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Having long hair is excellent. Men with longer hair get to experiment with it and can create various types of styles that can be very attractive. But with long hair comes maintenance and care. And one thing in particular that most tend to forget is hair ties.

Yes, those nifty little things are more than necessary when one decides to grow his hair. However, an inappropriate hair tie can significantly damage your hair without you knowing it. Buying those hair ties in bulk or at a grocery store is terrible. If you’ve ever done that, stop it immediately.

An inappropriate hair tie will damage the hair and pull out bits of hair or break it in places you don’t want it to. Those cheap ones tend to break or lose their elasticity, rendering them useless for further use.

But never fear; there is a solution to this predicament. If you want braids tied in buns or creating a quality man bun, a good hair tie is all you need and that is what this article is all about. We have gathered the best hair ties that we could find and lined them up for you to make a choice.

Remember, investing in a leave-in conditioner and using all kinds of fancy products to preserve your hair will not affect if a bad tie is used. So here are the ones that you should be using.

What Are Hair Ties for Men

Long hairstyles for men have started to take over in recent years. You see many 70’s hairstyles back in style and many of them are even worn by celebrities. Keanu Reeves has started to rock some nice mid-length hair, while Jason Momoa is going all out with his manly mane.

But long hair also requires a lot of care, much more than you can perceive. You will need a bunch of products like quality shampoo or a premium hair tonic to keep it strong and healthy. But another essential part of long hair maintenance is an appropriate hair tie.

A very bad hair tie can lead to all kinds of problems with hair. It can break your hair, create creases or dents in certain parts, make you lose your hair around the edges, and even cause headaches. A hair tie can either be too loose or too tight, leading to many inconveniences.

A tight hair tie will damage the hair more and will even cause headaches if you wear it for too long or stuff your hair at a weird angle. On the other hand, a loose one will cause your hair to fall out, making you readjust everything all the time.

Luckily, many brands take hair care as their primary objective, and the ties they’ve created are very appropriate for daily usage. Some even allow you to color coordinate the hair ties with your clothing, even though most men’s hair ties tend to be less flashy than girls’ hair ties.

12 Best Brands 

When picking a decent hair tie, you must think about durability, elasticity, hold, color, and for it to be metal-free. These are the main aspects a good hair tie should have, or you will not be creating a good surfer hairstyle soon.

We took the liberty of finding some of the best hair ties for men based on the mentioned criteria and we feel that all of them are more than suitable for guys with long hair. We provide the info and leave the choice to you of which one to use.


Guys with a long mane will not find a better choice than Longhairs hair ties. These ties are specifically aimed at guys with really long hair and, for such reason, are made out of very tough and durable materials. They are double stitched, meaning that you won’t stretch them out quickly and can’t break them. Believe it or not, they are weight tested to 80 pounds.

  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • They look cool on your wrist.
  • The soft materials don’t break your hair when taking them off.
  • Many cool designs include Plaid & flannel, Camo, Skull and crossbones, Tie dye, Fishing lures, 80’s style, and more.

eBoot Large Stretch

The eBoot large stretch hair ties have a rather peculiar shape. At first glance, they do look weird. They are very thick and don’t have an elastic core to them. The ties are created using very interesting materials, which are like spandex and have a lot of stretches. The ties are pretty awesome and work for any long hair.

  • They have miles and miles of stretch.
  • These do not break easily.

Hand With Black Hair Tie

Gimme No Break

Gimmer No Break ties look oddly similar to the eBoot ones, at least in terms of their funky design. But these come with a more premium look and will not break you. They are made out of soft microfiber materials and are very durable. It comes in various color palettes and is suitable for multiple hair types.

  • Very strong, much stronger than other ties on the list.
  • They will not get stretched out on you.
  • Multiple color options are available (blue, green, brown, red, etc.)

Scucnci Everyday and Active

Okay guys, I know there is a woman on the side of the package, but I promise you these are very suitable for men with long hair. The Scucnci Everyday & Active delivers exactly as marketed – A strong grip, all day long. They are created out of rubbery materials, which have a lot of stretches and are highly durable. Most importantly, these come at a very cheap price.

  • Very durable hair ties.
  • Provides a long-lasting hold for long stretches throughout the day.
  • Waterproof and non-absorbant.

Kitsch Spiral

The Kitsch Spiral hair ties have a very old-school design but look very pretty. They are made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane, which allows them to provide exceptional hold and will not easily break on you. Surprisingly, they will shrink back to their original size even when you stretch them out a bit.

  • Offer a tight and quality hold.
  • You can shrink them after stretching them out.
  • There are many color options offered with them.

BinaryABC Ponytail Hook Holder

BinaryABC ties are specifically designed to help people with ponytails out. These come with hooks right at the end, allowing you to adjust and even out the tension. They are open-ended and made out of elastic materials. These allow for combining beard with long hair in a massive way.

  • Adjustable, wear them as tight or as loose as you want.
  • Helps to reduce stress on your hair.
  • Comes with surprising longevity.

ElasticU Polybands

The ElasticU polybands are perfect for smaller man buns. They can slide on and off without causing the wearer any pain. These bands are reusable and apparent and come in five different sizes, so you can switch them out as needed.

  • Appropriately priced, you get 70 bands for about $7.
  • Versatile as it comes in multiple sizes.
  • Best used for smaller buns, not suitable for too long hair.

