Curly Haired Young Man With a Perm Hairstyle for men
perm hair with fade
perm haircut boy
perm haircut boys

Perm hairstyles are quite the trend lately. Although you might think of older perm styles, the one in question retains the quintessence of this perm while also combining various modern hairstyles and cuts. This can help provide a fun, new, charming and quirky look to your hair.

We’ve got you covered if you have been considering a perm hairstyle for yourself or wish to explore some options! Through this guide, you can go through all the essentials of a men’s perm, its types, various hairstyles that can work for you, how to do a perm yourself, how to ask a stylist, how to style and maintain it and more.

Let’s take a look!

85 Best Perm Haircuts for Men

Perm Fringe

Fringe perm hair männer
perm hair styles for men
perm hair styles men

Photo @yeganebarber

Get a perm and create a front fringe for a stylish and casual look. You can also fade or taper the sides.

Perm Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut perm hair men loose
perm hair men medium
perm hair mens

Photo @barbersukraine

Keep your sides relatively straight and short while leaving the top long and curly. Let the curls hang loose but bring them to the front.

Perm Comb Over 

Comb Over perm hair for men
perm hair male
perm hair men fade

Photo @yeganebarber

If you have medium or long hair, you can comb your perm over to one side for an off-balanced look.

Drop Fade Perm Haircut

Drop Fade perm hair cuts men
perm hair for boys
perm hair for guys

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Perm the middle portion of your top, leave the sides short and straight and fade them gradually for different textures and a unique shape.

Fade Perm Hairstyle for Men

Fade Perm Hairstyle for Men perm hair boy
perm hair cut mens
perm hair cuts for men

Photo @yeganebarber

Grow out the top, get a fade and then get a perm to create some waves.

Permed Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk perm fohawk
perm for men
perm for men long hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Leave the sides faded or short and keep them straight. Perm, the middle section of the top for a faux hawk.

Bleach Hair Men’s Permed Hairstyle

Bleach Hair Men’s Permed Hairstyleperm fade mens
perm fades
perm faux hawk

Photo @alan_beak

About two weeks after getting one treatment, you can get the other treatment. Use any popular bleached hair color for a fun look.

Perm Hard Part Haircut

Hard Part perm cut for boys
perm cut for men
perm cut hairstyles

Photo @barberhdm3

Get an undercut or fade, add a hard part on one side and sweep the perm over to the other side for a disproportionate yet stylish look.

Long Hair Men’s Permed Hairstyle

Long Hair Men’s Permed Hairstyle 
perm before and after male long hair
perm before and after male short hair
perm boys long hair

Grow your hair long and get a perm to get completely curly or wavy hair to stand out truly.

Medium Length Perm Haircut

Medium Length Perm mohawk with perm
old man perm
perm and fade

Photo @alan_beak

If you have medium-length hair, you can perm it and keep it clean or even casually tousled.

Long Fringe Perm Haircut

Long Fringe modern perm men
mohawk fade perm
mohawk perm fade

Photo @barbersukraine

Keep your sides short but curly and perm the front middle section. Make a fringe that falls on your forehead.

Mid Fade Men’s Permed Hairstyle

Mid Fade Men’s Permed Hairstyle mens short perm
mid taper fade with perm
middle part perm wavy

Photo @barbersukraine

Add a slight or mid fade while perming the central top section. This can give you a cool and quirky look.

Permed Mohawk

Mohawk mens perm with skin fade
mens permed long hair
mens pern

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Go all out by shaving the sides and getting a mohawk-perm for style, height, volume and edginess. You’ll need to keep maintaining the look, though.

Pompadour Men’s Permed Hairstyle

Pompadour Men’s Permed Hairstyle mens perm fade haircut
mens perm medium length
mens perm style

Photo @barberhdm3

Instead of a straight pompadour, add a perm to give it curls and a more natural yet equally dramatic look.

Perm With Volume

Perm With Volume mens medium hair perm
mens perm 2023
mens perm cuts

Photo @isaac_sosapro

You can add some volume to your perm by getting rid of the rods before adding the neutralizer.

Middle Part Permed Haircut

Middle Part men's perms styles
mens haircut perm
mens long perm hairstyles

Photo @alan_beak

Add a middle part if you have medium or long hair. You can perm the two sections of hair, with more curls towards the bottom.

Short Hair With Perm

Short Hair With Perm men perm types
men with perm hair
men's perms long hair

Photo @barbeiro.sheik

Short and permed hair can give a clean, settled, simple yet fun look.

Undercut Men’s Permed Hairstyle

Undercut Men’s Permed Hairstyle men perm before and after
men perm medium hair
men perm short hair

Photo @alan_beak

Shave the sides and perm the top to create a nice contrast.

