Knockouts Hairwash prices

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Knockouts Price List

The Beardoholic team reached out to the Knockouts team to verify and confirm their prices in December 2023. Making sure that all prices are up to date.

Service Price
Heavyweight Haircut $39
Lightweight Haircut $28
Middleweight Haircut $33
Golden Gloves Haircut (Children 12 and under) $22
Upper-cut (Buzz Cut) $33
Champion for a Day Package $198

Haircuts Prices

The price of haircuts at Knockouts will significantly depend on your chosen service. If you are aiming for a neck, beard, or mustache trim, the starting price would be around $6 to $11.

Haircuts at Knockouts are also categorized as follows – with each one having its starting price:

  • The Heavyweight for $39 covers haircut, shampoo, second shampoo, neck trim, hot face towel, scalp massage, and styling.
  • The Lightweight for $28 – It includes precision haircuts without any frills.
  • The Middleweight for $33 includes your chosen haircut, shampoo, a hot face towel, and scalp massage.
  • Golden Gloves for $22 – This is the category for those 12 years old and below who need a precision haircut.
  • Upper-cut (Buzz cut) for $33 – What you will be getting here would be an all-over clipper cut, hot face towel, shampoo, and scalp massage.
  • Champion for a Day for $198 – This one lets you avail of the heavyweight haircut, manicure, pedicure, shoulder or neck massage, and mini-facial.
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Coloring Prices

Hair coloring at Knockouts often starts at $28 to $39. You can also avail of their beard coloring service, which allows you to blend in your gray facial hair starting at $17.

Grooming Pricing

Various grooming services for men are also available at Knockouts. You can usually get their manicure and pedicure services, foot massage, hand massage, and paraffin foot and hand treatment for around $22 to $55.

Waxing services range from $11 to $44 and up, while facial massage and treatments start at $17.


Different types of massage, including Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, sports, and trigger point massage, are available at Knockouts. The starting prices for this massage are usually around $50 to $121.


The usual operating hours of many Knockouts branches are 10 am to 7 pm – Mondays to Fridays. Most branches are also open during the weekends, usually around 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

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During your visit, you may also want to check out the products sold at Knockouts. Most of the products they offer can help you care for your hair and beard, even if you are at home.

This means that they have certain beard care products and beard kits that will help you retain the style and color of your beard.

Apart from their beard grooming products, you can also get their hair care products that will lengthen the time you need to visit the salon for your hair coloring and styling treatments.

These include hair gels, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair styling products that will help you maintain even a Sikh hairstyle. Knockouts also have quality aftershave lotions and facial moisturizers designed to help retain your beard or mustache style, even heavy stubble.


Knockouts Haircuts is the best place for men who want to relax and pamper themselves. What’s excellent about Knockouts is that it boasts of its upbeat environment while providing men with shaves, haircare, and any other service related to grooming.

You will let professionals do the job for you, which means you can also avoid grooming mistakes that often happen when you do things on your own. With Knockouts haircuts, you can choose from either their modern or traditional haircuts.

You can also avail of their expert services in hair styling, coloring, and shaving. They also provide clients with facial treatments, various types of massage, pedicures, manicures, and waxing services.

Knockouts can also give you a beard trim, which means you can prevent bad beard styles since this will be done by a professional who uses the best beard or hair trimmers.

There is also the Heavyweight, which allows you to get a simple beard or mustache trim. Here, you will enjoy timeless mustache styles, scalp massage, and shampoo sessions.

Even better about Knockouts is that all its services are reasonably priced, which means you can pamper yourself without overspending.


What are forms of payment accepted at Knockouts Haircuts?

They accept cash and the most commonly used debit cards and credit cards.

What is the Knockouts haircut for the heavyweight price?

If you avail of the Heavyweight at Knockouts, expect to spend at least $38 for it, which includes the haircut, two shampoos, a hot face towel, hair styling, neck trim, and scalp massage.

What is the Knockouts Haircut for the lightweight price?

As for the Lightweight, the starting price for a precision haircut would be $28.

What is the Knockouts Haircut for the all-over color price?

Knockouts have a hair coloring service called the all-over color. It can cover up your grays, giving you an entirely new look for at least $38.


By visiting Knockouts, you will enjoy pampering yourself. Note that pampering in a salon is not only for women. Men need it now and then, too, and you can get that experience during your visit to Knockouts, which provides only quality and professional services at reasonable prices.

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