Alice Bands

Alice Bands provides a different approach to holding your hair by combining plastic and metal accessories. The accessories they offer come in different styles – hair bands, headbands, elastic ties, you name it. The headbands, in particular, are created in a scrunchy style with metal parts that go with any outfit.

  • Seem invisible, as if you are wearing nothing at all.
  • Keep your hair firm and out of your face, even during strenuous activities.
  • Blend in with any clothing style.

Goody Slideproof

The Goody brand offers exceptional Sliderpoof ties, which will hardly slip out of your hair. Thanks to a unique hybrid type of construction, they are created from a mix of traditional hair tie fabric and silicone. The silicone acts explicitly as an anchor that keeps the hair in place and prevents the tie from slipping off on you and messing up your hair entirely.

Row of Black Beaded Hair Ties

  • Made out of very tough materials.
  • Come with a tight and strong grip.
  • Fairly cheap.


The name Burlbands is enough to warrant these hair ties as a must on the list. But besides the great name, they are rock solid when providing grip and tightness. The ties are seamless, thick, and durable and can handle any amount of hair you throw at them. They will not stretch out or break on you prematurely and will most likely last you way more than a month before needing to be replaced.

  • One-piece construction.
  • Made not to rip off or snag your hair.

Slip Silk

Slip Slik scrunchies are perhaps on the expensive side of hair ties but are made out of 100% Mulberry silk. Traditional ties are made of cotton, but these are created with some of the most high-quality silk.

They give off a premium look and feel soft and gentle on your hair. They have been created with a specific aim to reduce tugging, pulling, tangling, and breaking hair. You will also get rid of split ends and have a tight grip on your hair simultaneously.

  • Has a great hold.
  • They are slim and silky.
  • At the same time, they are very tough and strong.


For those that are mindful of the environment and have long hair that needs something to hold it, the Kooshoo organic ties are the best choice. The ties are certified and made out of cotton grown, cut, woven, colored, and sewn in a special facility located in the US.

Koshoo means “feeling good” in Norfolk and was created by a yoga teaching couple. The idea of making safe and useful products is what they aim to achieve, and you feel good when wearing them.

  • Provide an excellent grip.
  • Also, look like a good accessory when sporting one on your wrist.
  • Build to be very tough.

How to Choose a Hair Tie

It is possible to make a wrong choice when choosing a hair tie. If you pick an unsuitable or cheap one, you stand to lose more than your hair. Hair oil will make your strands stronger, but the wrong choice of hairband will quickly break them apart.

So there are some specific things that you have to think about before making a choice.


A tie that hurts is a tie that you have to eliminate immediately. You want one that feels good and not one that causes you pain. If the tug is too much for you, walk out on that tie and choose the one that will not tug and damage your hair.

Loose Strands

After removing your tie after a long workday, check out the loose strands on the band. If you notice too many strands, that is a clear sign of a tight tie that damages your hair.


Ties that have a tight grip will create creases in your hair. This is specifically noticeable for guys that have straight and gentle hair. The more creases, the worse your hair will look, making the band that creates creases unsuitable for you.

Smiling Bearded Man With Man Bun


Ties that create tension in your hair will eventually lead to headaches. A strong grip is good for holding curly and strong hair, but not when it is too tight and painful in the long term.

Metal Clasp

A metal clasp can be viewed as a personal performance for some. These are old-school types of headbands and a variety of people prefer them. However, if you are not a fan of them, you can move on to the next choice.


Sea salt spray gives volume to long hair, while a durable hair tie will keep your hair in place for long hours. A durable tie is most suited for strong hair as you don’t want it falling out on you in a problematic situation.


Versatility is a very important aspect to look into. Not only does a multiuse tie help tame various types of hair, but it is also suitable for various occasions. It can also be used as an accessory and worn on your wrist.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

In some cases, spending a bit more means more quality and a better hair tie. Buying the cheapest one, in this case, is the wrong way to go. You will end up with something that will most likely break on you very fast or damage your hair.

The idea is the same as when buying the world’s best hair dryers, the more you invest, the better results you will get. A tie with better qualities will be more pleasant on your hair and do less damage, or none.

As is the case with Slip Slik ties, made out of quality silk, or Kooshoo ties, created from organic materials, these will cost a bit more than the ones you buy in grocery stores. But they will offer more quality and be more mindful of your hair than the cheaper options.


Can men wear scrunchies?

Yes, they can. Especially men with long hair are allowed to wear scrunchies and in some cases, it can look fashionable on them.

Why do men wear hair bands?

One of the main reasons is, of course, the style. Some of them want to have an exquisite style that sets them apart from others. The other reason is practicality, as long hair can get in the way, so you must find a suitable way to tame it.

How long do hair ties last?

It depends on many factors, mainly elasticity, durability, and overall quality. The cheap ones can break after wearing them a few times. Some of them will last you well over a month. But the really good ones will last much longer than that but will ultimately depend on how often you wear them.

Can hair bands be damaging to the hairline?

Yes, they can. Wearing a hair tie too tight or getting one that offers a very strong grip will cause you to lose hair at the edges of your hairline.

Do hair ties damage hair?

Yes, they can. Unsuitable hair ties will damage your hair. If you wear tight low-quality bands, it will cause them to break your hair, crease it, or cause pulling, eventually leading to losing hair around the edges.


The appropriate type of hair tie is much more important than one thinks. Don’t spare any expenses on a hair tie and lay off those cheap ones. A good quality one will help you preserve your long hair for longer.

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