Permed Curlsmen hairstyles perm
men medium hair perm
men medium length perm

Photo @barbersukraine

Short Haircut Curly Top
medium permed hair men
men curly perm
men haircut perm

Blow Up Curly Perm
medium fade perm
medium hair perm men
medium perm men

Skin Fade Wavy Topman perm hair style
man perm long hair
man with perm

Photo @ashxlauren

Fringe Curly Permmale perm fade
male perm haircut
male short perm

Photo @alan_beak

Curly Mohawk With Fade Signaturelow taper perm
low taper wavy perm
male long hair perm

Photo @ashxlauren

Blow Curls And Bald Fadeloose perm middle part men
loose perm on mullet
low fade with perm

Photo @ashxlauren

Textured Curly Toplong wavy perm men
loose middle part perm
loose perm fringe male

Photo @sami_barbershop

High Flat Permlong perm mens
long permed hair male
long permed hair men

Photo @ashxlauren

High Fade With Fringelong hair perm styles
long mens perm
long perm male

Photo @ashxlauren

Shadow Fade Curly Toplong hair perm guy
long hair perm guys
long hair perm mens

Photo @ashxlauren

Skin Fade With Curlshow to style mens permed hair
light perm middle part
long hair guy perm

Photo @jayblendedit

Big Curls Bangshow much do perms cost
how to perm hair at home guys
how to perm mens hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Faded Quiff Tight Perm Haricut haircut perm
hairstyles for men perm
high fade perm

Photo @alan_beak

Two Block Haircut Curly Tophair perm man
hair perm styles men
haircut for permed hair men

Photo @isaac_sosapro

Multicolor Curly Permguy perm hairstyles
guys permed hairstyles
guys with permed hair

Photo @barberia_jhonky2

High Long Hair Curly Bunfirm hairstyle men
fringe perm male
guy perm hairstyle

Photo @jl_do_disfarce_ofc

V-Shaped Two Block Permdry perm hairstyles
fade and perm
faux perm

Photo @sami_barbershop

V-Shaped Curly Mushroomdifferent types of perms for guys
different types of perms for men
drop fade with perm

Photo @barbero_bilal

Dyed Curly Mohawkcutting permed hair male
different perm types men
different perms for guys

Photo @pjabreu

Curly Peaks With Hairtattoocurly perm men long hair
curly perm taper fade
curly top perm

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Curly Quiff Fade Designboys permed hair
curly middle part men
curly perm men

Photo @barberhdm3

Wet Curly Mulletboys perm
boys perm hair styles
boys perm haircuts

Photo @barbersukraine

Greasy Curly Permboy long hair perm
boy perm haircut
boy perm haircuts

Photo @vitaly.melchenko

Fade Design Brushed Permbest perm hairstyles men
best perm kit for guys
best perm men

Photo @pjabreu

Small Curls Mushroomall types of perms men
best fade for perm
best haircuts for perms

Photo @christinathebarber__

Twisted Mullettypes of perm men
types of perms for men
all types of perms guys

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Platinum Messy Curlsperms for men long hair
pictures of perms for guys
types of perm for men

Photo @kalin_barber

Highlihted Curly Fringe With Shaved Linespermed mens hair
perming hair men
perms for men

Photo @kalin_barber

Massive Curly Permpermed hair men
permed hair styles
permed hair styles men

Photo @yeganebarber

Shade Fade Bleached Peaks Mohawkperm types men
permed hair for boys

Photo @yeganebarber

Ashy Messy Curlsperm styles for guys
perm styles male
perm types for guys

Photo @yeganebarber

Ashy Toned Blowed And Permedperm ideas for men
perm mens long hair
perm reference pics

Photo @yeganebarber

Cool Mid Fade Permperm haircut man
perm haircuts for guys
perm hairstyle man

Photo @yeganebarber

Brushed Permperm hair style men
perm hair styles for boys
perm hair styles for guys

Photo @barberhdm3

Curly Mohawk With Double V-Notchesperm fringe male
perm hair cut
perm hair man

Photo @barberhdm3

Skin Fade Bleached Curly Topmohawk perm
perm boy haircut
perm fade haircut

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Taper Fade And Undercut Permmens permed hairstyles
mid fade perm
modern male perm

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Short Curly Quiffmen's perms with fade
mens fade with perm
mens perm with highlights

Photo @barberhdm3

Two Colored Permmen's haircut perm on top
men's haircut with perm
men's perm hairstyles

Photo @enzo_m3

Short Wet Curly Haircutmedium length perm men
men hair perm
men permed hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

