Girl With a Purple Dye Over Green Hair

Don’t we all love how fierce and sexy Kylie Jenner looked in her green hair?

You might have jumped on the green hair wagon but let’s agree, if you wear your hair green for too long, you start looking like a destitute green-haired monster.

And we don’t want that, do we?

Now, you could apply purple over green hair to change your hair color or try other alternatives discussed in this article.

Read on to understand what you can do to change your green hair look to something equally exciting.

Which Colors Cover Green Hair Dye Well

Hair colors are always complicated, especially if you’ve never dyed your hair. There is much to consider, from the length of your hair to the volume and texture.

Things get even more complicated when trying to get rid of green hair. Green hair requires dedication to maintain. It’s challenging to get it out of your hair once it’s there, just like blue.

The good news is that other hair dye colors can hide green hair without having to bleach the color out. Warm, reddish-orange tones are the antithesis of cool, blue-green hues, according to the hair color wheel that all hair color science follows.

Some of the colors you should try to cover green hair dye include:

  • Blue- midnight blue, electric blue, and pastel shades.
  • Purple- Burgundy, lavender, and maroon.
  • Orange- Ginger and copper.
  • Brown: mahogany, chocolate and ash brown.

Depending on the shade of green your hair is currently, the type of hair dye you used, and how long the color has been in your hair, these colors may or may not be effective.

Always perform a strand test to ensure the color is effective before dyeing your hair all the way through. You might need to remove the green color from the hair to change it from green to a natural brown or blonde.

However, you can skip removing the green color and try covering green hair directly with dye if you want to continue dyeing your hair into some unnatural colors.

Here are some methods for changing the color of green hair:

  • Visit a hair salon and leave it in the hands of the experts.
  • Try using homemade remedies to remove the color and dye your hair at home with a box of hair dye.
  • Apply the principles of color theory by using some dye on top of the green.
  • Learn how to strip color from hair and do it yourself.

We strongly advise letting the hair professionals at the salon help you in this process.

What Happens When You Apply Purple Dye Over Green Hair

First, purple is one of the best colors you can use to mask off the green shade in your hair. You can try purple highlights even if you don’t want to go all purple. This color is an excellent option for people who like bold colors and badly need a break from green.

Simply put, if you apply purple hair dye to your green hair, the color automatically changes to purple. And the good news is that you don’t have to bleach your hair first. You can apply the purple dye to your hair and get a new funky look. 

Purple Highlights

Methods of Changing Green Hair Color to Purple

According to experts in hair coloring, green is the most challenging color to remove from hair. You need to consider a bleach bath if you want to return to natural colors or bright colors that need to be dyed on a very light base.

A skilled colorist has the knowledge and experience necessary to develop the best strategy for achieving the desired color for their client.

It depends on the hair’s state, the dye applied, the color’s intensity and the desired outcome. Dark tones might be simpler to achieve than blonde. It usually requires several sittings to make the bleaching process less damaging for hair.

The hair is dyed with red dye to lessen the green after each bleaching. It is typically advised to use additional products to restore the hair’s structure and remove the green stain.

Professional hair colorists know the newest and most efficient hair products to solve problems and minimize hair damage when changing colors. The best and most secure way to achieve the ideal shade and maintain healthy hair is to put your trust in the colorist.

The most efficient method of changing your hair from green to purple is overlapping the green dye with an intense purple dye. As mentioned above, you don’t need to bleach your hair to transition from one deep shade to another.

You only need the skills of a good colorist to help you achieve that fantastic look.

How to Dye Green Hair Purple

Here’s a step-by-step guide on changing your hair color from green to purple. 

Step 1 – Choose a purple shade

Go for a purple hue that goes well with your skin tone. You don’t want to get plum-colored hair when you wish burgundy, right?

Step 2 – Hair preparation

A few days before coloring your hair, thoroughly wash it. To avoid removing the natural oils right before coloring, avoid washing them right before. You shouldn’t dye hair while it’s wet.

Step 3 – Hair parting

Use the clips to divide your hair into four sections. It is simpler to manage more sections. Remember to dress in an old t-shirt.

Step 4 – Mix the color solution

Mix the color solution according to the ratio specified on the package. Take the product out and place it in a bowl if it is for direct application. Apply it to the individual hair strands, coating each one thoroughly.

Take tiny sections if you want to cover the entire head to ensure no hair is missed. Use multiple mirrors to examine your entire head.

Step 5 – Set the time

After using the product, put a plastic bag or a shower cap over the head. Set the waiting period according to the manufacturer’s advice. The color typically needs at least 20 to 30 minutes to fully set.

Step 6 – Remove the product

Use regular water to rinse the color off. Avoid shampooing when washing the hair after coloring. Apply a conditioner to safeguard the color instead.

Step 7 – Hair drying

Air-dry your hair. Don’t use heat right away. If you need to style it, use a heat protectant. Suppose your hair is too brittle after dyeing, research tricks for softening dyed hair.

Green Hair Vs Purple Hair

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when coloring your green hair purple:

Choosing the Wrong Color

Many times, people will pick up a box of hair dye after looking at the reference image on the front label. This is entirely incorrect; the box’s image can be misleading. What you see may not be what you get regarding at-home hair color boxes.

Always consult your hairstylist for advice on the appropriate hair color. Coloring should complement your natural hair color rather than being garish or artificial. Ask your colorist to help you pick your new hair color.

Coloring Your Scalp

Nearly every hair expert will tell you this, though. Never apply your color to the scalp unless you need to cover your grey hair (also known as a “Root touch-up”). Always maintain a one-inch gap between yourself and the scalp.

Ensure that the color is only applied to your hair, not the scalp. In the end, hair dye is nothing more than a chemical cocktail.

Keeping the Color on for Too Long

There are always a few crucial instructions in your hair color box that you must adhere to. The recommended holding time for at-home hair color is 25 to 30 minutes (it could be different too).

Anything more than damaging to your hair results from leaving hair color on for longer than necessary. Your hair may suffer complete damage. Read the directions thoroughly. Set the alarm or a stopwatch to assist you with the time factor.

Choosing Shades That Don’t Compliment Your Skin Tone 

While experimenting with your hairstyle is excellent, it is not a good idea to do the same with your hair color. Like with your makeup, it’s crucial to consider your skin tone when choosing your hair color.

Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone. You can ask a professional for advice on the appropriate colors that complement your skin tone.

Overusing Heat Styling Tools

Chemically colored hair is more porous and vulnerable to harm. Avoid using blow dryers and hot straightening irons on your hair excessively. It may ultimately damage your hair. Only style your colored hair when necessary, not every day.

Mixing the Components Wrongly

The developer and the colorant are the two fundamental ingredients in hair coloring. Most home hair color kits include instructions for mixing the entire contents and using them all at once.

This is not a good idea if you only want to use a little color on a few select areas. Combining the component in the right ratio is crucial to get the most out of your hair color. 1 part color and 2 parts developer are the ideal ratios.


What removes green tones from colored hair?

You can either bleach your hair or mask it with other colors, such as purple and blue.

Can purple shampoo fix green hair?

No. Purple shampoo cannot fix green hair.

How often should you touch up purple hair?

Every 4 weeks, depending on the shade of your hair.

How long does it take to dye green hair purple?

It takes roughly 40 minutes to transition from green to purple hair.

What may be done if the bleached hair turns green after dyeing?

You can mask the green hair with another bright color like purple or maroon.

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