringes.

Now, they are letting their sideburns grow out. This was also around the time when they started growing their facial hair out.

Long Hair

With the release of Abbey Road, the Beatles have gone full beatnik, with almost all of them except for Ringo wearing shoulder-length hair. This is the look that defined John Lennon’s look and is, unfortunately, the time Yoko Ono joined/infiltrated the group.

Bowl Cuts

At the start of their musical careers, John, Paul, George, and Ringo all sported the clean, stylized bowl cut. This is the haircut that people usually associate with the Fab Four. Most Beatles impersonators, of which there are many, will usually sport the same bowl cut.

Man With a Curly Bowl Haircut

How to Get and Maintain Beatles Haircut

Step 1 – Choose the right Beatles style

First, you need to grow out your hair enough that you can style your hair correctly. If you have a substantially-shaggy mop, the next thing that you need to do is choose which Beatle to emulate. Check which Beatle had a similar face shape as you.

Step 2 – Maintain the look

You will need several hair products to keep your Beatles hairstyle. For instance, for the early-career Beatles haircuts, you must use a bit of hair gel to keep your hair tamed and lying flat.

Step 3 – Keep your mop styled

The thing about Beatles hairstyles is that, although they might be low-maintenance, you will need to brush and comb them to maintain the look constantly, especially if you will be choosing the longer hairstyles of the Beatles.

Step 4 – Use hair products to maintain your hairstyle

You already know how vital hair gels are, but you will also need a couple of other products, like a mousse, to add more volume. Hair gels are preferred as you need a bit more hold to keep your hair in place.


What was the Beatles’ haircut called?

If you are talking about the early Beatles haircuts, they are called bowl cuts, albeit a bit more stylized.

John Lennon

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How do I ask for a Beatles haircut?

If your barber is familiar with the band, you can tell what cut you want. For instance, “I’d like the same feathered hairstyles Paul had in the White Album, please.” Or you can bring a picture with you.

How did the Beatles get their hairstyle?

In their early days, the recording company decided on the look of the band, which explained why they had similar-looking layered haircuts and always wore identical suits. This is unlike grunge hairstyles, where the band members have vastly different hair.

What Beatle had the best hair?

This is quite a heated argument and the answer will depend on whom you ask. However, it seems like there are more John Lennon fans, so it should be safe to assume he has a better hairstyle.

What was John Lennon’s haircut called?

In their early days, John’s haircut was called the mop-head style. A bowl cut that is styled close to the scalp.

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