High Wavy Top And Signaturemale perm hair style
male perm haircuts
male perm medium hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Messy Dyed Highlighted Permlong hair perm male
long hair perms men
long perm hair men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

V-Shaped Line With Permlong hair male perm
long hair man perm
long hair men perm

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Short Curly Haircutfaded perm
guys perm hairstyle
guys with perms long hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Layered Wavy Slick Backdifferent types of perms men
fade with perm
fade with perm on top

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Taper Fade With Notches And Mohawkbad perms on guys
boy perms 2023
cold perm haircut male

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Wet Curly Undercutperm mid fade
perms long hair men
short hair perm men

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Small Curls Bowl Haircutmens perm ideas
perm hair style man
perm hawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Massive Curls Mohawkmen perm long hair
mens perm and fade
mens perm haircuts

Photo @dynasty_barbers

High Sideline And Curly Topmen perm 2023
men perm hair style
men perm haircut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Taper Fade Wavy Topmale perm long
man perm hair
medium length mens perm

Photo @anthonythebarber916

V-Shaped Cut Curls On Topguys perm haircut
long perm men
low fade perm

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Side Part Curly Permwavy perm men
fohawk perm
grown out perm male

Photo @shrunknheads

Curly Faux Hawkperm mens haircut
perm style men
types of perms for guys

Photo @anthonythebarber916

High Curly Topperm haircuts men
perm hairstyles for guys
perm ideas for guys

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Caesar Wavy Fringemens permed hair styles
perm cut male
perm hair men long hair

Photo @alan_beak

Wavy Fringemen with perms
mens perm fade
mens perm medium hair

Photo @alan_beak

Man Bun Undercutperm long hair men
perm men's hairstyle
male perm long hair

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Dried Big Curls Topmens perm long hair
mens perm with fade
mens short perm hairstyles

Photo @alan_beak

Faux Hawk Permmen long hair perm
men's perm styles
mens perm haircut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Platinum Wavy Caesar Cutmen's long hair perm
mens permed hair
perm hair boy long

Photo @alan_beak

Wavy Perm High Fademen perm hairstyles
perm with fade
men perm hairstyle

Photo @ashxlauren

Casual Curly Long Hairperm mohawk
male perm styles
men perm hair

Photo @britvabarbershop_

Back Side Curly Permmens long hair perm
mens long perm
perm long hair male

Photo @pjabreu

Low Fade Curly Toplong hair perm men
male perm hairstyles
men perm styles

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Perm Mohawk With Signaturemens perm hairstyle
men's perms 2023
mens perm

Photo @negoreyart

Types of Perm Haircuts

You can go through the two main types of perm below. These are classified based on the perming or curling technique used.

Hot Perm

A hot perm involves using some heat and an acidic solution that can allow your hair to curl easily around a rod. The pH level of the hair is altered and then brought back to normal, which can first decompose the bonds and then reestablish them to keep the curls or waves in place.

Cold Perm

A cold perm does not involve the use of heat. It only uses an alkaline solution along with some curling rods. The alkaline pH of the solution loosens the bonds in the hair, which can then make it easier for the hair to form waves or curls around the rod. Once this is done, the pH level is brought back to normal to reform the bonds to keep the waves in place.

What Is Permed Hair

A men’s perm is that which caters specifically to men’s hairstyles and cuts. Often referred to as a man perm, this hairstyle involves a chemical or thermal treatment to give you curls or waves in your hair.

Perm technically stands for permanent wave or simply permanent, implying that the curly or wavy hairstyle is bound to last for months, depending on where you get it done, the process used and the texture and health of your hair.

The thermal or chemical treatment is first applied to your hair, after which you or your stylist can use rods to form the curls or waves.

How to Perm Men’s Hair at Home 

Step 1 – Buy a perm kit

Buy a perm kit with some research and ensure it includes all the solutions and rods of the correct width.

Step 2 – Prepare your hair

Wash your hair with shampoo for hair loss can keep your hair healthy. This can clean and prepare your hair for the process.

Styling Man's Permed Hair With Clippers
perm hair men
perm fade
perm haircut men

Step 3 – Use rods

Use rods to wrap your hair around each of them. Take a few strands at a time and make sure it stays in place properly without coming off.

Step 4 – Use the permanent wave solution

There should be an acidic or alkaline permanent wave solution in your perm kit. Take it and apply it liberally to the hair that you have curled around the rods. Use a plastic covering, such as a shower cap, to cover your hair.

Step 5 – Give it time

You can take a break for around half an hour to let the reaction take place so your curls can set. The exact time can depend on the extent of curls you want, so make it a point to first read the instructions on the kit’s label.

Step 6 – Rinse it out

Use some water to rinse out the solution from your hair. Please make sure you get it out thoroughly. You can then dry out your hair a bit using a towel to prepare it for the next step.

Step 7 – Use a neutralizer

You can now apply the neutralizer to your hair to allow your new curls and waves to establish themselves in your hair. Let it stay in place for a few minutes and rinse your hair.

Step 8 – Remove the rods

Remove the rods from your hair carefully and cautiously. Add some more neutralizer if required and rinse it out in a couple of minutes.

Step 9 – Let it dry

Dry out your hair correctly and do not shampoo and condition it for 1-2 days, depending on what the instructions say.

How to Ask for The Permed Haircut

Choose a style

Just as you would pick a goatee style that suits you the best, you should also choose a perm style for your hair. Account for factors like your hair texture, face shape, and hair length. Carry a screenshot or picture for reference to show it to your stylist.

Find a stylist

Find a reliable stylist who has experience with perms. They should have durable hair clippers for the right kind of cut and style and the world’s best hairspray for men to give you the best possible experience.

African American Man With Perm Hair and Plastic Comb Stuck In His Hair
mens perm hairstyles
mens perm styles
perm styles for men

Ask them for advice

If you are unsure about the style, ask them for advice about what would look good. You can also ask for advice about maintaining and styling your perm.

How to Style Permed Hair

Let your hair be

Once you already have your perm in place, you should let it be for up to 48 hours. Do not rinse, shampoo, condition, brush or style your hair during this time.

Shampoo and condition

Once two days have passed, you can start caring for your hair again. Shampoo and condition your hair right before you want to style it to have clean and fresh hair to work with.

Use hair products

You can then brush and comb your hair to create your style. Use hair products like premium hair clay, mousse or pomade to keep your style in place and to make the process of styling easier. Using hair cream can be helpful and hair gel for men is a great option.

Ask your stylist

You can visit your stylist whenever you want to style it, although this might cost you some money. If not, ask your stylist for styling advice.

How to Maintain Perm Haircut

Change your shampoo and conditioner

After getting a perm, you should only use shampoo and conditioner to provide hydration and allow your hair to keep moisture in. Look up good brands for this.

Use the right brush

Do not use the same kind of brush for straight and curly hair. Use a brush or comb with wide teeth and then use a paddle brush to detangle your hair if required.

Avoid heat

It is best to let your hair dry out naturally after washing it. Further, avoid heat on your hair if you live in hot climates by applying heat protection spray.


We have taken you through everything you need to know about perm hairstyles for men, including the various styles available and how you can do, style, care for and maintain the style. Go ahead and pick a style you like best and feel free to experiment a bit.


Are perms bad for your hair?

They can be if you are not careful, so make sure you use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner to offer nourishment while also containing no sulfur. Protect your hair from heat and ask your stylist for more advice, especially if you also dye or bleach your hair.

Will my perm get curlier after I wash it?

No, it won’t. However, washing it at any point 48 hours after the treatment will give a more established and natural appearance to your curls or waves.

How long does men’s perms last?

You can expect it to last for up to three months. Several factors can affect the exact time period, such as the length of your hair, how often you cut it, your hair texture, hair health, the growth rate, and the kind of hairstyle you opt for.

Young Man With Long Perm Hair and a Beard
perm hairstyles men
perm styles men
perm hairstyle men

How do I keep my perm curly?

Do not wash or brush it for 48 hours after the treatment. Protect your hair from heat whenever you go out of the house. Select a shampoo and conditioner to support and nourish your curls and opt for nourishing treatments that can help moisturize your hair.

How do you sleep with a perm?

Use a smooth satin pillowcase so that your hair can move around quickly. Make a bun or braid before you sleep, or plop your hair by applying a leave-in conditioner and then wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel. Keep the towel on all night.

How much does a perm cost for men?

This depends on your stylist, where you live, what kind of perm you want, and what kind of hair you have. You can expect to spend between $50 and $200, but ask your stylist about the costs first.

How do you perm hair in men?

To perm hair for men, one must follow a specific process that involves applying a chemical solution to the hair to alter its natural texture.

This process typically includes washing and conditioning the hair, wrapping it around perm rods, applying the solution, and then rinsing and neutralizing the hair.

It is important to follow the instructions carefully to achieve the desired results and minimize damage to the hair.

How do you style permed hair in men?

Various techniques and products can be used to enhance and maintain the curls.

Men can experiment with different hairstyles, such as a tousled look, a slicked-back style, or a messy bedhead look.

It is important to use quality hair products specifically designed for curly hair to keep the curls defined and healthy.

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